Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Turn it up (or maybe down)

So, I must announce that I have a NEW playlist now. The music which accompanies this blog has changed once again, as it will periodically, because who wants to listen to the same stuff all the time, not me. ANNNNND since I spend way too much time in blogville, I got to mix it up some. I put a lot of different stuff on there, I mean it could possibly be one of the weirdest mixes of music, but that is what makes it kinda neato. I like the ALL the songs on here, so dont give me any crap. So, turn it up and let it play as is, or scroll down because there is bound to be SOMETHING you like. Or turn it down and dont listen to any of it, this is a free country.

Oh, I was extremely tempted to put Sid Vicious's version of "My Way" right after Sinatra's, but Sid drops way too many "F" bombs in it, so I didnt. And yes, I do actually like BOTH versions. I sang Frank's version Sid style once in Karoke, one awful night long, long, ago, and was told, "dont do that again". I left the F words out even, but it still wasnt appreciated. Party pooper.


Funnyrunner said...

what a fun blog! I love your "it's my blog and I'll write what I want to" button...

thanks for joining mine. :)

obladi oblada said...

H1! Thanks! I think you can "grab" that button, either from me or "scary mommy's" blog. I like your blog too, and your running partner is adorable!