Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Ok so I totally stole this idea from MiMi. because Im sick and I dont have anything real to say that isnt a bunch of bitching and complaining about how I feel. So, here are somethings that made me laugh...and then sent me into a 25 minute coughing fit.

Oh, to see more of these funny and ridiculous t shirts go here

Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Mumblings....

I woke up with a sore throat...again. No way I could NOT go to work today, so here I am, and Im kind of cranky. The good thing is that I have to leave early today to keep an appointment.

I poured my protein shake powder into my shaker, and poured the water, and then began to shake, and felt cold sticky all over my chest and arm. Yeah, I forgot to shut the little spout thing all the way. So, I have that going for me.

I was approached twice today with possibitlites of employment in different areas here at work. I dont know yet what Im going to do. As crazy as it sounds, I might be staying right where Im at. As much as GICOE makes me want hang myself, Im comfy in my position....we shall see.

Carmen the wiener princess was very naughty this weekend. She drew blood twice on two different dogs. One was the very sweet, slightly dopey Peyton, R's boxer, and the other was our sweet little Dexter. All over food. Typical doxie behavior, but we usually avoid that kind of thing by making sure we take the proper preventative measures. I guess we were just preoccupied this weekend. I can say though, that she being the hubs dog, Im kind of relieved. Usually my Joey's behavior (although he has NEVER drawn blood-(well, except for the dumb butt groomer who didnt muzzle him when clipping his nails..after being warned)-brings about all kinds of comments. He wasnt an angel this weekend with Payton around, but he was mostly noise, where Carmen meant bidness.

Tonight is baseball practice x2. T will probably take L, and I will take the little guy. Im actually looking forward to it...if it wasnt for the fact that I feel like crap.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Girl and her Birthday Party

Yesterday we had a birthday party for S. To celebrate her 10th year on this earth. It was her first birthday party, ever. Every girl needs a party at least once in her life. She kept saying..."I never thought it would happen to ME". She was so happy and it was truly a special day for her. Her big sister came and did her hair, and helped with the party, so it was extra special. Here are some pics.

Peyton was our special canine guest for this occasion.....he is R's (T's oldest daughter) dog. He came to celebrate too.

We ended up buying book mark making kits, made out of that foam stuff. I was going to do picture frames so they could make their own picture frame, and then give them each a picture taken of them or a freind at the party...but...Michael's didnt have any, so I we did book marks. It was fun..they put their names on them with foam letters and decorated with flowers, birds and went with the whole spring theme of the party...and all the girls seemed to enjoy it. We also did an easter egg hunt out in the front yard (plastic eggs with candy). All in all it was a great party.

The girl Caty, mentioned in a previous post who enjoys "torturing" my eleven year old boy made him a book mark. It said:

"Im coming for you" on one side, and "love u" on the back. Then she and S put it on his dresser so he would see it when he got home. He saw it and was completely mortified by it. Poor boy....

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Open Letter to Zen Office Guy

Dear Zen Office Guy,

While your office may provide you with a tranquil place to retreat to while at work, it is messing me all up. Consider someone other than yourself dude. Im sure that your (not one but TWO) trickling, gurgling, fountains relax you. Thats wonderful, really it is. The problem is that when you are not in your office (which is a great deal of the time) you leave your door open and the fountains on, which means when I walk by your office, I always feel like I have to pee. So, thanks for that.

Im sure that keeping your over head lights in you office off makes you feel at one with whatever,and that the soft lamp glow gives you the ambiance you desire. However, Im already tired when I come to work, and as the day progresses, I get more sleepy, so your office darkness is torture. AND that soft asian music? It doesnt help either. It makes me want some Chicken Sub Gum and hot tea BEFORE I nap.

Constantly peeing, wanting chinese food, and desiring a nap are not condusive to a productive work day. Its no wonder that you get NOTHING done, and that people are always complaining about your lack of are TOO RELAXED.

Do no be surprised if after a hard day (my hard day, not yours), you find me in the middle of your office floor in the lotus position (or whatever the meditation position is called) kind of asked for it.

the Classic Rock Blaring Office Girl.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Clarification on the "0".

Its been bugging me for a while (ever since my hub pointed it out)that my blog title indicates that there were previously NO children in our lives. It is true that prior to adopting our three, we had NO children in the home and I have NEVER had children I could call my own, living permanantly, under the same roof as me. It is true that since T and I have been together we have never had children, living with us, as far as our lives went TOGETHER IN our HOME.
What needs to be clarified however, is that this isnt the first round of fatherhood for T. He has two wonderful grown kids from a previous marriage. He is a bit older than me, so while technically possible, its not probable for me to be old enough to be his kids' mother, but technically I am thier stepmother. They have never lived with him and I, and I had no part in raising them.

