Sunday, November 30, 2008

Die Barbie Die

I never really liked the Bimbo anyway. Either, apparently does my dog Joey. Notice how I didnt put the camera down to rush to her rescue. Either, by the way, did Sasha. She just giggled. I think she is on our side.

Now, see? This is what Im talking about. She just had her head jerked around ala the Exorcist, she was pantsed, and her hair pulled, and her skull bit, and there she lays, smiling like "everything is wonderful, arent I wonderful?", I swear, everything about her is so FAKE. I cant like someone like that.

The next Michael Kors?

I think I spelled Kors wrong, oh well, Im talking about the fahion designer dude who is often on Project Runway.

Anyway, Adam comes up with the silliest ensembles. Here is one of my summer line favorites. This peice is inspired by Gardening, killing critters, and swimming all in one.

He runs around the house in this kind of get up, all the time. He does not, however, get outside the front door, although he would love to.

Two by two the way that the Bible says Noah put the animals on the ark. However, what it doesnt tell us is this:

Noah was such a dog fancier, like myself, that he made sure that two of EACH breed of dog got onto that ark. Oh and that there was a giant mountain made of chocolate cake, protected by a bubble,near the location of the ark. Good thing I wasnt there. I may have found my way into the bubble and stayed on the chocolate cake mountain, and eaten myself into oblivion, flood or not, direct order from God or not, because Im kidding about all of this of course. This is what I found on my kitchen counter on the night of Adams birthday. My house will never be the same.

Turkey day blues.

So, I have always heard that with adopting older kids come the possibility that holidays may be somewhat sullen. It is true, indeed. At least it was at our house on Thanksgiving. This time of year, of course brings up thoughts and feelings, and memories of family, even for little people.

Sasha was awfully clingy, more so than usual, which is alot. She kept slipping away to her room though in between boughts of clinging and I would find her in there looking pretty sad. She claimed that she was just bored...which I know wasnt true, we were at home and she is NEVER bored. She was sad...and so was N. N looked sad and wasnt the normal chatty boy he is, although he did hide his better because he just lost himself in the football game. Adam, seemed normal enough, probably because he is still so young.

Even though the memories may not be from their birth family, because they were pretty young when removed, they have had two "adoptive" homes, prior to us, which Im sure they are remembering, especially around this time.

I just hope that someday, they will realize that they are home and that this is their family and though the sadness may never completely go away, I hope that they will find comfort in their permanancy.

It will be interesting to see if Christmas will be the same way, or worse. I need though to make a point of pulling N or S aside and TALKING with them about it, or just listening if they want to talk about the feelings. Chances are that they will just keep it in...but they need to know I will listen, if they want to talk. I didnt do that really, on T day, and I wish that I would have.

10 years old

Well N had a birthday a while ago, and Im just now blogging about it because I am slow and often prone to fits of laziness. Im sorry, that is just how it is sometimes.

So, it was a special birthday for him, he is now a double digit kid, instead of a single digit one, and he got to meet his Uncle Rabbit. Rabbit is not his real name, its a nickname he got as a kid, and my husband still calls him that, so do I. Now the kids do too, and it is very special.

Uncle Rabbit was in town from NY, to go to hunting with T, and N got to go with them for a few days. Part of his issues stemming from moving so much and not having consistancy crept up a little during this time (N's issues, not Uncle Rabbits, not saying the he has issues, but, oh heck, you know what I mean).

When I picked N up from where I met T at the end of N's hunting time, he was teary eyed and said that he would miss Uncle Rabbit. We told him that Uncle Rabbit would be staying with us for a few days before going back to NY, but he was still teary. This isnt the first time that he has done this with people he just met, but liked, and wanted to spend more time with. The therapists pointed out that it could be because he is used to never seeing people again when he says goodbye. Good point, I wish I would have thought about that. Poor kid. His life has been a little like going to summer camp and meeting friends, and never seeing them again. His whole life has been like that....I cant imagine.

Anywho, here are some photos of his bday and the meeting with Uncle R. Hi, Uncle R and Aunt M, if you are reading!!! Hello to Kristina and to Matthew too!

This is N on the hunting trip, he looks thrilled...he said he had a great time though.

Another Beeauuutiful cake made by my hubby T. N wanted upside down pineapple cake for his bday.

Here the kids are with their Uncle Rabbit. They are still doing and saying little things that he taught them. This is the morning they left for hunting.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Stoopit mommy part 2

SO yesterday I did a dumb thing too. I hesitate to share this, because I felt like a terrible mother afterwards, now I just feel dumb. A woke up yesterday morning and was crying when he was brushing his teeth. He said his cheek hurt. I asked if it hurt inside or outside, he said inside. Hmmm. So, I hugged him and he stopped crying, and finished getting ready for school/daycare.

As he was putting on his little coat he said "Im cold and my legs hurt". Again, I just comforted him and made sure his coat was zipped up tight, so he would be warm when we went outside. Nothing else ever penetrated my thick skull.

So, Im plugging away at work (not really, but it sounds like Im actually WORKING very hard when I say that), when my phone rings. It is my mother and she says the daycare lady called and said A is sick. I call her (the daycare lady) and she says he is running a high fever.

THEN it dawns on me. Why, oh why, didnt I put two and two together this morning? DUH, he was cold, and achey, and crying. It has not feeling well written all over the place. Instead of using my head, I just brushed it off and sent him off to daycare. If I would have at LEAST felt his head, I would have known he was BURNING up.

