Monday, April 27, 2009

Mute Monday

Mute Monday Topic is "Clean". These are some of nature's cleaners at work. Taken by me near Todos Santos, Mexico.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Retro Foto Friday-Child Torture Part 3

Look at my face...I'm NOT happy. We were visiting my blind grandmother, which in itself was scary, the fact that she couldnt SEE was weird for me as a kid. Her HOUSE is what really creeped me out though. She had all these stone animals in her back yard. Their features chipping away from age, their eyes blank and staring with paint-peeling-off-pupils. There were squirrels, birds, turtles, rabbits, and frogs. They all STARED at me, and when I was older and was told to go play, I would climb high in the creepy fig tree in the backyard and try to avoid their stone stares, but the eyes followed me. It was, however, better than what was INSIDE...the evil, bald, homicidal, farmer doll and the creepy coca cola elf doll....

The farmer doll was horrifying. He was bald on top of his head, and had plastic painted on hair around his head above his ears. He had a wierd smile on his face, not a nice "well hello there, how are you?" smile, it was a "hi.come here.yeah you, little girl YOU, Im gonna GET YOU". Im not exaggerating people its TRUE. I mean for one thing he was a doll of a grown man....that is He wore overalls too and had bare feet. He always sat in a chair in her living room, waiting for me. He was the first thing I looked for whenever I went there...I had to know where he was so as not to be surprised.

The coca cola elf was creepy but in a vintage coca cola elf sort of way, nothing compared to farmer Bundy..or whatever his name was. Then there were the clocks, they ticked loudly and chimed on the hour, startling me always (hey, I was on EDGE because of the farmer doll....Ok?).

The house was dark (what did she need lights for?), and smelled funny, like grandma houses do. Also, she always had Ginger Snaps for cookies, and I HATED them, but that is all she ever had, in her creepy gnome cookie jar. No wonder I have problems...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Earth Day Field Trip

So, today I went on a field trip with my son's fourth grade class. It was a trip for the entire school, it was an earth day event (even though that was yesterday)where we went on the nature trails and there were different stations set up for the kids to learn "earthy" things. It was very cool. Im completely exhausted and my legs and back hurt because we walked from the school to the trails and down the trails and back, and there is a mega-hill we have to endure. Im too old for this crud. It was fun though.

It was an educational day for me as well. I learned lots of neat stuff like just because you meet and are nice to your son's friends, doesnt mean you will be remembered. I saw one of my son's friends from another class and I said Hi to him and he said "hi, do I know you?" Um...yeah, kid I fed you lunch in my dining room for five days straight during Christmas break. Mom's must be faceless entities with arms and hands that dispense food. Im a mobile vending machine, only I dont get any money for my service. Anyway, that made me laugh.

I learned to have a new respect for such herding breeds such as Border Collies because that is what I felt like today, running back and forth herding children this way and that.

I learned why some children are overweight..the amount of junk that some people pack in there kids' lunches or backpacks is Craaaazzzzy. Hello, they were going for a couple of hours, with lunch included, they arent going away for a week. Sheesh.

I learned to pay more attention when S talks in the grocery store before a field trip. She hates jelly, and said last night in the store..the school lunch for the field trip is peanut butter and jelly. My words I believe were, "Oh that sounds good". What she was really saying was, "mom, I HATE jelly, please provide me with something else". Im kind of dense sometimes, so I didnt get that. So, while watching N eat his pb&j, it dawned on me and I ran off in search of S with my sandwhich (pastrami) in hand, scared that she is half starved. I found her and gave her my sandwhich, which gobbled down quickly. I felt like a sucky mom for a second.

Then I found my little boy...playing duck duck goose, and I learned that not all adults who volunteer for field trips have brains or are really paying attention, especially to YOUR kid. He got plowed over good during the game, in the face, and was obviously hurt. I was kind of far from him and two "volunteer parents" were right there and didnt even ask if he was ok...morons. So, I went over there to check on him, and he was crying, but was ok. They acted like he was invisible. Yeah, smoke another joint before the field trip....I gave them the stink eye. I admit it. Im not real nice when I have been running my legs off, find out Im forgetable, and starving. was a good day, and I imagine I will do it again next year. Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Here's the duck duck goose ring, before the collision. A is the cute one.