SO....the 0 in my title refers to our lives TOGETHER. We had 0 kids togehter, had 0 kids living with us, we had never raised any kids together. We took pretty awesome vacations, and were fairly self indulgent when we were able to do so...and then, we adopted 3 kids and our life changed ALOT. Gone were the weekends of "Sopranos" marathons, or just driving off into the distance for days at a time, hitting every antique or record store on the way in search of a treasure for days gone by or to add to our monsterous vinyl collection. Gone are the days when we could do what we wanted, WHEN we wanted to do it.

Gone are the days when we slept and ate, WHENEVER we felt like it. Gone are the days of leaving a bottle of wine open on the kitchen island, ready and available, whenever. Gone are the days of watching WHAT we wanted to watch WHEN we wanted to watch it.

This is the reason for my title. We (together as married couple) went from 0 kids in the house and taking over our DAILY lives to 3 kids in the house and taking over our DAILY lives, in just 90 days.

Maybe I should change the title. That will take some thinking.....which a lot to ask of me, right now.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Mumbling...

So, GICOE is still gone. Its so nice and quiet around here...everyone is walking around with smiles and I swear I saw a co worker actually floating down the hall earlier. The air is just so much lighter around here.

Im having second thoughts about taking the other job IF I get it? Why? Because at this point I dont want to work HARDER. Yes, I would get away from GICOE...but I would have to do all my homework at home, and its just easier to do it here. But...I might change my mind if GICOE was here right now. I'll probably decide I dont want it, and then he will come back and I'll kick myself for not taking it. I dunno. I guess Ill just wait and see.

I have learned a very important lesson this week. See, I have never thrown a kids birthday party, so I made a rookie mistake. I bought the plates, etc, BEFORE I ordered a cake. Now I cant just find a cake that matches. She wanted Barbie and I thought I could have a Barbie cake made to match the plates etc (that are NOT Barbie)...but the only Barbie cake our local bakery has is purple. Yeah, not pink..purple. They said they cant change it up because its "copyrighted". Okay. They said they could make a pink cake and I could put my own Barbie toys on it...but I keep having vision of CAKE Im not going to do that. Instead Im taking in a cup today so the decorator can make a cake that matches the decorations. So, no Barbie cake. Its okay, I really dont like her anyway, she is so fake.

We had a yard sale this weekend. I sold a van that doesnt run. Cheap....some guy bought it for parts. I was practically giving stuff away. I just want all the crap gone...and the van will be gone from the front of the house, so it makes it all worth it. My new chair with the hood over it (for shade) didnt work out as well as I hoped it would...I still got sun on my face and its pinkish now. I prefer to be a pasty white, thank you.

I had a good chuckle over a note between L and S that I found. She had written out her party guest list with the title "My Birthday Party Girls". It listed a bunch of her friends, one which was Caty (not her real name). Now, Caty is a girl who chases L around. She chases him at school and she chases him at church camp. He calls it "torture"..."she was torturing me". Lol. Anyway at the bottom of the list here was the correspondence between S and L:

S: Danger, L. On March 27th, danger. Caty.
L: Who cares, S.
S: I do.
L: I dont.
S: What if she takes your back pack and wont give it back?
L: Mom will make her give it back and besides, I am stronger than her.
S: Im just warning you...danger.
L: I dont care.

It cracks me up that they must have sat at the table and pushed the paper back and forth at each it was some huge secret, and then leave it laying there. So funny.

Im going to be posting a clarification on the title of my blog. I feel its misleading in a way. I mean, it makes sense to me, but I am afraid that it is misunderstood by some people that I love, and so I want to clarify. I'll probably do that tommorrow. Or maybe later today, if I get a wild hair.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Should I stay or should I go?

This morning I received a call from someone who works for GICOEs boss...I mean, GICOE is In Charge of Everything having to do with me, however, he does have a boss, in a different building (if I tell you anymore, I will have to kill you). Its pretty much common knowledge that this guy thinks GICOE is a moron too.

