Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Toy Review Tuesday

This thing is a lot of fun and I would give it five stars, if it worked right. Maybe its just the one that I bought, maybe for others it works just fine. Its a nerf gun, and it come with six nerf bullets, with suction cups on them, which make it extra neat-o, because you can shoot stuff ( I was going to say "junk" like they would have on Leave it to Beaver, but now-a-days that word means something else, and it would just sound mean) with it and it will stick. This is OK except if you live in a split level, and you have a big window way up over your stairway, where you cant reach and a boy decides to shoot it up there. Then you and the boy must wait until the temperature is just right, and the foam and suction things falls down on its own, which it did.

Its also fun if you have a wild, evil kitten in your home...no, I dont mean its fun to shoot the kitten with it, because that was rule #1, but the rotten kitten was kept busy and out of other evil doings by chasing the bullets around.

The gun works like a revolver and you can load all six bullets in the chamber at one time and then just shoot away; theoretically.

In our case, the thing chamber stopped rotating pretty much within minutes, and so we had to use one hand to align the bullet chamber to the barrell, so that was annoying, you couldnt just blast away. After every shot youd have to adjust and hold the chamber and your mouth just right in order for it to fire, so that got annoying.

And of course, the dart things get lost, especially when evil aforementioned rotten cat carries them off somewhere to a lair or whatever she has...so currently we have a gun which doesnt work right, and never really did and no bullets. Nice.

So, I give this gun a 3 out of 5 stars. It may have got five stars if it worked longer than it did and if it came with some extra bonus bullets.

Timothy Leary

That is who I had to explain to N on the way to daycare today. Why? Because Im not smart enough to think about what Im playing in my car in the mornings, or most other times either. I mean, I dont listen to anything real raunchy, of course, but I wasnt really expecting the kids to pick up on lyrics to music that I barely notice anymore, Ive heard it so much. I guess I better think again.

We have been listening to the Who lately in the car, I go between stuff like that and Christian radio, when they are playing stuff that I like. So, anyway the "Seeker" is on, and even though N really likes that song, I figured it was the melody and maybe the chorus, but did not realize how much he was digesting the song, until today. That part that goes:

"I asked Bobby Dylan, I asked the Beatles, I asked Timothy Leary, but he couldnt help me either"

THATS the part that piqued his interest, probably because the Beatles are mentioned and we do listen to a lot of Beatles, and they LIKE the Beatles, and Im really cool with that.

So he asked me:

Mom, who are those other singers that the WHO says they are asking? I know the Beatles but who are the other two?

ME: (uh...oh, Dylan is easy, but what am I going to say about Timothy Leary?) Oh, Bob Dylan, yeah he was a singer and a song writer back then, and um...Timothy Leary, well...uh, he wasnt a singer...he..well, he...

I didnt know what to say! I mean he doesnt NEED to know about Timothy Leary, but he asked, and I dont want to lie..so I said that Timothy Leary was "a Dr. and a teacher who liked to try and figure out stuff about the human mind and that he wasnt really very nice because a lot of people did some drugs because he said they should, even though he was wrong, and drugs are bad". Then I felt like I should add the "mmmkay?" (like the South Park Dude) at the end to make myself better, but didnt.

Now Im really hoping that he doesnt go to school and say "Today on the way to school, my mom taught us all about Timothy Leary". But that is the kind of thing they do, so I wont be completely surprised...besides a lot of their teachers are younger than I am, and perhaps they dont know anything about it either..but I doubt it.

Moral of the story? Unless you are prepared to explain, be sure that all content in the songs you are listening to is something you want them to hear and want to talk to them about it...because chances are they are listening. I know this isnt news to many of you...but remember, I was pretty much instant parent just and so there are some things I am having to learn on the fly....life is never dull.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Today was S's birthday. NINE years old. She has changed so much since she has been here. She is a real little girl who is learning that its ok to focus on stuff, and that she doesnt have to be so hyper vigilant, although she still is at times. She has learned to answer when she is spoken too. It was all too easy for her former FP's to not expect her to answer, they claimed she didnt know why she did stuff. Well, she knew. She also knew that as long as she just shrugged her shoulders, that they wouldnt make her answer.

