Sunday, May 31, 2009

Open letter to Ross

Dear Ross,

I hate you. TJ Maxx is my new best friend. TJ Maxx is so much better that you. I can never find anything in you, and Im always tripping over crap in your aisles. Do you not care about yourself, or are you too much of a wuss to fire the lazy employees who are refusing to put stuff back in their proper departments, and sizes? Well, which ever it is, Im done with you. Find someone else to waste their time coming in for a swimsuit for a little girl in SWIMSUIT season, only to find that you have no swimsuit section, and three swimsuits in that size mixed in among dresses, pajamas, pant, and coats. Oh and those weird pole things that you have recently a fixed to each shopping cart? I dont get it.

Asking to be slapped in the head if I ever suggest going to you again,

Friday, May 29, 2009

Open Letter to the Sport of Tennis

Dear Tennis,

What is your deal? You obviously think your special. Using all those words like "love" and crap in your scores. What is wrong with a number score, huh? What do you have against 5-0, or "its tied up" or "scoreless". I mean, "deuce"? It isnt a card game for Pete's sake, its a sport with a ball, which should use the number system. Oh and if that isnt bad enough, your female players wear skirts. Well, la-ti-da, arent you something? Please. Oh, and your fans? Boring. Their polite little applause like they all sticks up their bums. How about some shouting in the stands? Or someone throwing a plastic beer cup, or a people with painted faces? Nope, too good for that obviously. Then you go and put yourself into a wii game, and now my children are using your ridiculous terms for scores, and frankly, its making me ill. Please stop the insanity.

A Baseball, Football and Soccer Mom.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

What will I hear next?

So, Im driving the other day and the kids are in the backseat carrying on with chatter, etc. Most of the time I block it out, or I am focusing on the radio and what is playing on it. However, some things heard from the backseat just have a way of grabbing your attention. I heard the melody of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" coming from N. So, since I have not played this for him and his former foster parents would shrivel up and turn into sand if they heard Black Sabbath, my curiosity was peeked.

Upon listening more carefully, I realized it was the melody of the song, and not the words. To the tune of "Iron Man" this is what I heard:

I am Iron man
Smoking what I want from a Pepsi can.

For a second I was completely speechless. First, I had never heard that one before, which amazed me in itself and then I really wanted to know where he heard that, so I could steer him away from whatever friend is supplying him with such neat little ditties.

Apparently, he learned this two foster homes ago from a friend's older brother. Nice. I asked him if he understood those words, and thankfully he said no. So, I told him. I asked him if he wanted people to think his family does drugs. He said no. He said he wouldnt sing it anymore.

So, Im wondering what will I hear next? The joys of adopting older just really dont know what they have been exposed to. And chances are you wont know unless they DECIDE to let you know. Scary.

I must admit, T and I got quite a laugh over the silly song later on when we were by ourselves. It was stuck in my head for the rest of the day too, new lyrics and all.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Fun

This morning we took off for the mountains. We left our desert home behind in its dust and headed for greener stuff. Every year the hub and I go to a huge outdoor flea market, where we used to pick up all kinds of cool antiques, and other stuff. It will most certainly be different this year with kids thrown in the mix. It will be interesting for sure. The flea market is tomorrow. Today we just took our time driving and looking at the God's gorgeous creations all around us.

We had a great time in the car singing along to various CDs. We stopped and let the kids run wild down by a river, to get all that pent up car energy out. For the first time A got a little sassy with his mouth. I had to laugh though. Which, I know isnt helpful..I couldnt help it though. He was told to watch his mouth and his attitude, but I couldnt help but feel a little good because it is showing his comfort level.

Near the river in the mountains.

We rolled into the mountain town and had some time to kill before checking into the hotel, so we went to see Night at the Museum 2, or whatever the official name is. I dont know. Yes, it was completely ridiculous and stupid, but that is what I was expecting, so I guess its OK. Really ridiculous really, but there were a few times I LOLed. I wanted to trip the girls who were clomp clomp clomping back and forth up and down the stairs, through out the movie. Clomping with their ridiculously loud flip flops, or clogs...they sounded like clogs. BUT, I was afraid someone would see me, someones whose eyes were adjusted to the dark really well, like a rat or something. So, no tripping.

We checked into the hotel and the kids went for a swim. I had to issue a warning before hand though that went like this:

Me: OK, listen up. Some rules, same that apply to our pool at home. No running, no screaming, no crying wolf. Does everyone know what crying wolf is?

Children: Yes Mom.
A: What if we are drowning?
ME: By all means, try and scream.
N: BUt if youre drowning you cant scream. Can we scream for someone?
ME: What do you think?
N: Yes.
ME: Bingo. Oh, one more thing. See this book here? Im going to try and READ it. So, unless someone is drowning or finds Atlantis, please do not say my name. I dont want to see how fast you are swimming or how long you are holding your breath. You can show me that at home. I want to READ. OK?
Children: Yes.
ME: Good.

So, I got one whole chapter read. Some really rowdy teens came out and my kids were really interested in all thier activities including thier language, so we left.

It was just me and the kids for dinner. We went for chinese. We hung spoons off our noses. The boys went to the bathroom and almost ended up in the bar. That brought on all kinds of talk about the bar. A wanted to know what happened in a bar. N told him it is where people go to drink.

A: If your thirsty?
Me: Something like that.
A: How come we cant go in there?
Me: Adults only.
A: What if a dad has kid, and there isnt a mom and he needs to go in.
N: Well, he would just leave the kid outside the door.
ME: Nope. He just shouldnt go in.
N: He could leave the kid in the car while he goes in the bar.
ME: Nope. He just shouldnt go in.
S: He could leave the kid at home and go to the bar.
ME: Nope. He just shouldnt go.
A: If there is a Mommy at home, then he could go.
ME: Nope. He just shouldnt go.
They proceeded to discuss other various ridiculous options for said child and said alcoholic parent. When we left the people behind me gave me the dirt eye. So I said, "lets hurry, I want to drop you guys off at the hotel so I can go to the bar". Hey, I coulnt HELP it. Im not from here, they probably arent either. Ill probably never see them again. I did make sure that I told the kids I was just kidding though. Once we got out of earshot. Of course I DID have to see them again, because I had to return the tip money to the table, that A had so helpfully rgrabbed on the way out.

Looks like S may end up beheading her beloved doll, Ali, if she isnt careful.

A is going through this highly annoying phase of making silly faces or posing silly when I point a camera in his direction. Here he is with his side kick "Josh" the bulldog.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Retro Foto Friday

Me and my Uncle Dean. Though I didnt see them all that much because we lived in SoCal and they lived in Missouri, I have only fond memories of him. He always made me laugh and because of that I always looked forward to seeing them. My brother and I would listen and watch intently because he would always do or say something funny. His wife, my Aunt Wanda had a great sense of humor too. Just funny people. See, Im laughing here. Of course Im told this picture was taken moments before he lifted me up over him "airplane" style, and I was laughing so hard I dropped a big long string of drool in his face. Good times.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Parents of Adopted Children Warning.....

The money is what is important, that is why Hollywood doesn't give a second thought to how they advertise things. You don't have to go see a movie to get offended, or take your kids to a movie to hurt them. Just watch the commercials!!!! To me, and many others this is just carelessness. I read this at another site, who got it from another site..

Adoption Community Nationwide:
FYI - PLEASE READ and pass on to everyone you know who cares!
There is a horror slasher film being released July 24 (Orphan) about a
family who adopts an older girl who "is not what she appears to be. Warnings
about her go unheeded until it is too late...for everyone". The film is
being promoted now at and the adoption message being sent is extremely negative. WARNING: IF YOU WATCH THE MOVIE TRAILER, DO IT WITHOUT YOUR CHILDREN IN THE ROOM!
There is actually a line in the trailer that says "it must be hard to love
an adopted child as much as your own".
Without having seen the movie or read the script, it is hard to know if
the entire movie is sending a ghastly adoption message, but the trailer
certainly leads us to believe it is. This feeds the notion that older adoptees
are very troubled and you should beware.... that's not an image any of us
want the general public to have of our kids. It plays into people's deepest
There is a growing group pursuing a boycott of the film, sending out
emails and posting on online bulletin boards. I urge you to forward this email
to others personally involved in adoption, help disseminate the boycott
message and write to the producers and distributors expressing your displeasure
with the message being sent.
The backers of this movie have deep pockets. It is being released by Dark
Castle Entertainment with Warner Bros. set to distribute. Leonardo
DiCaprio´s Appian Way, which developed the material, is also producing.

