Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I wish that I was writing Hawaii as a subject because it meant that I was going. It doesnt.

It means that my parents who celebrated thier 50th wedding anniversary last December, are going for a late anniversary gift. From my brother and moi and my hub.

It means we will be dog-sitting Georgie Porgie while they are gone. Hes extremely small, and extremely smart (he should help me with math), and extremely annoying when you are trying to sleep. Hes so small that I have horrible visions of a hawk or owl sweeping him away for a midnight snack while he is going potty at night. So, I dont just put him out and close the door, then come get him in five minutes. I have to GO with him. Our dogs use a dog door, but he refuses, because he is that smart that he can refuse things.

It means that they will bringing back, I think, nifty gifts for the kids.

It means that I will have to do my own weeding, because right now my retired and often bored father does it for me.

My brother gets to go. My parents are getting up thier in age and it is wise to send someone responsible and brainy like my brother with them. Safety first, I always say. Well, I dont always say that, but it seems to fit here.

So, the reason we (hub and I) are not going is becaue of our newly adopted children, but its worth it. Am I sad that I am not going? Somewhat. I could use some more ocean swimming, pig roasts and a fruity drink with an umbrella in it, but its ok. Its not like I havent had my share of moments like that.

What I havent had my share of though, is moments with my kids, because they havent been with us all that long, and Im looking foward to more of those good moments. In fact I think Ill compromise, Ill make smoothies, and put umbrellas in them. We can drink them by the pool, weather permitting, maybe I will even force everyone to wear their Hawaiian type shirts. We will pretend and raise our smoothies to Grandma and Grandpa, and Uncle Willy and wish them a safe happy trip.

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Erin said...

I wanna go in mind too!!!