Thursday, August 14, 2008

You are old, she is skinnier and I eat crackers from the lake

Adam is such a literal kid, he cracks me up. I was talking to my other friend, the wife of one of my hubs best friends about sleeping. You know, the odd conversation that seems to come up every once in a while about the position you sleep in. Or is that just me?

Anyway, she said that she sleeps, “curled up in a ball”. Adam scrunched his little nose and mouth into a very confused face and said: “Aunt Karen, you sleep in a BALL?” He couldn’t picture the kind of ball you could crawl INTO and go to sleep.

After a day in the Lake and in the sun, Adam was looking at my weather beaten hands and said to me: You are OLD

Thanks kid, I FEEL old.

Another couple there with us also has four girls, (there were two families there that have 4 daughters each). These four girls are mostly grown. The youngest is 16. Nice girls, all love kids and they are good girls. Anyway, the youngest had a friend with her and both of these girls are skinny, nice shaped, teens. Naturally the two friends were ALWAYS together. So to Adam, I guess they should have been more alike.

He kept asking the 16 year old why her friend was skinnier than her. One of those embarrassing moments.Then he couldn’t remember the skinnier one’s name. He said “Hey, Sue (fake name), and Sue’s friend that is skinnier….”. Oh great, he’s going to grow up and work for Elle or something. A fashion model photographer perhaps. Get off the skinny kid, please.

These same teenagers almost lost their smore’s and whatever breakfast they had that morning, while lounging lakeside. All the kids were swimming and making mud castles and just having a blast. There was also a plethora of snacks there this particular afternoon (I guess when there are 7 kids under the age of 14, theres bound to be lots of snacks) lakeside. There was a huge bag of Cheese *t crackers that they had all been dipping there little paws into. Someone had dropped one into the lake. Apparently (I didn’t see it happen, I just heard about it right after), Adam picked it up and ate it.

I heard “SUE” say to her skinnier friend: “Oooooh gross. Im going to throw up, Adam just picked up a cracker floating in the lake and ate it…and it was floating there for a while too.

Yep, another embarrassing moment. My friend was right.


Erin said...

LOL! You need to feed that boy. :) Just kidding!

obladi oblada said...

HAHAHA, Erin! you are funny!