"it must be hard to love an adopted child as much as your own"? Are you kidding me? If its part of a dialogue in a movie, that's fine...I mean some people feel that way if they have never adopted. HOWEVER, is putting it on a COMMERCIAL that everyone, even adopted children, will see, really necessary? Don't take the choice of whether or not we want our children to have to deal with that out of our hands please. If it is simply in the movie and I choose to take them to it, then its on me. Chances are just reading the reviews of the movie would already convince me its not one to take them too, so no harm would have been done. If you put that part in the trailer, I no longer have the option to shield my kids from this. Adoption issues will probably rear their heads at some point, but why rush it because of a stupid movie trailer? Also, how about a little bit of common courtesy for those kids out there who are adopted and may be having some insecurities about the issue? I'm thankful for this warning, for whoever got it circulated, I'll be watching for this b.s.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Turn it up (or maybe down)

So, I must announce that I have a NEW playlist now. The music which accompanies this blog has changed once again, as it will periodically, because who wants to listen to the same stuff all the time, not me. ANNNNND since I spend way too much time in blogville, I got to mix it up some. I put a lot of different stuff on there, I mean it could possibly be one of the weirdest mixes of music, but that is what makes it kinda neato. I like the ALL the songs on here, so dont give me any crap. So, turn it up and let it play as is, or scroll down because there is bound to be SOMETHING you like. Or turn it down and dont listen to any of it, this is a free country.

Oh, I was extremely tempted to put Sid Vicious's version of "My Way" right after Sinatra's, but Sid drops way too many "F" bombs in it, so I didnt. And yes, I do actually like BOTH versions. I sang Frank's version Sid style once in Karoke, one awful night long, long, ago, and was told, "dont do that again". I left the F words out even, but it still wasnt appreciated. Party pooper.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Open Letter to Heather

Dear Heather,

Im not entirely sure who you think you are, but I think you are being a little bit mean. It is, after all Mute Monday, and you have NOTHING on your site yet. Just because you go out of town does not mean that those of us left behind have to suffer in blogspace, alone, with no HC posts to ease our troubled and weary minds. This is just not right. I hope you are enjoying yourself, without even a thought to those of us waiting....havent you heard of a laptop? They are neat, you can take them WITH you, on vacation, and you can even get internet service on them in most hotels. Its true, I swear.

Anxiously checking your blog, every three minutes,


Mute Monday

The Mute Monday subject is Liberty. I think kids are a great example of liberty and inhibition. At least mine are.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Random stuff.

I dont have anything profound to say (do I ever?) tonight. Things have been relatively calm (knock on wood) for the last few days. The kids seem comfortable with thier new official family.

I went to the school on Friday with the adoption decree so they could change the last names. N said when he came back in from recess he had a new name tag on his desk. Cool!

A little boy from S's class came and asked if she could play. I said, "I guess so". This was the kid that was chasing S at school at the beginning of the year. N was trying to defend her (because she was acting like she didnt like it, even though she did), and pushed this boy down, causing him to hit his head on a bike, and having to get his head stapled. It was one of those "welcome to parenthood" moments that I could have done without. Anyway, he came and played. I asked him if he needed to call home and tell someone where he was. He said:

"No, I can stay out until eight o clock" (it was one in the afternoon).
Me: Oh, well...
Him: I can spend the night somewhere too.
Me: Oh, and not tell your mom where you are?
Him: I have to ask her
Me: Well, thats good.

I mean, is it me? Am I an uptight parent, who is holding her children too close? Overprotective? I dont think the news people. I could never turn my kids loose for seven hours, out somewhere, with whoever and me not know about it. So, I feel bad for this kid. He is in second grade for Pete's sake.

Lets see...what else? Oh, yeah, I went to a weight watchers meeting and the leader who gives the little lesson of the week was wearing a shirt with the words "chocolate" and "love" all over it. Ok, I happen to agree with that, it REALLY appropriate for a weightwatchers meeting? I think not.

Some Moron almost killed my whole famn damily today. Just came flying out of the parkinglot into the lane we were in. My awesome stud of a driver husband had to swerve while ensuring we didnt run into anyone else, and also use one arm to keep me from flying toward the dash, since my dumb butt wasnt wearing a seat belt (hey, MY KIDS were wearing them!). So, that was fun.