She also helps in the kitchen. It was said that she couldnt because she couldnt follow simple instructions and was a danger to herself. She burned her hand once at the FP's house, as a seven year old, and was never given another chance; a chance to learn and move on from her mistake. She is also the girl who couldnt bathe herself, according to them. Its more like the girl who was never given a chance to show she could do it. She washes her self and her hair very thoroughly and takes pride in how she looks, whereas before she did not seem to care. She is a girl who can swim now, a girl who can take care of a pet, a girl who does a great job cleaning her room.

She has changed in so many ways, and although Im sad to see the little girl cheeks slowly disappear as she grows up, I am exited to met the S of the future and see what she can be; which is anything she wants to. If you are reading former FP's, she IS capable, she CAN do it, she just needed a chance.

Touch Me (Im Sick)

Ha fooled ya! Not a post about the song of the same name, just a post about me. I spent ALL day yesterday sleeping off and on because I felt like crap. Whatever horrifying thing A had found its way to me.

The kids were really sweet about it too. N busied himself in his room working together a globe puzzle his Uncle W. got him for his birthday, A bugged the snot out of him while he did it, and S went between helping N and taking care of me.

S would come upstairs every 20 minutes or so and rewet my wash cloth that she put on my head. She would thump it on my head, and I told her she was going to have to work on her delivery if she was ever going to make it in the health care field. She reminded me that she was going to be a zoo keeper. Oh right. She also tried to give me water, which ended with her pouring half of it down the front of me once. It was the thought that counted and I enjoyed seeing her sweet caring side emerge once more.

There is no way on God's green earth that I could actually get up and fix lunch for anyone. So I got the peanut butter, honey bread and a knife out and told her to make sandhiches, which she was absolutely thrilled to do. I pointed to the bowl of apples on the counter and grunted, she understood. So they had peanut butter and honey sandwiches and apples for lunch. I think Im going to love having her around;even more than I already realized.

When my husband was available to take over, he did. He did a fine job too, I might add. He took them to dinner somewhere, and I was finally able to crawl into bed. I popped in Seinfeld dvd and was out after the first episode.

Im much better today. Now if I can only keep everyone else health, Ill be doing alright.

Friday, March 27, 2009


So, A was sick the other day and the next day he was still very quiet and he looked like something was bothering him, other than having been sick, that is. I asked him what was wrong and he said he had a bad dream.

"The worst I ever had, mommy".

He told me he dreamed that he was a baby and living with his birth parents (whom he cant possibly remember), and that they did not feed him and he died.

This has been bothering me. I mean dreams are one thing, but it is entirely possible that this a memory creeping over to the preconscious from the unconscious, and has attracted the attention of the conscious eye. (ok, ignore all that psycho babble if you want, I just wrote a paper on Frueds unconscious drive theory...ignore me). Seriously though, it breaks my heart that he may have been lying in a crib hungry for who knows how long....

And what could I do really but hug him, take him upstairs and feed him whatever the heck he wanted. So thats what I did. Sometimes its so easy to forget they have a past that has nothing to do with me. For those of you who are thinking about going the down the road of older child adoption, be prepared to hear some stuff that will turn your stomach and break your heart.

Watch it kid

...so I was playing with the kids at a local park today (my own kids, not like random stranger kids)and I was chasing them, and let me tell you I was not feeling real good at what they were shouting as I was chasing them:

Look out for the dinosaur!Run from the dinosaur! Dont let the dinosaur get you.

Okay, Im no spring chicken, but is that really necessary? Then to make it worse, I couldnt catch the ten year old. COULD NOT CATCH HIM! When the heck did I get old? When?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Retro Foto Friday-Child Torture Series Pt. Uno

So, not only is my OWN MOTHER offering this cross eyed bloodhound my tender toddler elbow, but she is letting him sit in MY stroller!

