Monday, September 28, 2009

Insults and Triumph

So, it was an interesting weekend in the life of moi. I was insulted TWICE by two of my little darlings. Its funny, but its not. I'm sure anyone who isn't me will think its amusing; my mom does...she LAUGHED, oh and so did my husband.

So on Friday I was sick..the night before I went to bed with the beginnings of a sore throat. My husband, being the nice man that he is, took the kids to Dr. appointments, and made dinner, etc. All I had to do was sleep....and sleep I did. However, when it was time for dinner I ate. A lot. See, I hadn't eaten all day long, and when I'm sick with throat things, eating is the only thing (besides sleep) that makes me feel GOOD. It soothes my throat. Anyway, I had seconds of the wonderful dinner T made.

The kids ate their fill and some of them had stuff left over on their plates. This is the conversation which took place as T and the kids were clearing the table.

T: Its too bad we don't have a pig, we could feed them this scrap.
A: We do.
T: We have a pig?
A: Yes, Mommy. She had two helpings.

Oh yes he did!!!!!Tom told him that wasn't nice, after he laughed of course.

The second insult came from my lovely daughter. We (me, my mom, N, S, and A) were on our way to A's football game. It was his first and it was at a place I'm not real familiar with, but the kids were there last week for A's practice and N is great with directions, and I'm not. So, I asked him about which turn to take. He told me and when we arrived at the field, this is what took place:

N: Ha! I'm so smart.
S: Yeah, you are...your smarter than Mom.

Sorry folks, but I actually defended myself on this. I couldn't help it, I had to set her straight. My mother was practically choking, trying to hold her laughter in. Thanks mom.

The triumph that made me forget about all the insult? At least until today? My little boy, A...made the very first touchdown for his team, and the only touchdown for the team in the game;he was soooo proud of himself. For that, I forgive him for calling me a pig.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Its true, I swear!!

This morning I go down stairs to take some laundry out of the dryer and notice that there is dog poop in the hallway. Now, the wiener princess is a true dachshund through and through and they are notoriously hard to house break and have many "accidents" in the house.

Now, I know I heard the boys bathroom door shut so I know one of the boys had used it. The little puppy package was in front of the bathroom door and was not fresh, so my investigative skills told me that the dog poop was seen by this boy.

N's door was cracked so I went in there and he was laying in bed, his eyes open. So I figured I would inquire as to why he didnt pick the stuff up and why he left it for me. I mean he was awake, near the bathroom, had to pass the poop, TWICE, was it really too much to ask for him to pick it up with some toilet paper and flush it down the toilet? Evidentally it was.

Me: Good morning. Tell me, did you step around the dog poop to get to the bathroom?
N: No, I stepped over it (completely missing the point).
Me: Why didnt you pick up, you know to help me out a little.
N: I thought I would get it later, when I was really awake.
Me: Oh, you mean after your brother comes out of his room and steps on it?
N: Oh. I didnt think about that.

I thought for sure that conversation would be the craziest of the day, but I was Oh So Wrong. What is even crazier, is that the craziest conversation so far today didnt come from a ten year old boy, who is half asleep, but from the Guy in Charge of Everything (GICOE) at the place I work at. A fifty something year old man (Im guessing here, he is at LEAST fifty).

I was in the hallway at work and mentioned something about the safety guy doing a walk through of the building today. This GICOE, standing next to a fire extinguisher, which I am responsible for checking monthly, grabs the inspection tag and examines it.

GICOE: What happened to October and November?
Me: What do mean what happened to them?
GICOE: They havent been marked off for inspection.
Me: They havent happened yet. This is September
GICOE: Oh, right.

True story. I could NOT make this up.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Take a stand

My friend Heather wrote this post about taking a stand against those who support the Eagles, who let Vick play again despite his horrible crime. What kind of message does it send that he can continue to be a football star and receive all the benefits that came with it after what he did to innocent dogs. Please follow the link above and see what you can do to let it be known that you dont agree with the Eagles and therefore those that sponsor them. Believe me, If I can live without Volcano Tacos then you can live without stuff on the list too.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Open letter to obnoxious soccer mom....

Dear OSM,

The game between our daughters' teams was a great one. One of the best Ive seen all season. Both teams were undefeated, so it was a great match. BOTH teams played hard, and from what I could tell, played fair. That being said it was not at all necessary for you to make a comment like "well...if that's the way they have to win" as our team was two points ahead.

You have no idea the restraint it took to stop myself from walking over to your chair and dumping you on the grass on your butt. No idea. I didn't though, I ignored you, which probably bothered you more. Your nastiness is not becoming of you and I just had to laugh when your team won by one point and you looked over at us and put your arms in the air and said, "we won" like a snotty six year old. My own six year old was a bit put off by this as well as he asked me why you were mad.

So, why are you mad? Did you have a bad day? Did someone hurt your feelings and now you are retaliating by being nasty to complete strangers? Did it make you feel better, because if it did, I'm glad. Unfortunately you should know that you just made a big arse out of yourself. Next time you have a bad day and have to go to your kid's soccer game, ask the team mom to take her so you don't embarrass yourself.

Just trying to help.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Too True Tuesday

I really like the True Tuesday idea this week, suggested over at Essie's. I like it because its not about the stupid things I have done, but stupidity from others. And, Im always up for that. This week we are discussing bad parenting advice. I have a lot of these from the kids' foster parents, and believe it or not, their OLD therapist.

When I first met the kids, the foster mom said that A wouldnt sleep very well and would wake up at at the very early hours and play (like 2 or 3 am), so she told me to give him Benadryl to make him sleep...what is so bad about this, is the real reason he was up sooo early. She would expect him to sleep 12 hours a night (so, to bed almost right after dinner) on top of a two hour nap in the afternoon. It never occured to her that he wasnt staying asleep because he simply could NOT SLEEP ANYMORE. I, of course, discarded her advice, gave him a later bedtime and cut out the naps (unless he needed one or wanted one) and wouldnt you know it.....he slept all night long, from the first night home with us. Are people really that dumb? Yep, they are.

