Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Chatty today.

Boy, I just won't shut up today. Especially about my daughter, shes been doing amazing things. We went to the fair last week (did I blog about the fair already?I don't remember. Oh well, if I have just suck it up ok?).

Anyway, our daughter doesn't often get to win things when her brother is playing. Mainly, because he cheats (something we are working on). So, at the fair at one of those cheesy games, she won. Her brother couldnt cheat, it was impossible for him to. The hub was helping the little guy a little bit and she still won. I wasn't helping her but I was cheering her on like a crazed maniac win-obsessed mom.

It was one of those deals where you throw the little ball up the little ramp in your lane and you try to get as many as you can in the red hole. Do you know which one? Sure you do, and if you don't just act like you do.

Anyway, time and time again that little ball found its way into the hole. The RED hole. Man, I was excited. Then she WON. SHE won. Her face was priceless when the carnie guy announced her as the winner.

It sounds corny and all to be so excited, but I was. What a huge ego boost to this girl, and to see me all excited probably did her some good too. I need to get more excited about her accomplishments, more often, I mean, I don't mean act even crazier. Her brother looked positively sick, but thats ok too. He needs more humbling experiences.


So, hopefully I will have done enough kind, motherly fun things with my daughter by the time she ever sees these posts, that she wont seek revenge for the things which I have written.

She has had an issue with eating neatly and being careful not to get it everywhere. Its not all her fault, I know. Its lack of teaching in her early life. However we have been trying to teach her good table manners.

So, I cringed the other day when we went out as a family for barbque and I had unwittingly let her wear a white blouse.

I reminded her after we ordered that she should be careful. She said that she would and talked about the last time we had bbq and she had it everywhere, she brought it up, and she said this time she wouldnt do that.

And you know what? She was absolutely the perfect little lady while eating her ribs, baked beans and slaw. Not a single morsel made its way onto her shirt, and her face around her mouth though did get messy (hey,, its bbq and she is a kid, and heck MY face was mess), she was great about wiping it often along with her hands.

We were so happy and praised her profusely on the way home. She beamed. I only hope we have many more of these improvements, it really is great. For us and for her.

Chrissie, is that you?

People over 3o will remember the TV show, "Three is Company", and the blonde, Chrissie (I cant remember the name of the actress though, Susan....something), who was so amusing.

My daughter often channels Chrissie Snow. For instance the other day she asked my hub how old her little brother was when he was born.

No kidding, then when he said to me, "Earlier, your daughter asked how old Adam was when he was born", she piped up,

"Thats what I asked too".

Oh Lord.

Brain cells...

...have evidently left me for brighter horizons. It is pretty sad when I sit down and play a game of "memory cards" with my kids and I dont have to let them win. What on earth is wrong with me.

Now, this was actually very troublesome to me. I was WORRIED when my 5 year old BEAT the Pluto slippers off of me in the game.

Dont get me wrong, Im happy that he doesnt have "...memory developement problems" like his former FP's told me. Nope, no problem there at all. With any of them.

In fact, Ive learned something interesting about my daughter. She does remember. All those times when she says, "I forgot", were just excuses, in fact Im going to say she was lying based on her amazing memory skills in this game. She could be champion of the world, at it. So, now when she says, "I forgot" after she has done something she was told NOT to do, I will know.

So, even though this game has left me feeling mentally disabled, it has opened my eyes to the capabilities of my daughter.

As for my feelings about my own seemingly deminished mom said its just due to being older. I hope she's right. She was probably just saying that, being a nice mom and all. No wonder MATH is so hard for me.


I wish that I was writing Hawaii as a subject because it meant that I was going. It doesnt.

It means that my parents who celebrated thier 50th wedding anniversary last December, are going for a late anniversary gift. From my brother and moi and my hub.

It means we will be dog-sitting Georgie Porgie while they are gone. Hes extremely small, and extremely smart (he should help me with math), and extremely annoying when you are trying to sleep. Hes so small that I have horrible visions of a hawk or owl sweeping him away for a midnight snack while he is going potty at night. So, I dont just put him out and close the door, then come get him in five minutes. I have to GO with him. Our dogs use a dog door, but he refuses, because he is that smart that he can refuse things.

