Friday, June 25, 2010

Anya Needs to Come Home

Please watch this and share this. Anya needs to come home to her sister and a mother who already loves her, but yearns to nurture her. It just doesnt make any sense why the powers to be wont make this happen. I dont get it. Do the right thing already. To visit her blog go here

Monday, June 21, 2010

Uh Oh

Today, GICOE was in my office trying to get on my good side or something, and he made the comment:

"I give you and your husband credit...going from 0 to 3 all at once. I couldnt do it".

For real...he said "from 0 to 3". Coincidence, I hope so, I mean he does know we adopted three kids, its just his wording that freaked me out. I really dont want him reading my blog, know what I mean? Not like he could DO anything about it...everything I have written is true. Im sure its coincidence...he doesnt strike me as a blog reading (or reading period) type of guy. And I have told NO ONE at work about my blog. In fact, no one except maybe one person, in our community knows about it. thats it. Im done worrying about it..

As far as ABC gum boy..his throat hurts today (as does mine), and so I used that opportunity to point out that its probably the disease he got from chewing someone else's Already Been Chewed gum. But..I seriously hope it isnt related to that, because thats disgusting.

L came back from his non spelunking (just an excuse to type that again) trip yesterday. His scout leader (master? Whatever he is called..the ADULT in charge) said he needed to talk to us...of course no parent likes to hear that. He told us that there was an incident (no parent definitely wants to hear THAT). He said there were some inappropriate name calling going on (Dueche Bag) and that it was overheard by another scout. He talked to L and the other boy involved and L said he didnt say anything. He got the witness again who said he didnt actually know which boy of the two said it, but it definitely came from that tent. Then the other boy admitted that L didnt say anything, it was just him. Phew....although Im pretty sure that L doesnt even KNOW that word. Anyway, it was nice that OUR father's day was dampered by news that our son was acting inappropriate. Let someone else deal with that Dont know if I could have handled ABC gum chewing, puppy diarhea, lying daughter, AND calling other kids "Dueche Bag" all in one weekend.

So I hope everyone had a nice father's day. We did. S and A gave T their fathers day gifts/cards. We went out to lunch and took my father and mother and had a good time. L had already given his gift to T, but missed the lunch due to still being on the trip Once again everyone is back at home for one more week...then L and S are off to thier summer camp. I want to go to summer camp!!! For a whole week......nah, I think Id end up being bored, too much goes on at my house.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

ABC Gum, Upset Puppy Tummys and Summer Camp Blues

It seems like anymore my posts are nothing but hodgepodge of whinery or cute things the kids say or do. I used to be more organized and more rounded...maybe someday Ill get back to posting some of the other posts again. Someday, perhaps when my ship comes in.

My kids, well two of them, are giving me fits. The oldest one is at a camp out with boyscouts (the spelunking was cancelled. damn it.), the little boy just came back from three days at camp, and S will be going to camp, and L will be going again too, in about a week.

My first experience with sending the little boy away? Not good. First of all the little punk didnt even say goodbye when we dropped him off. I know he was excited about it, and from what Ive been told, I acted the same way when dropped off at summer camp. But still....couldnt he have mustered a weak little "bye mommy" maybe with some watery eyes? For me? Sheesh....This is what really gets me...when he came HOME he cried. Yeah, he did. He said he missed his counselor? WTH? Hes known the guy all of three days. I dont get it. I know I shouldnt take it personally, older adopted children can have some issues about things and what they do often isnt normal. Still, it stings a little bit and Im a little confused about it.

Today, while looking at some clothing at the store, I notice that I hear A chewing gum. It registers that I didnt give him I ask:

Where did you get the gum?

A: Uh oh. Ummm...I picked it up.
Me: From where?
A: The ground.


Again, wth? So once again we talked about germs. I took him to the bathroom where he washed his hands and rinsed out his mouth real good (which I know was pointless, but I thought maybe it would help the idea of how GROSS that is sink in). So...I thanked him for not lying, and I didnt return the toy I just bought him because he told the truth (a huge improvement), but he was told he would get no more gum. period. I explained that all he had to do was ask for gum. I told him that Grandmas alway have gum in their purses and he should have asked Grandma for some, since she was with us. Ick...Im just at a loss with what to do about his putting things in his mouth.

Our puppy had an upset tummy. I mean severe diarhea..without any other signs of illness. And yes, he is up to date on all shots. Instead of freaking out I pulled out my trusty first aid for dogs book. It told me to:

Give puppy Pepto (about two tsps for his size)

Suspend all food for about twelve hours

Boil some hamburger and some rice, mix together with a little low fat/low sodium chicken broth (for flavor) and feed in small frequent meals.

