Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Today's giggles and grrrrs

What made me laugh today:

1. My husband-he kept making comments during CPR/First Aid class (at work) that were cracking me up.
2. One symptom of stroke in the CPR class was "sense of doom". That tickled me for some reason, I guess because I feel that a lot!!
3. Reading my friend Erin's messages to me labeled "Cat Discipline". The title is what is so funny, it makes me chuckle. Most of it is futile. They dont CARE.
4. The fact that Im probably the only one who is reading this (well..I could stop there)who thinks ANY of this is funny.

What irritated me today:

1. The fact that I got LOST coming back from lunch today. In my OWN town.
2. The knocking on my office door, when the door was CLOSED. (Im hiding, go away).
3. The tea dispenser in Sub&^@ dispensed water, not tea.


Lisa said...

Cat discipline...yeah like that would ever happen. LOL

Erin said...

Hey, a girl can dream! I should say "Trying to discipline and giving up because there is no hope" :)

Glad you had something to keep you entertained during CPR!

I do the same thing in my classroom during my planning period - I leave the lights off so no one thinks I am in there and I can work in peace. :)