Part of the awful hill we had to overcome...down was easy, its "up" Im paying for now. Yeah, Im a baby. Deal with it.

My handsome son and one of his class buddies.

My very smart son and his "GPS Partner" at the GPS station where they were given GPS's and had to find stuff. I found something during this bag of chips in my backpack...

No, this kid in the middle isnt hurt. Nor, is he overcome with warmth and love for his friends. He is pretending that he is drunk...yeah.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mute Monday

Its my first Mute Monday
and the topic is "Outrage". I thought of something that outraged me, and wasnt sure if I should do it on that or not. I made up my mind to do it, when I went on over to Heather's place and saw that she had done it. WARNING DONT CLICK ON HEATHER'S LINK IF GRAPHIC ANIMAL IMAGES DISTURB YOU (They do me, but Im addicted to her blog and I didnt know what was coming...Im ok though, I think. I want to KILL someone, but I'm ok...been there before as you will see....). My outrage is what some idiot, cruel hearted, not worth the air they breathe did to a lab mix and her pup; didnt feed them for who knows how long and then just dumped them off to fend for themselves or die. Below are the pictures of Bailey and Lucy and under the pictures is their story.

These were actually taken a week or so after we found them, after nourishment and vet attention...Bailey (the mommy) is still very skinny in these pics, as is the pup (Lucy), however Lucy's worm infested and bloated belly has gone down to normal size in the picture.

I was getting ready for bed one night when T called me and said he needed me for a rescue mission, he said it was a mother dog and her pup, so naturally I got dressed and went to see what he had. It was horrible. I dont know how Bailey was standing up and walking, she was a skeleton dog covered in skin and fur stretched tight. With her was a little black pup, huddled under a shelf in an old building. Her belly was the size of a large canaloupe and the vertabrae on her back and her hip bones protuded from her. I started to tear up immediately. Bailey just stood and looked at me with her big soulful trusting, so hopeful in the face of what she had been through, it truly broke my heart, and still does when I think about it. Little Lucy was limp, and very sick from lack of nourishment and the worms taking every scarce bit of nourishment away from her. On the way home both vomited huge amounts of black stuff, who knows what they had ingested in their famished state, I imagine anything would do.

From past experience I knew that the wrong answer was to feed them a big ol bowl of dog food, that would only make them sicker and may even kill them, so when I got home I gave them a tablespoon of food, a little bit of water and then gated off my bathroom and made them as comfortable as possible. Bailey's loving nature touched me deeply, and the only thing I could do for her at this point was hug her and tell her I was sorry. I was ashamed to be a human being. I noticed around her neck was raw and bleeding where someone had tied her up too tight around her neck for a very long time.

I didnt sleep at all of course, and as soon as they were open, I took both to the vet. The vet said they would have died within a week and that her other pups had probably died, as she didnt have enough to feed them all and that most of her nourishment went to feed Lucy, while she was getting nothing to replace it. They stayed in the vet office for a couple of days, free of charge (God bless them!) then I brought them home. They got healthy, and Lucy got onery(sweet, but onery)and eventually, even though I wanted to keep them both (we had three of our own at the time), we found them homes with people we knew. They are both doing well, and happy and being fed!!!! Imagine that. So, that is my outrage...that someone could just not feed a dog, a sweet dog and consequently her pups. Im thankful that they (or someone else)turned her loose with her pup so she had a small as it might have been. So, please if you see an animal in need, do what you can to help, even if it taking it to a shelter to get the help there, or call a rescue organization, there are many breed specific one's out there that are good too. If you are looking to add a pet to your family get online and call your local rescue groups or animal shelters. A loving dog like Bailey or Lucy may be waiting for you.

A much healthier, happier very sleepy (and spoiled, as she should be)baby Lucy.