If by the third day the stool is normal, slowly introduce puppy food back into diet by incorprating it with the beef/rice mixture...adding more puppy food each time until all the food is puppy food.

If by third day, stool is still runny, take puppy to the vet.
If there are any other syptoms with diarhea such as fever, yellow in whites of the eyes, blood in stool, lethargic puppy, severe loss of appetite and vomiting...disregard "do it yourself" cure and take puppy to the vet.

Know what? It worked. Poopydog is all better and Im so relieved I dont have to pay yet another couple hundred dollars at the vet.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday Mumbling....

Im tired today (as I am every Monday) and I had a big 'ol post planned out, and now for the life of me, I cant remember what I was going to say. Oh well....

Little A is a prankster, and I hope this wont get worse as he gets older. Lately he has been pulling fast ones on me at bedtime, and Im just too dense to see them coming I guess.

Ill tuck him in, read a story, talk, whatever, and then I turn his night light on, and turn his overhead off, and close the door. Only my brain is so overloaded, sometimes I forget one of the last three steps.

A few nights ago, as I made my way down the hall away from his room I hear:

" forgot to turn my night light on!". So, knowing how he doesnt want to be in the dark, I scurry back to his room and throw open the door. His night lights WERE on. I sigh, and he breaks out into hysterical laughter.

Just last night, I am halfway down the hall and I hear:

" forgot to turn my big light off". I go back to his room, open the door to a softly night-light lit room. The big light was off. Now, I feel silly...and again hysterical laughter from him. This time though, the laughter goes on until Im all the way up stairs and can hear it no more. Sigh....I really am going to have to watch him.

Oh a nice peice of advice for those who are investing in a new area rug AND who also happen to have a new, as of yet potty trained puppy:

DO NOT GET AN AREA RUG WITH A LOT OF DARK BROWN OR BLACK IN IT. Just trust me on this one. Being able to SEE the poop, is a much better option than not wanting to see stains on your rug. Seriously.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Why I Hate Socks and other late night ramblings...

I hate socks. HATE them. I used to have a rather tolerant relationship with socks, now I view them as the enemy, on a mission to drive me nuts. It doesnt matter how many I buy for the kids or for the hub, they just disappear....Everyone knows about the great mystery of the disappearing sock in the laundry, but what about when they ALL disappear? Thats whats happening to me. I just BOUGHT socks for the little boy, now he's down to just a few pair, and now I have to buy them again. Seriously? What IS going on?

For a few days I thought our puppy was doing something with them, because I have caught him running through the house with one here or there in his cute wittle mouf, but since Ive been careful, and they are still disappearing. It takes Sooooo long too, to sort them and remember who has what type of sock. Im forever putting the wrong socks in people's drawers, and children are forever criss crossing hallways and going up and down stairs to trade socks because Im incompetant when it comes to that. Im about ready to give up and tell everyone to keep track of their own damn socks.

I feel like crazy dog lady now for sure (shut up those of you who know may already feel that way about me, but I havent until now). Today I took THREE dogs to the vet, and the other day I took 4 to the groomer. Rocky had his little gonads snipped, Carmen had her teeth cleaned and Joey Bug got some shots. Pretty expensive stuff, but its got to be done, know what I mean?

Tonight S finally got it! She can now ride a bike. Her brothers learned last year...and she just couldnt do it. Tonight she was bored and watching A ride around on his bike, so she took L's bike and decided to give it another try. She came running into the house all excited. She keeps walking around saying, "Im so proud of myself", and "I cant beleive I couldnt DO that last year, its so easy!" Good for her.

Tommorrow A is going on his first cubscouts activity. They are having cubmobile races. He's excited, and Im excited for him. I think L is going to stay home...he has massive amounts of mucas flowing from his nose and a nasty cough. He is supposed to go on a (wait for it) SPELUNKING (such a neat word) trip next weekend and I want him well. But really, if you could have seen what came out of that boy's face earlier tonight.....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Boy Scouts, Obama, Dear God and Almond Joy bars.

I hate it when I dont know what to title a blog. I end up with something stupid, just so I can hurry and get to the meat of the blog. Know what I mean?