Ok, just when I thought I was safe with my dad HE is offering me up to a Frankensteinish-stitched-up-Donkey, and he is happy to do it to, with his nineteen seventies side part, buddy holly glasses, and big ol' camera case. See how the other children are trying to SAVE ME? See, pulling on devil donkey's arm...thank you children, wherever you are.

Having escaped the giant stroller stealing dog, Mary Shelly donkey, here I find myself faced with....what? What is this thing? Dog? Horse? It has Hippo teeth...Whatever it is, it sure is Goofy.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The honest two God trooth

Above my office door is the word "assistat"
Above the sergeants office it says "sargant"
On the break room door it says "please clean up after yourselfs".

Yep. You would be terrified if I told you who I worked for.
Important stuff happens around here, we are supposed to be professionals.

Im not beyond a spelling error, Im not. Especially on this blog, I never use spell check and I usually am happy to just bang out a post. Besides spelling errors in a blog are kind of cute, I think. They are NOT cute in a professional, rather serious place of business such as this. Im just sayin....

The curious, the annoying, the bizare and the ridiculous of this very moment.

Ok..Im having one of those moments. You know the ones, where all kinds of things that are bothersome in one way or another are all happening at the very same time. No? Not familiar with those? Well, let me explain.

Im in the office at work and the door is open (because I forgot to close it, not because I want to see or talk to anybody, cuz I dont), and the radio is on. That song, the artist escapes me at the moment, "Black Velvet" is on. I think its about Elvis, but Im not sure. I think Ive heard that said, but havent actually paid that much attention to it. Anyway, Im pondering this: "Is the Black Velvet" in the song about the drink Black Velvet that Elvis may have drank, or is it about the Black Velvet canvas's that have so often held his likeness? Anyway, I never got to really listen to the song to answer this once and for all because I was distracted by nonsense in the hallway.

Theres a very strange little man that works on, and consequently screws up our computers. I run screaming for my office and close the door behind me when I see him. He scares me. He says strange things and stands in my door way. He tries to say things that impress...and it just bothers me to no end. Oh and the fact that he messes with my 'puter makes it worse.

So I hear him talking to the office person across the hall. The little computer guy's co worker was just there and TOOK his machine to work on it, this just a few days after the little computer guy (We'll call him LCG for now) messed it all up. So my co worker is of course, giving LCG a hard time because LCG is there to work on his computer..that HIS CO WORKER JUST REMOVED!!!! It was at this point that I did get up and lock the door to my office; but not before I heard LCG say "well..let me just find out why he took it."

See why Im bothered. Dont these people talk? What is even more horrifying is the fact that this means LCG will be hanging around the building for a little while. Which means Im trapped in my office. He will knock on the door because he SAW me in here. Thank goodness my window is low to the ground, screenless and able to be opened. Im making a run for it...

Monday, March 23, 2009

For me???

Man, Im blushing...Nelly gave me an award! Thankyou Nelly, and now I have to list blogs I dig, which is going to be really hard because I like an awful lot of them...

So here goes...

Heather (because she makes me laugh)
Karen (just kidding, there is no Karen,it just rhymed and I like rhymes)
The Long and Short of it all (because doxies rock my world)

1. Copy the above logo and put it on blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs that show attitude and/or gratitude (Those who add sweetness to life and/or inspire you by making lemonade.)
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know they have received this award by commenting on a post.
5. Nominate your favorites and link to this blog.

So, there you have it. Like I said there are a lot more blogs that I read..and some of my faves already have awards, so I thought I would spread the wealth. Thanks again Nelly!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

The real reason I drink Diet Coke

Today I was drinking a diet Coke and A asked me

A: Mommy why do you and daddy drink Diet Coke?
Me: Because the regular stuff has too much sugar.
A; Do you get too wild?

lol...No, kid thats only if I mix the Diet Coke with the other brownish stuff in that glass bottle. Kidding!!!! He kills me.

