Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest....

...thats me. Ugh. Whats ridiculous is that I do it to myself. But, I feel that if I dont, then Im not being a good mom. My kids are INVOLVED in stuff. With three of them, that means Im very busy. I dont know how to slow it down either, without them suffering. However, maybe they wont be suffering? I dunno. How much is too much. Im convinced that kids that are involved stay out of trouble, especially as those teenage years creep in. I think a lot of my problem when I was a teen is that I wasnt really involved. I played soccer for a little while, but my parents were not involved in it with me, so I actually lost interest eventually  and so started keeping busy with "other things" and thats all I will say about that. So, they are involved and so am I.

Dont get me wrong, I wasnt horrible, for example I didnt have a drug problem and never got arrested...but still,  I did do some things I really dont want my kids doing. Things that had I been more INVOLVED, I probably would not have done.

Currently, on Tuesdays the boys have scouts, on Thursdays is football practice and Saturday is football games. Sundays is church and Mondays will be S's 4H nights with our dog Rocky. When football is done, it will be basketball time, and then the Holidays, and then in Spring, there is Baseball season....again. Round and Round it goes..where it stops...who the heck knows. I guess it doesnt. I guess this is parenting. Oh, and sometime soon S is going to be doing either dance or piano lessons, maybe both.  I dont know where she fits in best.....either does she yet. But I do know that I dont want her to miss out on anything, on anything that she might be good at.

There were things I really wanted to do as a kid, that I could have done, if the time was taken to get me involved in it. And now I feel like Ill never know what I could have done with that chance, what I may or may not have become. I do not want to be responsible for that when it comes to my I guess I'll just be busy......

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Tunes

Hey...I got my Halloween tunes up. If there are any suggestions to add to this, I would love to hear them. I think its pretty groovy as it is, but Id love to add some new stuff to it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blog Filler #4,398

I got this from Sweet Pea. I love finding stuff like this, so thank you Sweet Pea.

1) What is your dream occupation ? My dream occupation would be a Zoologist or Marine Biologist. Or no job at all, just very wealthy and be able to spend my time volunteering for various causes.

2) What is the best dish that you can cook? Deserts mostly. I make a good tiramusu, pumpkin pie, and cobbler. Other than that, cheesey chicken chowder, chicken enchiladas, pasta dishes.

3) Have you ever been mentioned in the newspaper? What for? Yes, the paper did a thing on the food bank in town. I was working for Americorps at the time and this is one of the jobs that I did for them...filling bags up with food for families who would come to the food bank. They took a picture of me filling a bag. I think thats all.

4) What’s the worst and/or most memorable job you’ve ever had? Worst job would probably have to be one of the fast food jobs I worked as a teenager. My most memorable one is my years in law enforcement for obvious reasons.

5) When you were a teenager, at what age did you envision yourself getting married? How old were you in reality when you got married? I dont think I really envisioned getting married...I had other stuff to do, I guess, or so I thought. I ended up getting married when I was 22.

6) What’s your most hated household chore? What’s your favorite?  I LOATHE doing laundry. It  never ends, and socks frustrate me to no end. I like to wipe down and disinfect things like the kitchen counters and mop the floors, dust and clean the windows. I guess because its deep cleaning and I know the end result will make me extremely happy.

7) What’s your earliest memory? I dont, um probably my birthday party when I was three. It was a Halloween costume party, I was Peter Pan ( I had a thing about Peter Pan), and that is when my friend Robert gave me my Henry dog, stuffed dog, that went EVERYWHERE with me...even when I joined the Army. Yep, its true.

Either that or my first death experience. My best friend Christopher (when I was like three) and his mom were hit by a truck while crossing at a crosswalk; both were killed. I remember another little kid came into my front yard, where I was playing and showed me the newspaper article about it even though I couldnt read, and she told me what happened. I didnt understand what she meant, so I asked my mom, who had already heard the news and was trying to find the best way to tell me.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Mumblings....warning...potentially disturbing material.

...Im a bit disturbed today. Yesterday there was that news story about the guy that took his old sick dog into the vet, to have her put down.  The vet did the deed and the owner returned home and laid the body of his beloved pet aside until he figured out what he wanted to do (bury, cremate, whatever). The next day he went to take care of this unpleasant business to find the dog wide awake. that horrible or he said what if he had buried her already or worse (if there is worse).

Man, I dont know what to say about this. I have to wonder how many times this has happened and WHY  it happened. This kind of kept me up last night....its almost better to do it "the old fashioned way" than have to wonder if some overpaid moron is doing things the right way. Ugh.

Sorry, I probably should have not brought that up. I think I would have been upset if I read that on a blog, because its one of those things that I really would rather not know. Oh well...if I have to suffer, so do you.

OK, next subject:

My ten year old daughter got a little creeped out the other day, and I dont blame her. I was a little creeped out myself, but I couldnt help laughing.

We were outside of a popular store chain selling popcorn for A's cubscout den and it was time for the other cubscout to arrive and take over for his shift. He, whom we have never met before, showed up and headed right for S. Do not collect one hundred dollars, do not pass go.  He walked up to  her and said:

Him:  Didnt I see you at McDonalds earlier?
Him:  Oh. Want to come to my house?
Her:   (complete silence).

He walked away at her silence and she walked around to my ear and said:

OK, that was creepy.

I agreed with her, but to add to her horror I was laughing. I guess that is a 10 year old pick up line. Ugh...Im soooo not ready for her to be a teenager.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This is True, I Swear.....

....I'm flabbergasted. Someone in my  office just asked me how to spell something. It was an acronym...and while that's not so strange, what is strange is they were looking in the DICTIONARY. They KNOW its an acronym....AND what makes it even more strange is the fact that its an acronym that is made up by the agency I work for. Yeah.......