TV...almost all my shows are over with for the season. What do I do for my me time? I already read a little in bed before passing out, so maybe I should read more. Grey's Anatomy finale really freaked me out. I mean come ON. BOTH O'Mally AND Izzy? Thats just too much. I think they should reserect that dude, whats his name? THe dead guy that Izzy married? Denny. Yeah, he is hot. Bring him back as...something, anything.

Hell's Kitchen. I was pleased with the finale and the outcome. I liked both contestants, but I was routing for Danny. Good Lord, he made me cry when he was talking about his mother. I hate when I do that. ITS A TV SHOW, about people I dont know..why am I crying?

Just American Idol is left. For one more week. The kids and I have decided that since Danny GOkey is gone, we will actually vote for Chris. I figure Adam has a career ahead of him no matter what, so we will vote for Chris. Besides, Im still a little upset about that "Ring of Fire" thing Adam did.

Really Strange Confession

So, when I was little, I used to press really hard against my eyeballs, and I would end up seeing really wierd, but pretty patterns, like paisely wall paper or something in all different colors. It was wierd. Did you ever do that? No? Oh, well...nevermind then.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Americas Most Wanted

check the Amber maybe you can help.

They crack me up

So, N has to do a speech in class, yeah, fourth grade speech. He is doing it on how to make Apple Dumplings. He wrote the whole thing out last night, and to make it a little longer, he included the clean up portion in his speech. He wrote:

...rinse off knife, cutting board, and anything else you used, and put them in the dishwasher, if you have one. If you dont have one, leave them in the sink.

So, after I got done laughing, I asked him about this. He said:

"Mom, Im giving the speech to kids, and they need to leave the dishes in the sink so the mom can do them later"

I think N needs to learn to do dishes by hand, dont you?

Tonight, for some reason I couldnt possibly guess at, six year old A had put a little bit of sunscreen on his arm before bed. I was tucking him in and he was examing this spot on his arm and he said:

"Sunscreen makes me look years younger".

Well, if thats the case Ill be bathing in it tonight.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Step off...

Yes, I KNOW I spelled Pekingnese wrong in my prior post. Im painfully aware of it. Thanks all the same.

Annoyment, Enjoyments and Things That Creeped Me Out In The Last 24 Hours.

Ok some of this may overlap because honestly, some things that I enjoy also creep me out, and some things that creep me out are annoying, for instance..oh, never mind, just read the list.

3)Co Workers
4)Mandatory stupid training.
5)The new people at work who sound off in the training, like they have ANY idea what goes on here (this would also fit into enjoyment, because it is amusing as well).
6)This stupid bra wire
7)Dust in the air (I kind of feel like Im in a Western...where is the Val Kilmer version of Doc Holliday, he needs to front and center STAT).
9)Homework that Im avoiding
10)This old Mister Mister song, or whoever the heck it is.
12)I cant get past level four in the wii classic car racing (the important stuff)
13)A is still looking at the ball in T ball when up to bat and seeing where it goes and THEN running (which is kind of enjoyable too)

1)The chocolate and coffee that an anonymous friend left at my house for me for mothers day. Yum (Thank you, whoever you are!!!)
2)The wind (also kind of an annoyment)
3)The fact that I AM leaving the office for lunch and to buy cat food.
5)My greening lawn (also a huge thorn in my proverbial side)
6)The pekinese mix dog down the road that I LOVE, with his cute little monkey face (an annoyment too, because his owners let him run around all over the damn place. I want to steal him, but hubby says NO!!!)
7)The fact that for now, Im successfully avoiding all facets of work AND school.
8)The 40 minutes last night that I spent in S's room, just me and her, coloring and talking about kick ball, dogs, and her friends.
9)The fact that my new friend O's daughter also minds everyone else's business just like my S!!!!
10)The fact that O didnt get mad when I laughed at her exasperation at her daughters nosiness (misery loves company)
11)Talking with other adults for the whole two glorious innings of T ball.