Lying revisited...

"Lies, lies, lies, ye-ah...." Didnt the Thompson Twins do that? I think they did. Or maybe some other 80s band with crazy hair. Anyway...

What is it about kids that once they learn a lesson, they tend to revisit it? I was so thrilled last week when a few times A had an opportunity to lie to me, and he didnt. I responded with the proper parental reaction, and thanked him for telling me the truth and depending on what it was about, he only got a warning, or a very small consequence.

So, having done the right thing by encouraging truth telling, I would assume that that would be a motivation for him to tell the truth all the time. Boy, do I have a lot to learn. I guess since he tested truth telling this week, his experiment would not be complete unless he tried another lie. Maybe this lie was like a control group to him...(probably not funny unless you just went through the hell of a statistics class...)

So, currently he is in his room for lying. I even gave him a CHANCE to turn the lie around. I said: "I heard what you really said, now I want you to tell me the truth...". Nope, couldnt do it. He told his bro and sis he hated them because they wouldnt play a certain game with him. So, he thought he would escape all trouble by saying he said "..didnt like". We have never had the conversation about the word "hate" and evidentally in one of his other families he got into trouble for saying "hate". I wasnt going to punish him for saying "hate". I was going to tell him that was not a nice thing to say and give him an alternative like "Im angry because you wont play this, and it makes me feel bad". Or whatever...you get the picture. But.he.lied. Lying is the one thing as a parent that makes me see red....so, he is in his room. When will it stop? When do they "get" that a certain behavior just isnt worth it?

And...it is harder when you dont know everything about the kid's history. If I had known ahead of time that he got in trouble (beat with a belt...as one foster parent did)for a certain thing and that he was probably terrified, not knowing how I would react to him saying that, I would have approached it differently, I suppose. Thats a draw back to older child adoption for sure...all the history that is invisible to you. You have to act with little information...and its really hard. Perhaps lying and the consequence it brought was worth it to avoid the consequence that he endured at a previous home for saying he "hated" someone. There is just no way of knowing. It is all such a learning experience...for all of us.

On a lighter note he did try to get himself out of trouble by saying, "..but I like you and daddy...."

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Carmen-Wiener Princess

So, in an attempt to silence Heathers tapping fingers, I have posted some wiener princess pictures on the Princess's blog. Oh and a video too.

American Idol related rant (feel free to ignore)

..so, just who does Adam think he is? Butchering "Ring of Fire" was just wrong. The Man in Black is probably rolling over in his grave. Hey Adam: There are some things that are sacred and you just.dont.touch. and that was one of them.

Okay, Im done now.

Funny stuff.

So, Im stealing something from Torina and I hope you dont mind too much Torina..and if you do you can Soprano me if you want.

Anyway she shared some blogs that really make her laugh and now I am going to do the same..because Im nice and kind and like to share with others, but if you abandon me for these others and never come back, I will find you...I will (man, have I got abandonment issues today or WHAT?).

So, on that note, here are some peeps who make me laugh (other than Torina, she is mentioned above, and she makes me laugh too).

Ok, this first one isnt real hysterical, but its darned cute and involves wiener dogs, and they are wonderful. Everyone could use some wiener dog in thier day.

Heather's blog is hysterical..and if she ever stops blogging, Ill probably hang myself (no pressure, Heather).

Here are some others that I enjoy immensly:

cake wrecks
If you enjoy the stupidity of other people see 911 Whats Your Emergency
Then there is Heidi's blog, she cracks me up too.

So, there you have it. I love all the blogs that I read, but I just picked a few for now. Enjoy!

Bad day at the batting cage and blog induced panic attack

So, we took N to the batting cage today to get ready for little league, and it did not go so well..apparently while T was trying to help him, he kept trying to watch tv (why in the h-e-double hockey sticks do they need a tv in there?) instead of listening to what his dad was trying to tell him.