Anyway the Boy Scout thing had me very confused until last night. See, A is in cubscouts, and L is in Boyscouts. They both just started. So, I was all confused about, dens, packs, troops, etc. I kept asking about L's den meeting, and my exasperated hub kept telling me that they dont have dens in boyscouts, thats cubscouts. Then I kept asking about A's troop, and once again my once-a boyscout-always- a- boyscout husband would tell me troops are for boyscouts...or something like that. See? Im probably still screwing up. I give up. Last night L had his first whatever its called meeting. I think its going to be good. He gets to go Spelunking. Know what that is? Its cave exploring...of course, as I was listening, I was picturing the "Goonies". Such an 80's geek. But its a fun word to say, Spelunking. Go ahead try it. You know you want to, just do it.

A gives me quite a giggle when he says our presidents name. The other day he informed me that " A lot of people are losing their houses because of "A rock a bamma". Not sure where, he got that information, but it wasnt me. I just love the way he says the name.

Last night before dinner the kids got a lecture about pulling some stuff they have been talked to about before many times. When we sat down to dinner, A must have still had the lecture in his mind because when asked to say the prayer he said:

"Dear God, please help us kids get our heads out of our a..."

Hub was quicker than me, because he was able to cut him off before he swore at the Lord. So, I finished the prayer and afterward we had a talk about bad words, and what probably isnt appropriate to say in a prayer. It wasnt all that funny last night, but this morning I was sitting at my desk laughing so hard about it, I started to cry. Good stuff.

On the work front, things are as lovely as ever. Yesterday, I was told that GICOE sat in the office of one of my coworkers and raided his candy drawer, I mean really rated it. The eye witness claims that GICOE sat there and downed NINE Almond Joy bars. Nine. The full size ones too, not the little snack size. Unbelievable, but I totally believe it.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Too True Tuesday

Today's Too True Tuesday deal with procrastination (for more TTT go here). I am a procrastinator at most everything, so it is hard for me to pick one thing to talk about. I suppose I am the worse procrastinator about taking care of "business" of any sort. Like any sort of email that I have to answer that isnt related to anything "fun". Oh heck, email period...Im just a procrastinator when it comes to checking it, and Im not sure why. I think its because I get a lot of "businessy" email and bad news. Like emails from my college telling me rates are going up, or sending me a summary of my account for school, or news that my virus protection is almost up, or that my dogs are due for shots. Whatever. Email often brings new of something that I HAVE to do, so I procrastinate on checking it. This has caused me to get more phone calls...calls that were sent email, but you need to ____ (insert boring business, non fun related chore here). Usually the news on what I have to do, or renew, costs money, and its never any fun to get rid of money in non fun related ways. I just dont like to be bored, I guess, and that kind of thing bores Id rather not now. Know what I mean? No? Its just me?...Oh.

I even tried setting up a "fun only" email account, but somehow the other crap found its way into it. So now I have TWO email accounts that I rarely check. So, I have that going for me.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Cluing in the Clueless..or Advocating for Your Older Adopted Child in a World that Doesnt Get it.

Ok..this is a rant about a teacher. Im not anti teacher, there are some great ones out there. I am related to a few. However, I call a spade a spade, if you know what I mean.

We have been having a bit of an issue with A's teacher. She claims he has Attention problems and when I go to conferences I have to listen to her complain about him, and even giving us a form for the Connors test, which tests children for ADD or ADHD.

Ok..maybe thats included in her job. However, these behaviors are completely managable at home and also at church, and anywhere else except for school. She would refuse to give him consequences for getting out of his seat, for instance. Refuses. Even when I suggested she might try that. She automatically felt it wasnt his fault. I left the conference shrugging my shoulders, because I KNOW what he can and cannot control. I am his mother after all. I cant tell you how many times I got in trouble for getting out of my seat in first grade. They tried putting me on meds, the teacher suggested it, the doctor told my mom to tell the teacher to stick to what she knows. lol. They tried doing the same thing to a few other people that I know who did not need it.

Im not anti meds, Im really not. But why is it is the FIRST thing some people, people who dont know the WHOLE story, run to?

Case in point: During our meeting with this teacher, counselor, and vice principal, our teacher was bringing up the fact that twice the previous day, A was seen crying. Implying that he has issues. It was hard for me to hold my anger in while she finished her list of "behavioral and attention difficulties" witnessed during that day, in preperation for this meeting, I might ad.

She admitted she didnt know why he was crying. Okay...isnt it her job to find out? Isnt she his teacher? Maybe she needs medicine to "stay on task". Im just sayin'.