It means that they will bringing back, I think, nifty gifts for the kids.

It means that I will have to do my own weeding, because right now my retired and often bored father does it for me.

My brother gets to go. My parents are getting up thier in age and it is wise to send someone responsible and brainy like my brother with them. Safety first, I always say. Well, I dont always say that, but it seems to fit here.

So, the reason we (hub and I) are not going is becaue of our newly adopted children, but its worth it. Am I sad that I am not going? Somewhat. I could use some more ocean swimming, pig roasts and a fruity drink with an umbrella in it, but its ok. Its not like I havent had my share of moments like that.

What I havent had my share of though, is moments with my kids, because they havent been with us all that long, and Im looking foward to more of those good moments. In fact I think Ill compromise, Ill make smoothies, and put umbrellas in them. We can drink them by the pool, weather permitting, maybe I will even force everyone to wear their Hawaiian type shirts. We will pretend and raise our smoothies to Grandma and Grandpa, and Uncle Willy and wish them a safe happy trip.

Just as I suspected....

after my stupitt math assessment, it's official, I have to go back to Head Start.

It didnt help though that my smarty-pants son was plastered up against my side on the couch as I was doing the math, with his pencil and paper in hand trying to work the problems out with me. And telling me what to do. A couple times, I almost LISTENED to him. Well, I didnt know the answer and he seemed so confident. Then I remembered that he is NINE and going into the 4th grade, and thinks he knows EVERYTHING.

Oh dear, Im in trouble when he is a teen and just KNOWS he knows it all.

Why, oh why, do I need math to sit in a room and listen to people's problems? Unless of course thier problem is math...then they have a bigger problem because it means they are in the wrong office!

Monday, August 25, 2008

I know you are out there...

because I see my number counter has gone up quite a bit since I last checked. So, for Pete's sake, if your reading could you give me a comment? Please? Dont make me beg....Thanks to Erin, who always makes me feel loved.


...this is the word that my oldest son used to describe his knowledge of WHY he was placed in FC. He told the therapists he didnt know why he was placed in foster care and often wondered. Hmmm.

So, we set all three down and told them. We spared some details of abuse because we want that to be known only to the child it happened to, and even this will wait until the child is MUCH older. We talked about the evils of drugs, which is pretty much what led to everything else which landed them in the system.

It was a hard conversation to have, but it went well. S has been so clingy since though. She wants to be hugged constantly. Adam doesnt really understand it. N is thinking, you can see the wheels turning in his head, but says he doesnt have anymore questions. He told us he didnt want to cry about it. Ok.

Afterwards, we went downstairs to the playroom, but some tunes on the jukebox, and played some games. Everyone was a little quiet and singing softly with the songs, like "Across the Universe".

Every so often, S would say how she wished that her birth parents had never done drugs. I can only hope this turns them off from ever wanting to do them. I should be so lucky...

I hate math.

Ugh. I am not looking foward to the next few hours. When I get home, after dinner, I have to take a math test. This is really stupid because its not for a MATH class. Its for a professional development class, which hasnt had a THING to do with math during its five week invasion of my life. This is the last day of class and then I have a two week break before I have anymore classes. Id rather chew broken glass than do this math self assessment test. I can assess myself in math alright...I suck. There, that is all anyone needs to know about math and I.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We were luck enough to get baby pictures of the kids from a relative. Im very thankful for this because I cant imagine not having my baby pictures, or even ever seeing them.

Ive been hording the away since we brought the kids home. I didnt want to open old wounds, and I wasnt sure how they would take it. The other day, I decided to ease into it. I took one baby picture per child and put them in nice frames and then took them into the dining room to show the kids.

Nick didnt say anything except, "Ive never seen myself like that before". Adam was just smiles, as usual. Sasha oohed and aahed for a minute and then got emotional. She wanted to hang it in her room. I explained it was going on the wall in hallway with the other two and that I have more baby pictures and she could have one of those for her room.

She sat for quite a while (for her anyway) and then she started to cry. She said she wishes she hadnt had to move so much and that she wishes she was with her birth mom. I told her that I know it must be hard, but I reassured her that nothing was her fault. She had a good little cry and a hug, and then she was fine.