Now, this is a kid who if allowed would do nothing but watch tv. He wasnt allowed any at all at the foster home, and we do allow it, but its monitored and there is definitely a time limit. Weve had the talk about him staring at the tv and not doing what he is spposed to and being so engrossed that he gets himself in trouble, so this isnt new to him. Needless to say, he is not watching any tv this weekend.

Oh and then I get home and log into my blog and it says I have no followers. Zero. If it said, "you stink and everyone in the world hates you and no one cares anything about anything you have to say", it could not have felt any worse. I began breathing irregularly and saw black spots before my eyes. Its ok though, must have been a temporary glitch, because you are all back and I missed you all, very much...please dont leave me again.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Retro Foto Friday

Its been a while but its time again for another blast from the past...

See that? That kind of behavior from moi, gets me into trouble today. I still do that in the car, and it drives poor T nuts. Especially when we are on a road trip. He'll say over and over again, until I wake up "Pilot to Co Pilot, come in Co Pilot". Im supposed to be helping him after all, providing him with company and watching the scenery with him...but no, Im snoozing. Ive been better lately though. Its rather hard to sleep to the voices of three different small people singing three different songs all at the same time.

Look at this car seat too, wow. That would hardly fly today, and its so pretty too. How come I dont get cute litte elephants or ducks to look at. Huh? Why? Of course it probably wouldnt have kept me awake.

And what exactly are those things on my shoes? Were they sending me on a rescue mission for liliputians? Are those tiny flasks of whiskey? Oh, maybe I was a carrier baby. Perhaps they had some people that they needed to communicate with, but didnt want to actually TALK to them, so they wrote little notes and shoved them in those things on my shoes, and sent me over to them. Could that be it? Maybe I had already delivered the message and that is why Im so tired! A ha, it all makes sense now.

Except for maybe why the seat is so HIGH. Is that so the child can see where they are going? Does a child that age care? Obviously not.

T ball and the bobble head.

Today was my first time going to T ball. I thought it would be cute and all, all those 5-7 year old kids. Well, Im here to tell you that I was actually irritated and weirded out about the whole thing once I got there. First of all, I felt like an old woman. All the parents there looked 15 to me. Im so not 15 so I felt kind of wierd. Oh and I stuck out like a sore thumb because I went from work to a little league practice to a T ball practice..so I was wearing work clothes, which made me feel even older. When the heck did I get old?

What was cute was A as he hit the ball and then ran around the bases with the big helmet on. The Helmet was huge! Oh, and it was red, so it looked even bigger. I worried about his neck with that thing on, it was like twice as big as head, and his head would kind of list back and forth under its weight. It was so funny. He looked like a bobblehead running around there. Oh, and his little face. He was so PROUD of himself...or at least he was until his big brother teased him by saying the T in T ball stands for Toddler. So, now he is mad that he is playing "Toddler" ball. "Im not a baby", he says...big brothers can be poopy. But it was funny and took my mind off of how old I am. Which was nice.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Toy Review Tuesday (on a Wednesday)

I would like to say that I will review a toy every Tuesday. So, I am saying that, Im just not promising it. OK? Ok. Now that we got that dope straight, here is the toy:

This is the Eyeclops. It has some award for smart kid toys or something like that. Educational thingies. Anyway, you plug one end into the tv and you use the other end, the eye part to look at whatever, cat hair, a penny, the fur on a teddy bear, the scab on your sisters knee, our the grime under your fingernails. It magnifies the object, just like a microscope might. We played with it a lot at first, and we saw some pretty disgusting stuff. This was fun, disgusting can sometimes be fun because you go: "Ewww, gross" and then you usually laugh.

Unless you have a little mad scientist on your hands though, the novelty may wear out and that is the only problem I have with this. It sits in the playroom, plugged into the TV and I havent seen anyone use it in a while...but I guess it could come in handy. We might decide one day that we NEED to look at something magnified 300 times or whatever it is, and then we wont be at a loss of what to do. We will be prepared.