Things That Creeped (or are still creeping) Me Out.
1)The motor boat noises the guy in the office across the hall is making with his mouth.
2)William Shatner in those Priceline commercials
3)The fact that I saw one of the big bosses from work cruising a neighborhood near the high school this morning, in his 'vette. He doesnt live in that neighborhood, have a teenage child, and he was going the wrong way to be going to work. And this is the second time Ive witnessed this. (Its a long story why this creeps me out, and one I must keep to myself, sorry.)
4)The idiot at work who informed me it was against the law to send a letter without a return address. (wow, I should have like a billion dollar warrant on my head then, moron)
5)The movie Into The Wild (not horror creepy, but disturbing creepy...which I kind of enjoy because Im dark like that sometimes).

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mute Monday

The topic for Mute Monday is SPIRITS.

Mine is kind of a theme within a theme, I guess. These are the various types of "spirit" we came into contact with in Scotland.

Memorial for those who fell at the Battle of Culloden.

Memorial to Bobby, the loyal little Scot dog who refused to leave his master's grave. His SPIRIT is said to roam the Kirkyard (church yard for you non-scots) still.

Another type of spirit in Scotland! This our dear friend M in front of whiskey kegs (Love to L & M, our Aussie friends if you are reading!)

This dude is indeed showing his Scottish "spirit". I think this was in front of Eileen Donan Castle.

Can you blame him, really?

So, not that Im condoning what he did, IF he did it. However, he is human, and how much can a guy take? Have you heard the way Kate talks to Jon, on "Jon and Kate plus Eight"? He probably just wants to be around someone who doesnt talk to him like he is stupid. She should work for Home Depot...she would fit right in. I have often felt bad for Jon the handful of times I have watched the show. So, when I heard the rumor, I was like,.."well, she should be nicer". That is horrible I know and its not a reason to step out...IM JUST SAYIN.....This is a day for me to get things of off my proverbial chest, so this might not be last stupid, slightly insensitive thing I say today, just so you know. Anyday Im expecting Matt Roloff to do the same as Jon , because Amy isnt much nicier to him. If they get a divorce, I want thier dog Rocky, I have this urge to kiss him on his wrinkled doggy head. I wuv him.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers Day

My first official mothers day has come and gone. It was a good one. My wonderful hubby got me a gorgeous pendant from EmBound. Oh and a dozen roses. I got lots of nice handmade cards from the kids. D wrote me a poem about how I hate spiders. How sweet. Last year, the kids had only been with us for a week. We were very much in the stages of getting used to each other. Everything was new. A year has gone by fast. Now on to another year. More sports will be played, more experiences will be had, more laughter, more tears, more hugs. I have a lot to look foward too. Im a lucky girl. I hope you all had a nice mothers day.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Open Letter to Home Depot

Dear Home Depot,

I am really beginning to hate you. First, you NEVER have what I need. Ever. Although you are the biggest hardware store in the world, you have squat. Secondly, your help blows. Your "experts" are more often than not a bunch of idiots. I took a PAMPHLET with me for a valve for a sprinkler system, with the part number circled and showed your "expert" what I needed, for Pete's sake. He gave me something that was NOT what I needed. When I said that it was wrong, he treated me like an ignorant female, and evidently one who couldnt read. So, I gave him the benefit of the doubt, after all he was the "expert". Guess what Home Depot? It was the wrong part. I do hope that you enjoyed my husband's little visit to your establishment, with wrong part and pamphlet in hand, and a lack of being amused. Supposedly the "expert" had left for the day, but I know the truth. He was hiding behind the conduit display. A moron AND a coward. Way to go Home Depot, way to go.

Thursday, May 7, 2009


We got our papers in the mail...the Adoption decree saying they are ours FOREVER. New names (that they picked themselves) and everything.Nope, there is NO escaping us now. D (The former N)says he is excited because our last name is toward the beginning of the alphabet and his old was at the end; now he doesnt have to be at the end of the line in school anymore. Its hard to tell how much the little guy or S really understand though. I wonder if the in the backs of their minds they are still expecting to move somewhere else someday. A has already said he wants to live behind us we he grows up, so he can still come over.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More cinco de mayo pics

I love Mexico, even though the swine flu thing seemed to find its way over here (still not sure if that is as big of a deal as they are making it out to be), I miss visiting Mexico, parts of it are gorgeous. I love people who say "Mexico? Oooh...its dirty, why would you want to go there?" Well...for one, you can hardly beat the service you get there in the restaurants (beats some of the cruddy service Ive gotten here nine out of ten times), real margaritas, the earthy smell, and the pictures below tell the rest. Of course, like everywhere there are not so good places too. Today Im all about the positive, so take a look.