Lucy and I visiting 8 months later!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


So, why do people think its cute or funny to hand off babies to strangers? I mean look at my face here. I dont WANT this man to hold me. Heck, I have NO idea who he is...I still dont know!! He was TOUCHING me and I couldnt reach my MOM for pete's sake. And look...everyone else thinks its just the cutest funniest thing...ha ha ha.."look Joe Whatshisface is holding the baby, and she doesnt LIKE it. She is TERRIFIED..oh, how darling". Who ARE these people? I honestly do not know. Its like some creepy home invasion where a wierd psycho family barges into an unassuming family's home and starts handling the children and raiding the cleaning supply closet. laughing and singing the whole time, while they force one of the adults to capture the whole thing on camera...sick.


Ok, first thanks HEATHER, because now I have this song stuck in my head...I actually really like this song. We have a history together (To any of my New England girls know what Im talkin' about..was that me? Wasnt that crraaaazzzy?) Annnddd if it wasnt late at night and all my children and my husband and two lazy dogs and one evil, albeit lazy cat, werent sleeping...Id blast this thing RIGHT NOW. So, because I cant, Im going to get it out of my system. Right now. Here. Ready...



So, child molester? Mmmm...looks that way, unfortunately. Great contributor to the world of pop music? Most definitely. If he ever puts an album out again will I buy it? Definitely not. I wont support him with my hard earned cash so he can build another Neverland or whatever he will call it and do God knows what...but I know a great song when I hear it, and for that I make NO apologies. There I have said my peace, and you know I feel much better!

Oh and Michael...Of course you danced on the FLOOR..because if you danced on, oh say the would be Lionel Richie now wouldn't you? Im cracking myself up...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I hope you all had a good one. We did, and it was even better when I asked the kids how they liked thier Easter, N said it was the "best one we ever had". We just did what most kids and families expect to have happen on Easter, color eggs, find eggs, go to church and have a nice family dinner, oh and eat some candy, and watch Willy Wonka. I sometimes forget that the kids havent experienced a whole lot of "normal" previously.

It dawned on me today, that we have come full circle. Almost one year ago they came home, and we had a whole year of firsts..first Mothers Day, First Fathers day, First Fourth of July....etc, etc. Easter was our last "first" for Holidays, and I guess from now on it'll be more like solidifying tradition with them, something they can finally count on, year after year. For kids who moved sometimes every year, this will be huge. They have a lot to look foward to, and so do my T and I.

The morning started off with me coming out to the living room to find some of the eggs I hid, out of their hiding places, thanks to Rotten-ness, ie the cat. So, I rehid them. The kids had a blast hunting for the eggs and their baskets. My mom came over and gave them their baskets from her. We ate easter eggs and Monkeybread for breakfast, then got dressed and walked to church. The service was great, the sermon and the singing, and of course church was packed, as it always is on Easter.

We went home and the kids put on their play clothes, after I made them pose for pictures in the backyard with their Easter clothes on, of course. T and I made dinner. He cooked me my first ever rack of lamb. See, for years I wouldnt eat it because I think of lamb as a baby sheep, but its not a baby, its full grown and huge and ugly, not soft, and cute and cuddly, but they still call it a lamb...and I didnt have visions of "Silence of the Lambs" either, when Clarice Starling is explaing the slaughter of the "spring lambs" (which I guess is what a "baby" sheep is), which is what I always think of when someone mentions lamb. Anyway, I must say it was delicious. Its amazing that all those chefs on "Hell's Kitchen" are always getting yelled out because they cant cook lamb....and T did an awesome job on it, Chef Ramsey would be proud. Anyway, since lamb is ridiculously expensive, we only had a little taste for everyone, so my mom also brought a was quite a feast.

It was a very good day. Here are some pictures:

Here is the Easter Grinch, messing with the baskets...evil.