Anyway, so I give this toy a 3 out of 5 stars. It works well, its easy to use and hook up, its full of neat-o power, but it may be short lived, depending on your kids.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Profound musing about facebook (warning deep and boring)

So, I joined facebook a while ago and while I have been enjoying some aspects of it, it just may open up a whole other can of proverbial worms, that I should have just left alone. I mean there are tons of people on there from high school that I didnt really like then, so I dont know what makes me think I would like them now.

Ive spent hours now looking at people, some I barely remember. I dand id a lot of "OH yeah" as I was looking at people. Im also amazed that some people have certain other people as friends. Im thinking, "but didnt you HATE her/him". I guess life is not so much like the Breakfast Club anymore. I still feel like it though sometimes though, especially when I look back at that miserable thing called high school. I liked my friends, of course, and we had a great time, but a lot of people I just didnt have any use for. Not really the Christian attitude to have, I know, but Im being honest. I was particular turned off by the extra peppy, outgoing, bright eyed kids. Isnt that terrible? Its true though, the more artistic and brooding you were, the more I liked you.

Im different know though. I have made tons of mistakes since then and have learned from just about all of them. I can say that Im not the same person I was then, at all. Now, if I like you, I like you and it could be for many reasons. I only dislike people now if they are rude, liars and mean. In high school, it was really hard for me to let people in; though I had a tight circle of friends. Mostly people at school seemed strange to me, all bubbly and full of life, when that isnt how I saw things most of the time.

Though I have changed and my outlook on life is different for the most part, more happy go lucky and full of promise, which is due to a renewed belief in Christ, when I look at the faces on facebook, it put me in the same old funk. It depressed me, to be honest with you. I found someone on facebook who used to mean the world to me. We had a falling out in our late 20's and although she has tried to contact me a year or so after the falling out, I ignored it. The hurt was too fresh.

So, I sat there looking at her picture and my heart was pounding. I sent her a two line message, that to me, conveyed that I was ready to forgive; finally. It may be too late, and Im not even sure I could trust this person again, but Im tired of the saddness in my heart. I didnt ask her to contact me and she probably wont. Thats Ok too, I guess. I just needed to finally say, "All that is in the past, I dont harbor any ill feelings", and you know, once I wrote the words that I wrote, I felt better in one respect, like a weight lifted off my shoulder. However, all the other faces from the past still gave me the creeps.

Painfully boring post for anyone who isnt me.

Well. Happy St. Patricks day y'all. Im not Irish, but I AM Scot, so every year I wear a smart allecky t-shirt about how you better not pinch me because Im not wearing green (the shirt is blue) and that Im scotish and if you do pinch me you will regret it. Its silly, but I like it. St. Patrick was from Scotland, but he was brought Christianity to Ireland, or the story goes. So why dont we have a happy Scotland holiday? I dunno either. The kids are all wearing green though and we are having corned beef and cabbage, so Im not a complete party pooper.

Tonight is McTeacher night. Some rackett McDonalds has with the teachers, a type of fundraiser. I guess the teachers will all be working there this evening and the kids are supposed to come in there and spend thier parents money. Yes, Im going to take them, for ice cream or something AFTER dinner.

So, Im sure this is all very boring to anyone reading this. Im sorry I have a headache and Kindergarten doesnt start for another hour. So, Im sitting here on the computer while A plays with a train set thingy on the floor. I want to sleep...I took the day off so I could do that, but that isnt how its working out at all.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Amazing utterances

Today while talking to the therapist

A: My daddy is the best daddy ever, he probably doesnt think thats true, but it is; he tries really hard.

While walking the dogs after dinner this evening

S: It smells like a bowling alley here; a freshly painted bowling alley


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Perspectives on city life by A

Upon entering the big city, which is completely foreign to my kids, we told them about how they would see some interesting people.

Having a nice lunch at an Italian place, a woman in a bizare outfit walks by. A, rather loudly so all, including the woman, can hear:

"There sure are some inneressing people here". I fought the urge to hide under the table.

After eating at same restaurant and walking down the road we passed a street person.
A: Pee-eeeewwww!

