Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Perspectives on city life by A

Upon entering the big city, which is completely foreign to my kids, we told them about how they would see some interesting people.

Having a nice lunch at an Italian place, a woman in a bizare outfit walks by. A, rather loudly so all, including the woman, can hear:

"There sure are some inneressing people here". I fought the urge to hide under the table.

After eating at same restaurant and walking down the road we passed a street person.
A: Pee-eeeewwww!

We had a talk about street people and how one may or may not end up as one. We used it as an opportunity to talk to the kids about the importance of staying in school and staying off drugs.

As a man walked very slowly by us on a street:

A: Is he on drugs? (loudly, of course).

Getting into the taxi to go back to the hotel
A: (with a voice laced with warning) Mom, hes a stranger.

In the taxi:
A; How does he know where our hotel is?

He was cracking me up.


Lisa said...

That was too funny in a twilight zone kinda way. I was commenting on your blog the same time you were commenting on mine. Insert theme music here.

Erin said...

What a funny guy!