Monday, April 12, 2010

Pictures as promised

The floor is all in, but now we have to put everything back! I dont like Stephen King much, do I?

L is helping me put movies back on the shelves...alphabetically, of course.

Stuff put back on shelves...finally.

Now time to chill....

Easter Pic....

L with his teacher after he got an award for academics and citizenship.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Whats his name again?

Im sitting here, in the living room and Im supposed to be doing homework, but my "give-a-crap meter" isnt working, so neither am I. Instead Im messing around on the internet and watching TV....because that is how I roll.

Its been kind of a productive weekend. All the stupid inspections at work are over with and supposedly I did well. Which is nice...Im releived that its over, for the most part. I still have to do some stuff, but my role in it is fairly small (I think).

Thursday hub and I went to the school, because L was getting an award. So, he isnt really on my "list" anymore. I was so proud of him, and I will post pics later. He got a couple of these awards last year too. He rocks.

Our doggy smelling carpet is GONE. Its history. Im elated....nothing on the floor now but nice clean, cool shiny Pergo stuff. I will never go back to carpet in the living room/hall way again. After a week of chaos and clutter, my livingroom is back together. I will post pics of the mess and after the mess later. All the windows and doors on the backside of the house have been replaced as of Friday...Monday they are doing the rest. I already cant believe how quiet it is and our heat and AC bills should be a little saner now too. So yay.

Now....a little advice for those of you who are adopting and are changing names. You might think, like I did, that it is a good idea to keep a first name, as a middle name and give the child a new first name, but keep calling him his old other words he or she will go by his middle name. Are you confused yet?

Anyway, we did this and you should really avoid doing this. L goes by his middle name (his old first name)...and his new firt name (starts with a D) is used for all offical papers etc. Today was opening day for the boys Little League and during the opening ceremony they introduce all the boys on all the teams. They got to L's team and went down the list of names. No "L"...even my husband and my friend were like, "hey, they missed L, thats not cool..." and as I was stewing over this, an idea hit my square in the back of my meaty head...

"Oooooh...they said "D'...that is his name..."

Yeah, you will be forgetting that your child actually has a different first name. I did this at the dentist office too. They asked if he had been there before and I said "yes"...they searched and searched the computer, and were scratching their heads wondering what happened to his records when it dawned on me...."Oh you know what? His name is D. I was exactly the moron that I hate to deal with at work. So think twice if you are thinking about this.

Oh and one more thing....I want a goat...well, only a baby one. I spent like 10 minutes in a pen full of adorable baby goats today. If you dont think a goat is cute when its a baby...think again.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Time is (Not) on My SIde

Im kind of numb right now. Im so busy and have so much going on that Im numb...does that even make any sense to anyone except for me? Its like I have all this stuff going on, all these responsibilities at home, work, and school, and I should be frantic....but Im not. Im just like...muddling through it one piece at a time. The problem is that, Im procrastinating a bit too. Which isnt good. Laundry is piling up..and Im ignoring it. Im exhausted when I get home, which isnt until about 8:00 or so. Two baseball practices back to back...after a ten hour work day.

I have financial forms to fill out for school, that Im ignoring...and they have to be done THIS week. I have field trip forms to sign...I could have/should have signed them last night but I didnt. I have homework to do, that Im working on, but could be doing more and Im putting it off.

Im going through a major inspection at work, and I think that is taking all my energy. Its like Im holding everything off until its done. Which doesnt make any sense because..all the work I can do for it is done...Im just waiting for it to be inspected. So its not like Im busy at work right now. Its like Im holding my breath, and in doing so no other part of my life is getting attention until this is over. Its really weird. I should be panicking about all that Im NOT doing....but Im not. Hmm...maybe Im procrasinating on the panicking too...I'll panic later.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Mumbling...., I was going to post some cute pics of the kids doing Easterly things. Perhaps I will later, however, Im not in the mood for cute right now. Right now I am mad at my 11.5 year old.

He has recently been given the opportunity NOT to go to daycare in the morning before school, since we had felt he was mature and responsible enough to handle himself for 1.5 hours before school. He was tired of getting teased by his friends about going to daycare, so he quit going, we thought it was ok. Grandma is right down the street, and I have an awesome neighbor he can go to if he should need to. We had all kinds of rules about what he could and could not do while at the house alone, which he seemed to be following. All except for one..that we know of.

This morning my husband (who works at night) came home a few hours early. Apparently L wasnt in the house. It was 7:30 AM...he is not supposed to leave the house until five minutes before 8.

So, of course hub calls me to find out where L is,thinking I took him somewhere for some reason before work. Of course I said, "he isnt there?". Its now after 8 O clock, so I call my mom to see if he went to her house for some reason before school. Nope. Now I call the school. He is there, thank God. So, I ask to speak to him.

When asked what time he left for school, he sighed and said 7 O clock. I asked why. He said he didnt know (his favorite answer), I asked again (I dont accept his favorite answer, ever.). He said he just wanted to hang out. I asked him what in the world he was doing...he said, playing around on the playground, shooting hoops, etc (really stupid considering he has his OWN basketball hoop and basketball at home). The rest of the convo went like this:

Me: Well, its too bad that you felt you had to do that. What do you think will happen now?
L: I will go back to going to daycare?
Me: You got that right. You are in pretty big trouble, have a good rest of the day. (I know, a little mean, but I was mad!).

This week is not going to be any fun. We have tests of sorts all week long at work. Big important people have flown in to make sure everyone is doing their jobs. The only nice thing about it is that GICOE is still on medical, so he isnt here to have his panties in a bunch about things. Im sure they are still bunched up, but I dont have know about it.

Oh, yeah, and this weekend? I had to take Dexter into the vet. Apparently he had eaten half of a plastic toy dog or bear (a really small one). Only half was eaten because the other half, unbeknownst to us, had got wedged in his back teeth, embedded in his gum, causing everything to be infected. We noticed he had a lump on his jaw, and that his breath smelled terrible, and he was very inactive. They had to put him under, to remove the toy. Now I have to watch him constantly to make sure he doesnt eat random stuff. Our other dogs dont have that habbit (they have others, trust me), so Im not used to watching for that. The good news is $233.00 later, he is like a new dog.