I do have a bunch more of thier baby pictures, which I will compile and put in albums for them. Leaving one out of course, to put in a frame and put in her room.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Heres another

Here is Nick. Isnt he handsome?

Im in a picture sharing mood...

Sasha and Adam. Yes, Im being bold and posting pics. Arent they cute?

Another cute picture.

They are so cute I want to SQUEEZE them! So cute I cant stand it, almost.

Ive got a secret

My daughter is the WORSE secret keeper EVER. I think she just might have the biggest mouth on the west coast as well. None of us can Hiccup without her telling the nearest pedestrian, checker, garbage man, waitress..who ever is within ear shot. We are constantly telling her to stop informing people of things that have nothing to do with them.

Anyway, the day my AA diploma came, my kids wrote me a "congratulations" note. It was a "surprise". However, as soon as I walked in the door S says: "Hi Mom. We have a surprise for you. (Lowers voice to near whisper, "Its a note"). This upset her older brother and my hub, because she is ALWAYS doing this.

So, the hub had a long talk with her (again) and explained what a secret was (again). About 20 minutes later, he decided to test her so he called her over and whispered in her ear.

Now, I STILL dont know what he said to her (which is a miracle), but for the next hour she walked around with a big smile on her face. I asked her what she was smiling about and she said: "Im smiling about the secret".

About 10 minutes later I turn around and see her on her knees on the floor. Whispering into our Dachshund Carmen's big floopy ears. I really wish I had my camera handy because the look on a weiner dog's face as its ear is being whispered into by a little child is quite comical. Anyway, I asked her what she was doing. She said: "I have to tell SOMEONE". Everyday for the past 2 days,she has been whispering in both dogs' ears. Its working, because I STILL dont know what the secret is. The hub isnt talking.

And either are the dogs.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

You are old, she is skinnier and I eat crackers from the lake

Adam is such a literal kid, he cracks me up. I was talking to my other friend, the wife of one of my hubs best friends about sleeping. You know, the odd conversation that seems to come up every once in a while about the position you sleep in. Or is that just me?

Anyway, she said that she sleeps, “curled up in a ball”. Adam scrunched his little nose and mouth into a very confused face and said: “Aunt Karen, you sleep in a BALL?” He couldn’t picture the kind of ball you could crawl INTO and go to sleep.

After a day in the Lake and in the sun, Adam was looking at my weather beaten hands and said to me: You are OLD

Thanks kid, I FEEL old.

Another couple there with us also has four girls, (there were two families there that have 4 daughters each). These four girls are mostly grown. The youngest is 16. Nice girls, all love kids and they are good girls. Anyway, the youngest had a friend with her and both of these girls are skinny, nice shaped, teens. Naturally the two friends were ALWAYS together. So to Adam, I guess they should have been more alike.

He kept asking the 16 year old why her friend was skinnier than her. One of those embarrassing moments.Then he couldn’t remember the skinnier one’s name. He said “Hey, Sue (fake name), and Sue’s friend that is skinnier….”. Oh great, he’s going to grow up and work for Elle or something. A fashion model photographer perhaps. Get off the skinny kid, please.

These same teenagers almost lost their smore’s and whatever breakfast they had that morning, while lounging lakeside. All the kids were swimming and making mud castles and just having a blast. There was also a plethora of snacks there this particular afternoon (I guess when there are 7 kids under the age of 14, theres bound to be lots of snacks) lakeside. There was a huge bag of Cheese *t crackers that they had all been dipping there little paws into. Someone had dropped one into the lake. Apparently (I didn’t see it happen, I just heard about it right after), Adam picked it up and ate it.

I heard “SUE” say to her skinnier friend: “Oooooh gross. Im going to throw up, Adam just picked up a cracker floating in the lake and ate it…and it was floating there for a while too.

Yep, another embarrassing moment. My friend was right.

Is that God talking in Nick's favorite alley

At the Grand Coulee Dam which is near where we camp, they put on a nightly laser show in the summer time. Its all about the Dam and the “MIGHTY COLUMBIA RIVER” as a deep voice booms loudly in the beginning of the show.