We had a talk about street people and how one may or may not end up as one. We used it as an opportunity to talk to the kids about the importance of staying in school and staying off drugs.

As a man walked very slowly by us on a street:

A: Is he on drugs? (loudly, of course).

Getting into the taxi to go back to the hotel
A: (with a voice laced with warning) Mom, hes a stranger.

In the taxi:
A; How does he know where our hotel is?

He was cracking me up.

Were baaaack...

We are home safe. About an hour after we got home we had a visit from our case worker, who delivered great news: The adoption could be final at the end of the month! Yessss.

Monday we had a good day at the zoo. It snowed a little once we got there, but that was fine, we just ducked into the tropical or night exhibits where it was nice and toasty. If it wasnt for the strong stench of ocelot or jaguar urine, I could stay in there all day, its so pretty.

After that we went to the Aquarium. It was just me and the kids though because T was wiped out, so he went back to the hotel. We took a cab back to the hotel, which was another first for them, as was the zoo, aquarium and most everything we did on this trip. No more rude people, thank goodness.

Then it was home sweet home complete with piles of laundry, two wriggling overly excited dogs, and one indifferent cat, and one happy to go home grandma (pet sitter). Back to the routine, bed time on time last night!

I remember I used to come home from a trip and spend a large amount of time looking at pictures from it or just kicking back, relaxing, maybe taking a long hot bath...nope those days are gone! Now its make sure the kids have clean clothes for school in the morning, and that all there homework is done, and everyone has to be bathed too. Right back to normal, do not pass go, do not collect $100.00.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Here we are

...we are almost done with our trip. Tomorrow is the last day and I hope we are going to the zoo. If the weather cooperates we will, if it doesnt, we wont. Looking at animals is fun, just not so much in the snow, if you know what I mean.

We met up with some family members in a very relaxing spot for a couple of days..and it was really great, a lot of laughs and way too much food.

This morning we left the peacefulness of the woods and ventured into the big city. The biggest place these kids have ever been. I think they were a bit overwhelmed. A freaked out about window washers way, way up hanging from ropes. He thought it was insane, and I have to agree.

The best medicine in the world has got to be when you are feeling down and you hear your six year old belly laughing because he is having a great time with a new experience. Who in the world could be mad or sad when they hear that? Not me. Not for long.

I used to consider myself a city girl. However, having lived in a very small town for a long time now, I think Ive changed my mind. People are sooo rude. One lady was really cool, and thoughtful and kind. Most others were just pushy jerks, and it just seemed strange to me.

This one employee of this attraction we were at was very,um...should I say "bitchy"(If you get my drift)..yeah that was it. I mean I wanted to CRY he was so horrible. I have never been talked to like that in my entire life..by someone I wasnt trying to arrest or cite, that is. Man, all I was trying to do was take my kids to the bathroom...and I was trying to FIND it while my six year old jumped up and down holding his crotch...

I told T because I was just so mad...so he got mad and marched us all into the customer service area, where he made me explain what happened. The really cool supervise gave us our money back and let us in for free!!! Which was very cool and shows some people still know what customer service is.

Now its after 10 pm and N, "TV Boy", is watching tv when he really needs to be sleeping, so I must exit bloggy land, and turn the idiot box off, so we can all be well rested and have a pleasant day tomorrow.

Crys Out.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

HI! Im an idiot.

So, hopefully not many people caught it, but on my post about making beds, I made a silly mistake. Im not really an idiot, when it comes to spelling, which makes this even funnier. When writing about bed fairies invading A's room I typed bed FERRIES. I have an excuse though, I have had Seattle on my mind, so it is logical that I would type FERRIES. Ok...it was still stupid.

I was laying in bed last night thinking about the day when I shot up into a sitting position in horror; I had realized what I had done. I almost got out of bed to fix it. Then I decided I was more tired that embarrassed.

I swear motherhood KILLS brain cells. You have been warned.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let the preperations begin...