The other bit of advice she had for me was when he couldnt remember to tie his shoe (at barely five years old), she said I shouldnt help him...let him "remember" all by himself. When he was in tears because he couldnt do it and no one would help him, it was suggested that maybe he couldnt remember at the moment because of meeting his new parents, and getting ready to move, etc...his life being turned upside down, etc, and all the trauma associated with that. So, finally she agreed that I should help him. That poor kid, in the hands of clueless woman. Oh this is the same person who said that I could save money by making all three kids share bath water. Im pretty sure that the money the state gave her for fostering would have covered clean bath water for all. Unbelievable.

The brilliant (not) therapist they had before coming to us, told us that we should not teach against "stranger danger" because it is often a "stranger" who helps them when they are in trouble. While, this makes sense to a certain degree because many children are preyed on by people they know, many are still preyed upon by strangers. Besides, we werent going to prey on them and it is the strangers I am worried about, so I threw that advice right out the window. I think he needs to watch the news a little more, it is full of abductions by both but family is still safer, in my opinion. So, there you have it. Some very bad advice, in my opinion.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A fun thing....

I got this from Sitting on the Mood Swing at the playground (which is a fabulous blog name). Using only titles of books you've read this year cleverly answer the following questions. I did not only use books Ive read in the past year, I dipped into past years as well, because Im a rebel.

Describe Yourself: Running with Scissors

How do you feel: Dry

Describe where you currently live: We have always lived in the Castle

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Up and Down with the Rolling Stones

Your favorite form of transportation: The Green Mile

Your best friend is: A girl named Zippy

You and your friends are: Vanishing Act

What’s the weather like: Still Waters

Favorite time of day: Midnight in the Garden of Evil

If your life was a(n): Secret Diary of Adrian Mole

What is life to you: Bones of the Moon

Your fear: It

What is the best advice you have to give: Ceasar’s Way

Thought for the Day: She’s Come Undone

How I would like to die: Life Among the Savages

My soul’s present condition: What looks like crazy on an ordinary day

C'mon, you wanna do it too, right?

Saturday, September 5, 2009

CH CH CH Changes....

Ha! Success. My new blog look is up, I finally won over the evil that took over my blog the other day. No bees...yay.

I have a new playlist too. A few songs that are about school. The first one I find particularly sweet. Then I selected some songs that were #1 on the billboard charts when I was starting a new school year, a new grade. There were a few I wanted to put on, but they werent available due to rights and permission and all that crud.

I love this time of year. Since I became a mom I love it even more. Not because my kids are back in school and I get a "break", because I don't really. Im at work anyway during the day. Its my husband that gets the break. I love it because I love all the things that go with the school year. See, once upon a time (a long, long time ago), I thought about being a teacher, even though I really didnt like school all that much. Im not sure why it crossed my mind, but it did. I think its because Ive always liked kids.

When I was childless I used to envy those women who had kids in grade must be nostalgia related or something..and I think now the start of the school year signals the start of a time when possibilities abound. Maybe this is the year someone will make a new friend, a best friend that lasts a life time, or maybe this is the year that a certain subject or interest will click and put one of my children on the path he or she is destined to go down.

It means soon the air will be full of wood smoke, and pumpkins will be out, the air will be crisp but not yet cold. Halloween, a favorite of mine, right around the corner. Scary movies, trick or treat; more candy for me to steal. This year I will have two boys in football; which means sitting on chairs with blankets wrapped around, a hot cup of joe to take away the fall chill. I absolutely love it and quite frankly Im excited. I like change....sometimes its good. A change of season is good and Im hopeful as I look towards it.

I remember "back to school" time when I was a kid in the seventies and in grade school. I remember the clothes shopping, the haircuts, the shiny new lunch box, the pristine erasers on virgin pencils, the paper full of lines, empty, but soon to hold my handwriting...possibilities. I was always excited for the new school year, until I got bored again and looked forward to summer, and being free. I guess Im a restless soul, always looking for whats next.

This year is a special year though. For many years now, my kids have not been able to go to the same school for more than one year. The new school year usually saw them in a new school, new kids, and sadly, a new family. This year that is different. They will go to the same school they were in last year, see many familiar faces, and they will come home to the same house and the same family. I remember first meeting N, and he told me how nice it would be to be able to go to one school for more than one year, and not have to move. Now he will be doing that; and for that I am excited.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

possessed blog...

..Im trying like heck to get the bee background off of my Ive deleted it, Ive replaced it, everything else I can think of and still it stays. Im trying to do a groovy fallish back to school theme,hence the new play list..which Ill explain later...If my head doesnt spin around. This is the wierdest thing. So, if your looking at this and its all screwed up, Im sorry. Im trying to fix it, but Im running out of time. Where is Father Karas when you need him?

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

In case you didnt know...

Recently, upon discussing Mr. Vick's reentry into the NFL even though he CRUELLY KILLED DOGS, I was told this: "He fought them, he didnt kill them". The person I was talking to never realized that Mr. Vick's crimes went beyond illegal dog fighting. I mean, if that wasn't bad enough right?

So, I feel the need to post this link to an article on the Best Friends Animal Society website. Best Friends is the organization which took many of Vick's live victims and are attempting to rehabilitate and rehome those that can be rehibilitated, so I feel there is not a more reliable source to point one to.

Please read this article,so you will be well informed, when you hear someone spout off about Michael Vick and how he deserves a second chance, because it was ONLY dog fighting.