The view out of a beach side bar...I cant remember the name of it though, of course.

Looking at the remote village of Yelapa from the boat bringing us in to it. They make some good Ricilla there, folks. Potent, but good. A lady walks around with pies in a container on her head and sells them. There a friendly dogs that live in this jungle village, and they are all freindly and I want every single on of them. There are waterfalls in the jungle behind it, you can to the falls by boat, foot or horseback. There are no cars...none. You can only reach this jungle oasis by is awesome.

Boganvillas...I heart boganvillas.

Cacti...I love me some cacti. They are like me..hard, prickly, can with stand the heat and dont drink very often.

Swim-up,you tell me, is that not a wonderful quality...I think it is. Touristy parts of Mexico are still a lot of fun.

Mexican sunsets on the beach, with fruity drink cant be beat...

Breakfasts beach side with good Mexican coffee....ahhhh. Cabo.

I heart pelicanos. This particular pelican was in Cabo.

Beautiful view of Yelapa beach.


Mexican flan..yum.

The architecture...a back view of the iglesia, taken from down the road from Liz Taylor and Richard Burton's digs in Puerto Vallarta.

Fried Ice Mr. Pepe's in P.V.

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Im a little irritated today (what else is new, right?) because I cant find my cinco de mayo shirt. Rats. I wish I could say I had a big Mexican dinner planned, but I dont. There is baseball tonight, so dinner is kind of up in the air. Maybe Taco Bell,not real Mexican I know, but it will have to do. Anyway, here is a little Cinco De Mayo photo for your viewing pleasure.

My boy Joey being a good sport. He HATES this kind of crap. It was fun though. To see her majesty being tortured in a simular manner, go here

Sunday, May 3, 2009


...that how I have been feeling the last week. I havent blogged much, I havent read many blogs lately, so if Ive been slack in commenting on your blogs, I apologize. Im not sure why Im not "feeling it" lately...

My job stinks, so I am getting a new one...same people pretty much, so it will probably still stink...however, I will be learning some cool stuff and doing some interesting things, so maybe that will help. I will have a new boss...which will be good. I liked one of my bosses, the other is just an idiot, and I can only handle so much idiot in one ten hour day. We cant all be completely on the ball and awesome like me one hundred percent of the time. Im kidding.

The kids...they are good. Just kind of trudging along in this thing called life. N is learning more about baseball and the importance of trying your best. He is learning to be a wise guy...his sense of humor is really coming out, and I like it a lot..he has made me laugh a few times this week. He is a bright one for sure.

S is excited about soccer, and mom being an assistant coach. We bought a ball and some cones and shin guards and have been practicing...Im showing her some technique, hoping she will be slightly ahead when its time for soccer camp. She is a social butterfly....has several freinds that come around to the house wanting to play. She still has no clue how to talk on the phone properly...Im working on it. She has gotten the hang of shredding cheese and peeling potatoes...

A is growing up too fast. He is a hard little worker. Weeding the front yard the other day and he was taking a break, and stuck his little gloves in his back pants pocket just like a big guy...cracked me up...gets his little work apron on whenever he helps dad on a project. He had a rough night tonight...crying, for I dont know what exactly...he gave me all kinds of reasons that didnt make sense to me. I figured he was just tired, but that isnt like him...he doesnt usually cry because of tiredness. He spent a long time today with a kid who has some issues...he says and S says everything was fine at the kids' house (I know the parents)...but Im wondering, is it healthy for him to spend that much time with a kid who has some development issues as well as some other stuff? Maybe that isnt it, but I think next time, he will spend a very small amount over there...Im not sure what to think. Maybe something bad did happen and he isnt telling me, even though I ask what is wrong? This is where inexperience as a parent can be a I jump to I shield him so much he cant breathe, at this point Im thinking yes. Anyone out there in adoption land shed some light on this?

Anyway, Im tired. Im rambling....I need a vacation, a weekend away but its not likely to happen. We have a stupid wii now, and I spent too much time on it today and I have to go into hell, I mean work, in the morning, and Id rather stick my face into a vat of acid at this point. I think Im depressed, I need chocolate and a glass of wine...or two.