We were telling Nick all about it, and I said “Its right up your alley”. It is too, because he is so into learning stuff, especially about geography and nature.

Alex looked at me and said: “Mom, what is Nick’s favorite Alley?”. This gave everyone quite a chuckle.

Once there, and seated in the outdoor bleachers to see the show, I logged onto my laptop because I had homework to do and Ive seen the show before. And unless it is a laser show which involves loud rock music and seats that rock back and forth it is not in MY favorite alley. Once the voice did its “MIGHTY COLUMBIA RIVER” thing, Sasha tapped me on the shoulder, interrupting the writing of a thesis statement, and asked:

“Is that God talking?”

Goodness, I hope not because if it is, I better put this laptop away and pay attention. Not to mention there is a question I would have liked to ask him: Why Mosquitoes, God?.

Feet First (Thank God)

Our motor home is a little one from like the 70’s. Maybe early 80’s. Anyway its small. It has one of those overhead sleepers, over the driver/passenger heads. Its very open and nothing to keep one from rolling out if one is so inclined to do so. Which Sasha was, apparently.

The hub had put up a curtain rod and curtain to block the light of the early morning out. We wanted it to appear dark out for as long as possible to the kids sleeping longer, so WE could sleep longer.

I had just fallen asleep when I heard the sound of the curtain rod crashing down. I could hear my hub muttering and then saying, “I got you, you re ok”.

Sasha had fallen out of the bunk, her feet landing on hub’s head. I should have known that was going to happen. She and Alex are everywhere when they sleep. I thought since shes never fallen out of bed, she would be ok up there. Not.

So, she was ok, and in fact barely even woke up through the ordeal. We had to arrange the whole sleeping arrangement. We couldn’t leave little Alex up there now. So, we moved his sleeping butt down. He slept with Pop. I crawled up into the bunk. Sasha slept on the floor of the camper. Nick was already stretched out on the front seat and slept through all of it. I kept waking up every so often afraid of falling out myself.

In the morning we were talking about how we cant have children falling from the sky in the middle of the night. Alex thought HE had fallen out the bunk. Nothing would convince him other wise. Ok, then.

Nasty Creatures

We arrived at our camp spot at Steamboat Rock state park, got out of the motor home, and ran right back in, screaming, swatting, and scratching. The place was INFESTED with Mosquitoes. This does not for a pleasant time make. So, we drove a little down the road to the camp store where, they were of course OUT of repellent. The bewildered and tired guy behind the counter said, “I have these Mosquito coils”. I asked if they worked. He said “Well, I know t hey use them in Alaska”. I said how many do you have? He said “I only have two left”, I said, “Ill take them both”.

To those people behind me, who may or may not have need repellent, I am not sorry. No one thought about US when they bought the last bottle of repellant. Im only kidding, I feel slightly bad.

Really, it was terrible. The park people came by and sprayed for Mosquitoes, at about, Oh, 10:00 pm. After we were sleeping. So much for enjoying out first night there. Oh, and to make matters worse, there was a ban on campfires. Fire Danger too high, the sign said. I like what Nick said, “ Uh, what about the high MOSQUITO danger?’” Yeah, what about THAT? Every good camper knows a fire helps keep mosquitoes away.

So, our friends had not gotten there yet, so we called them to warn them. They had some repellent with them though, unlike us (my fault, I didnt pack any).Last year we camped nearby and there were NO mosquitos.

The next day was better because they sprayed. However, they only spray every third night. So, every few days was NOT miserable. On the miserable days we stayed out in the middle of the water, where it was mosquito free. There was very little of the adult socialization at night after the kids were in bed, because everyone was running for cover.

For the rest of the trip N, in his always informing, studious way kept telling anyone who would listen how the female Mosquito is the one who bites. What I hated the most was the smirks on the men’s faces every time he said this. I did not know this before hand, but I don’t doubt that it is true. He is a smart kid and soaks up information like this like a sponge.

In the dark of our camper late that night, I pulled out one of those creepy electronic 20 question games and thought of something. I answered all the questions the rectangular screen flashed at me. After the 20th question it blinked at me in bright human blood red letters:

Is it a Mosquito?

Yes, yes it is.