I said that I did know why he was crying. He told me that very night. The day in question just happened to be the day the fifth graders, of which his brother L is, were giving their "goodbye" concert to the rest of the grades, as they are moving on to middle school. I explained (again) that they were recently adopted, and that they are very close sibling group, as its been the ONLY constant in their lives. Even that wasnt constant as they were split it briefly on a few occasions. I explained that "goodbye" to A, means something different to him than to other kids. I explained that the chewing on things, and fidgeting with his clothes could very well be insecurity, as they all three do this. The older two STILL have issues with fidgeting and sticking things in their mouths, but by no means do they have problems focusing. Neither are on meds, both are fabulous students. I realize that not all siblings are the same, but the child's history has got to count for something doesnt it? Not to them....stick them meds. Do it now, so I the teacher can have a better day. Sorry, its not going to be that easy to convince these parents of that, not when we have seen different in our home.

Moral of the story: If you are adopting older children, you should be prepared to fight the system and plead your child's case. Unless a big ole picture is drawn for them, they may try to lump your child into a category that looks like what fits them best, BEFORE they ask questions. Dont let them do it. Stick to your guns, you know your child, he cant speak for himself, you are going to have to do it.

Now, next year, after we get a teacher who isnt afraid of using consequences and asking questions, and who has read the report on this meeting (which they are supposed to), and he is still having problems of this magnitude, we will look into other avenues. We do want what is best for A, not for us...but finding the solution isnt always a quick. It would be a crying shame to stick him on meds that he doesnt need.

The getting out of his seat and general messing around are things I have seen at home, during times it was inappropriate to do so, like church, meals, study time, etc. These are also the things he rarely does now, because there are consequences for doing them. The oral gratification of sticking things in the mouth, or fidgeting with clothing, are all things that have not gone away, though they have decreased some. We see the difference, we are his parents. Hopefully our meeting will help for next year...the plan is for them to use consequences for the behavioral issues (getting out of seat, etc)and see if he is better in the classroom, not just automatically chalk it up to something "he cant help". If they still treat him he has no control, without at least trying consequences, well, then we may be home schooling, or sending him to a private school. There are always options.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just some ramblings about stuff that may or may not matter

We have one more game of baseball left for the little guys. A did great last night, involved in two plays that resulted in an "out" for the other team. And the best part? Both plays were involving his best friend J. Team work.

My stepdaughter R came to visit over the weekend with her significant other, J. Who we like A LOT. And we got to see our grandson, C. It was a good weekend. The boys played hard together all weekend, and I even got in on some of it. I took all six kids (my three, C, J, and his brother A) to the park for a pick up baseball game. It was fun, I even batted. Now Im sore..Im too old, I tell ya.

I just got a text from our daycare lady. Apparently A ate some frosting off of a cake that he wasnt supposed to touch, and then was going to let her three year old take the blame. Great. Since Im blogging about it, what would you all do about this? He seems to not be able to leave sugary things alone when they dont belong to him, or he just doesnt have permission...and Ive about had it with this. And his lying about it.

On a lighter note, AI is over, and so is my obsession with Simon Cowell. No more Simon, and it breaks my heart. I dont care who they get to replace him, it wont be the same. I guess Im done watching the show. I like some of the artists that have come out of that show, but if Simon's not on it, I cant see it holding my interest anymore. The kids are over it too now, anyway. When they first started watching it they were enthralled, but now they get a little, bye bye AI.

Hell's Kitchen started a new season last night. Of course, I was at baseball, but I recorded it, so dont tell me anything about it.

I think people who have cottonwood trees in their yards should pay me restitution for pain and suffering. If Im not on allergy pills, then Im miserable and sneezing. If Im on allergy pills, I feel lethargic and dopey...even the "non drowsey" stuff does that to me.

Our new puppy Rocky has definitely entered the "brat zone". I liked it better when he slept alot. Now he just chews alot...I know, its what they do. He has plenty of toys, and we try to keep other things off the ground and out of mouths reach AND we kennel him when we are gone, but still. He manages to find someones underwear, socks or pants laying around, and if we arent quick, hes chewing it. He lost two teeth in one day the other day, so he needs to chew, I just wish he'd stick to his stuff.

The highlight of my weekend was while we were out to eat at a Mexican restaurant, and A said quite loudly, for some unknown reason:


This struck my stepdaughter R, funny and so she shouted


There really wasnt that many people in the restaraunt, so it wasnt like we were being overly disruptive...just a little. Anyway, her doing that tickled my funny bone like it had not been tickled in a while. I know...Im easily amused.