We are going away for the weekend. A nice little get away with the kids to do some cool stuff they have never done before. Tonight I have a bunch of stuff to do to start preperations. It is a surprise trip so the stuff has to be done on the sly.

I think while they are watching last nights American Idol taping (since they only saw half due to a much detested bedtime), I will sneak about and collect things from their rooms to pack secretly after they go to bed.

AND...I have to pack snacks for the road. Oh and some games and toys. Hmm...can it be done? We shall see. We arent leaving until Friday late morning, but there is so much to do, I have to get a jump on it.

I wanted to take the boys to have their hair trimmed up, since the stupid 2.99 Great Clips special wasnt all that great..its uneven in places, and not short enough, so it is bordering looking unruly. I guess I could try to this tomorrow after work, but I also have to clean the car, and have the oil changed....Aaarrrgh! Calgon...take me away...but only if I can have a glass of wine too.

Bed Fairies

It has been a crappy day. Just plain old crappy. I wont go into detail, most of it is my own fault. This morning I asked A if he made his bed, he said he did. It was awfully quick so I said:

Hmm, lets just see..

A: Well, I DID...I think..
Me: What? Did the bad room fairies come in and mess it up?
A: Maybe

Just as I suspected. The big blanket was thrown over all the other bedding which was definitely not made.

A: Well, I made it by covering the other stuff up. So, I made it.
Me: Nope. I know you know what a made bed is.
A: I thought it was made...

So tonight, because I dont like six year olds trying to outsmart me A will have Bed Making Practice. Just a couple times, to refresh his memory on how to make a bed.

Please know that this is the kid who can make a bed A LOT better than his older siblings. He is quite an impressive bed maker. When he actually tries to make it that is.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Today's giggles and grrrrs

What made me laugh today:

1. My husband-he kept making comments during CPR/First Aid class (at work) that were cracking me up.
2. One symptom of stroke in the CPR class was "sense of doom". That tickled me for some reason, I guess because I feel that a lot!!
3. Reading my friend Erin's messages to me labeled "Cat Discipline". The title is what is so funny, it makes me chuckle. Most of it is futile. They dont CARE.
4. The fact that Im probably the only one who is reading this (well..I could stop there)who thinks ANY of this is funny.

What irritated me today:

1. The fact that I got LOST coming back from lunch today. In my OWN town.
2. The knocking on my office door, when the door was CLOSED. (Im hiding, go away).
3. The tea dispenser in Sub&^@ dispensed water, not tea.


I wanted to try to do at least one post per day. Its not really that easy though because most of the time I dont have anything to say. Nothing anyone else wants to hear anyway. Some days I just dont feel like talking at all, even on the 'puter.

The munchkins have been pretty mellow lately. S had been impressive of late with some of the progress she has made, and I feel I have made some right along with her. Which is helpful. Sometimes that girl seems so old...theres a look in her eyes sometimes where you can almost SEE the weariness. This worries me somewhat...that is until she busts out into little girl silliness, which I am glad to see then.

A just cracks me up, I think he is the family jokester (notice I refuse to say clown; clowns are evil and he is not.) He is the one that makes his brother and sister laugh most. Usually when he makes them laugh, I feel lost because a lot of the times I dont GET the joke. That is ok though because he makes me laugh too at other times.

N is just into his rotten cat and basketball at the moment. He is still trying to win a computer at school by reading and getting as many 100s on AR tests as he can. I have him stop testing at recess though and PLAY instead. He wants the computer because his mean mom wont let him use hers all day and night. What he is failing to realize is that I wont let him use HIS all day and night either (evil witch cackling noise).

All three are enjoying this season's American Idol. Our favorite is Danny Gokey hands down! For the girls we like Alexis Grace. Maybe N will even get to SEE it this week, if he stays off tv restriction. Last week he thought it would be more fun to jump over the daycare lady's couch.

Wow, for someone who had NOTHING to say, I sure said a lot.
I do plan on doing more toy reviews and it has been a while since Ive done a retro photo.