Why mention this? I mention this as a warning to someone else out there, who is all of a sudden a mom to a six year old, and is clueless about many "mommy" things. Hopefully it wont happen to you, but beware....Im not USED to trying to figure out if someone is sick. Im used to people saying, "Im sick". Your six year old may not do that, he or she may be like mine and give you hints. Hopefully you are much brighter than I am and will GET it. Just beware, is all. Instant motherhood to older children kills brain cells. At least it is killing mine.

Stoopit mommy

...that is me. Im serious, ever since becoming a Mom I have done and said some really stupid things. I wish now, that I had written them all down, but I havent. Fortunately for you all, I do stupid stuff all the time so I have things which are still fresh in my mind. Heres a favorite from this week:

My professor for a psych class posted a question to my answer to a question (are ya with me here?). It went something like this:

Since you take a little from both Freud and Skinner's perspectives, which perspective is ost contrary to the way you think?

And Ill be darned if I didnt spend the next oh, 20 minutes, lets say, looking up the word "ost". It never ocurred to me that the professor would make a typo. Im such a chowder head sometimes. Boy, did I feel stupid when I finally realized it was supposed to say "most".

Thursday, November 13, 2008


A friend told me about this receipe and I just want to share. The kids LOVED this, and I cant believe I didnt think of it!

Whip up some tuna or chicken salad, however you like it. Get some refridgerater biscuits or crescent rolls, you know the kind where it "Pops" when you break the seal (I HATE that part!) If your using the crescent rolls, take one triangle lay it flat and put a scoop of salad mixture in the middle. Srinkle grated cheese on it if you like (and I like), then take the other triangle and lay it on top, pinch the two triangles closed and bake following roll instructions.

If you are like me and find that you dont have crescent rolls handy, but you have the buttermilk buscuits instead, do this:

Seperate the biscuit into to layers. Smoosh one layer, so its bigger, put the salad and cheese inside. Smoosh the other layer, lay on top of mix and pinch together. Bake as instructions direct you.

Let me tell you...I did mine with tuna salad (the same stuff I use in tuna sandwiches) and my kids PIGGED out on them. They were really good. I didnt have a name for them so we are calling them tuna pies. Try them.

Im thinking that left over turkey may come in handy for this as well!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Glimmer of hope

Those of you who are following because you yourselves are trying to or thinking about adopting from Foster Care will be happy to hear this. Often, the horror stories of these kids from the system can get you down and make you wonder if your up for it, or you are doomed for kids with huge issues,when that may not be what you want. There are plenty of people who want the kids with big issues, and God bless you people for sure, we werent those people however. We wanted as normal as possible. So, this post is for those of you who feel like it is impossible.

We had parent teacher conferences the other night. All three of our kids are doing excellent in academics and behavior. All three are in the higher reading classes, (or pre reading, like Adam), and the two oldest ones are in the top of thier classes for math (which is great because Im quite sure next year, I wont be able to help Nick, if he should need it, Im serious, Im worthless in that area). So, there you have it. Not all kids in the system have academic and/or behavior problems.

I feel kind of silly when people tell us that we are doing a great job with the kids, I mean I think we are, but really these are great kids and they came to us as great kids.

Sound effect face.

One thing that cracks me up about little boys are thier "sound effect" faces. Whether it is a car, gun or animal noise, thier little faces are so cute, like they MEAN what they are doing! All business. Adam makes great sound effect faces, here are a couple:

This one really cracks me up. Even Nick looks amused and Ive caught him with Sound Effect Face before too. I just dont have pictures to prove it, yet.

Happy 6th

Well, he is six now. We no longer have a five year old. Too bad, I really liked five. I can see why people are kindergarten teachers. They ARE funny! At least mine is...I tried to put a lot more pics on here, but the stoopid pic loading thinga ma bobber is too slow for some reason, and I have things to do. Other things. I must watch my nightly episode of the Sopranos. We have the entire show on DVD and we are watching it for like the fiftieth time.

Here are some birthday pics:

My wonderful talented husband made the cake. He rocks. Too bad you cant see the cake, because it has Adam's real name (or soon to be real name) written on it. Sorry, you really are missing out.

Carmen, wiener princess is supervising the event.

Im not talking to you.

Boy, do kids pick things up quickly. I guess it is true, they are sponges and soak the stupid things that we say up, whether we want them to or not. Our little guy uttered some unpleasant words at the chinese restaraunt a while ago. I wasnt there, T was the one who got to feel like he wanted to disapear.

We watched A LOT of the summer Olympics and some comments were made about China cheating etc, you know the typical sports fan talk, quite innocent actually, nothing meant in any mean way.

Well all A knows is that China is a team that our team kept playing against in games this summer. As he was walking into (or was it out of) the chinese restaurant, he said:

I hate the Chinese!


The other day, he said something to me, and Sasha answered. He looked at her and said: Did I say SASHA, Sasha? In other words, Im not talking to YOU. He was five!!

Lets get a few things straight

For those of you who actually listen to the music which comes with this blog, let me say I do not do drugs. If you listen to the words of Mothers Little Helper, it is obviously about a pill popping June Cleaver (yes, it is another Cleaver reference, wanna make something of it?). I do not pop pills, ok so that is not entirely true. I do love me some tylenol pm on occasion. I just love the song, OK? Me and those boys go waaaay back.

Better late than never

I know Halloween is past. I know Im a slacker, but I AM back in school so I have virtually very little time to do anything having to do with this blog. Im still here though I promise.

Here are some Halloween pics: