Sunday, May 17, 2009

Open Letter to Heather

Dear Heather,

Im not entirely sure who you think you are, but I think you are being a little bit mean. It is, after all Mute Monday, and you have NOTHING on your site yet. Just because you go out of town does not mean that those of us left behind have to suffer in blogspace, alone, with no HC posts to ease our troubled and weary minds. This is just not right. I hope you are enjoying yourself, without even a thought to those of us waiting....havent you heard of a laptop? They are neat, you can take them WITH you, on vacation, and you can even get internet service on them in most hotels. Its true, I swear.

Anxiously checking your blog, every three minutes,



Heather Cherry said...

Okay, this MADE MY DAY. Which is awesome, considering that estoy en paradiso ahorita. Thank you, friend! You are such a doll.

P.S. I'm typing on my laptop right now, as a matter of fact. :o) But I have had some trouble connecting to the wifi here. Boo.

obladi oblada said...

Im glad I could make your day, when your day is already perfect! Im glad that you are enjoying your paradise. Seriously, enjoy your vacay!!!