Here are the kids in the backyard:

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Monkey Bread and Egg dye

Today was busy. It is the first Easter with the kids. Last year they were hunting eggs in their foster home, now they are hunting eggs in their forever home. I couldnt really tell you what I was doing last year at Easter, because I dont remember...I went to church, thats about all I know for sure, oh and I probably ate ham for dinner. Everything has changed...Im dying eggs now once again yearly, and I had to hide easter eggs and easter baskets tonight. Its a special day tomorrow...the celebration of Christ rising from the dead, and another "first" for us with our kids. T has had the Easter experience with his kids, who are grown now, and so he is experiencing it again, but for me it is pretty much completely new, and Im thrilled.

When you go from having no kids to suddenly having three, it brings back so many memories of childhood, and you start to compare, and even try to copy some things. I wonder if in the morning my dogs will lead the kids to their baskets and to the eggs like my dog did when I was a kid. I wonder if Ill forget where I hid some of the eggs, like I think my mom did. I guess Ill find out tomorrow....Here are some pics of our Easter preperations...

A helping me with Monkeybread.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Shameless promotion of self and plea for attention

That is pretty much what this is, so if you arent in the giving mood, then fine. I have mentioned it before, but I am going to do it again, because things are getting tense in the palace because her majesty is feeling neglected by the masses. Go here, to appease her, so I may keep my head, thank you.

Also, if you are a reader of this blog, why not follow me? I see you on the thingy that says who is reading (by location) so I know you are out there. You cant hide, not really. Its really easy too, you have to create your own blog, but you dont have to actually keep it up, and its free. Then you come back here and go to the "follower" linky thing (Im so not technical). Ok thats it. Im done, shameless plea for attention now over. Carry on.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Toy Review Tuesday

This week's toy is the game UNO SPIN. Now, what the heck ever happened to just plain UNO? It was fine, it was simple. Now there is like a billion different UNO games like Uno explosion, or something like that, where the cards are spit at you. Nothing so elaborate here, the cards on a spinning thing and depending on where the little arm lands on the wheel of fortunesque dial, you have to do different things. You may have to switch hands with the person next to you, or you may get to discard all of one number or all of one color,or you may have to accumalate a bunch of cards from other unfortunate order of the wheel. I dont think there is a whole lot of skill involved, just a bunch of luck, of which I have little of when it comes to these things. So, its a fun game, theres a lot of laughing and "oh, man" going on. I still think I would rather just play, plain, simple old Uno.

One little warning, if your kids are on a different floor than you are and they are playing this, youll hear the spinning of the wheel and you'll be like:

What on earth is that? Now whats broken and making noises? Is it the furnace, dish washer, what?

At least thats what happened to me. That sound travels and unless you have all your brain cells (which is probably not the case if youve spent anytime in motherhood at all), you too may wonder what that noise is. I give Uno Spin a three out of five stars.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I just wanted to share this picture with everyone. I think it speaks volumes about how the dogs feel when the kids have walked out of the door without them....kind of like my feelings when my sanity slips out the door without ME.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Opening Day...Perfect Day.

So, almost my entire life I have been a baseball fan. Almost my entire life I have wanted boys who play baseball, who I can go watch and route for. Now, through the miracle that is older child adoption, my dream hath come true. It was my first opening day today, with not one boy involved but TWO. My husband is an old pro at this as his son B played when he was a kid. T still loves it as he has many fond memories of his son playing (and I might add is a fantastic ball player), so he has been looking foward to this too. It was a nice ceremony, everyone with shiny new uniforms on and since this is a small town, we knew lots of people there, so it was a nice social event too, even for me who is not the social type, really. The concession stand was nice, everything was cheap and I was able to nourish my children with vitamin enriched hot dogs and doughnuts for a mere six bucks!! (Dont worry, they are having a nutricious dinner tonight!) It was the best day weather wise that we have had this year. When we got home, the kids had friends over for a while and then they went to the freinds' houses, which meant I had peace and I got to do some homework, which is cool because now, I can goof off later tonight. After I collected the kids (I like that term.."collected", its very British), S helped me with dinner, and she was a big help, she is growing up FAST. So, far its been a great day, and I think it is going to be a great spring and summer. So, without further ado (another thing I like to say), here are some opening day pictures for your viewing pleasure.....