Anyhoo...they more or less told me to come interview for a job over there. Its complicated and I cant explain it here, but basically I was going to interview so my position Im in NOW, will still be mine, when (and if) it gets upgraded to higher pay level. So, the interview was going to actually be for something else, but also would apply for my job (if upgraded). Lost yet? I

I was also told that I do have the option, if selected, to move from my position in moron world. You know what? Im thinking about it, seriously. I will have less "downtime", meaning that I wont be able to do homework or blog about stoopid things people I work with, while Im actually at work. THAT is the only, Im considering. Provided they pick me for actual position, that is. I had like four hour notice for this interview so Im really thankful that I didnt do my usual "casual Friday" thing and actually look professional today. Yeah, I KNOW its not really Friday...but it is my Friday, so there.

Wish me luck.....

Thursday, March 11, 2010

One pill makes you larger, and one pill makes you small....

Ok. So, I was really excited to see the new Alice and Wonderland movie. And, I was not disappointed. I believe I feel a new obsession coming on. I hearted the movie. In fact, I felt it was so good, entertaining and magical, that I will try to see it again in theatres...AND buy it when it comes out on DVD.

If you have the chance, go see it. Yes..its wierd..but so is the original story. Yes, the writer was probably on drugs, but it doesnt mean it isnt any less fun. I smiled many times during the movie, I was captivated.

Of course, not much needs to be said about the acting job done by Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. It was of course, superb. Helena Bonham Carter as the red queen was nothing short of perfection. I loved the heart drawn on her lips in lipstick and I want to do that to my own lips, just for fun. Oh, and the very strange Crispin Glover was in it too, which was a pleasant surprise for me...although I should have known he would be.

It was a visually pleasing movie...lots of eye candy to captivate. Just a beautiful to look at. I especially loved the red queens castle...all white black and red, which I have a lot of in my own house.

That wasnt the only similarity between the red queen and I however. She loves a "warm pig belly to put my feet on"...and hey, I love a warm dachshund belly to put mine on.

When it was advertised on TV, I announced to the family that I was going to see it. My 11 year old son said, "not me, it looks too creepy", my seven year old boy agreed with him, as he often does. Fine, I said. S and I will go. My hubby was not in the room so I didnt get his opinion on it.

When it came time to go, the boys changed their mind and went with us. A covered his little eyes once during the movie (no spoilers here), but afterwards when L said that it wasnt all that creepy, A once again agreed.

I think it looks a lot creepier on the commercials than it actually is. I think it is a movie the whole family can enjoy. Mine will be enjoying it for a loooong time to come, because I have a feeling its moving high up on my favorite list, which means it will be on a lot in my house for years to come.

Right after the movie I thought: Where in the world was the Jefferson Airplane song, "White Rabbit"? THAT was the only disappointment for me, that this song was NO WHERE in the movie. Now that I have been singing that song to myself now for days, I have remembered that the drug references are thick as reefer smoke in the lyrics. Being that a lot of kids will see this, it was probably a good idea to use a different song. My bad. Hollywood did the right thing...go figure.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


COREY HAIM 1971-2010

"Your'e a vampire Michael. My own brother, a...vampire. Wait till mom finds out!"

"Death by Stereo"

"They're only noodles, Michael".

Monday, March 8, 2010

Baby Infestation and the Beeping Heart.

One of the reasons kids are so dang cool is because of the things that come out of their mouths. Here are a couple little gems that surfaced this weekend.

My daughter was pining over a friend who had recently moved away. She was talking about how she used to like to go over to her house and play, with one exception.

S: I miss A so bad. It was kind of fun when I went to her house and played.
Me: Im sorry she had to move away, that stinks.
S: Yeah. One thing though Mom...her house was INFESTED with babies.
Me: (shaking my head rapidly) Did you just say it was INFESTED with babies?
S: Yes. That means that there were a lot of babies there. You know...because of the daycare.

While in the car to somewhere I cant remember....

A: might have to stop the car.
Me: WHY? Whats wrong? I glance in the review mirror and he is holding his hand over his chest
A: My heart isnt beeping.

This weekend it was made clear to me that the tooth fairy is a boy when a boy loses a tooth, but a girl when a girl loses one . All this time, I imagined a Tinkerbell like creature who is decidely female, exchanging money for teeth to all kinds regardless of gender. Apparently there is a gender specific TEAM of tooth fairies. Good to know.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Im Hot Stuff Today

That is how I feel because I have been featured on Read with Girlfriends.

Read with Girlfriends is kind of like an Online Reading Club. If you like to read, its a lot of fun. They do a different book each month. So, if your interested head on over and check it out!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Too True Tues(day).

Im playing along with Essie today in T3, because her post made my skin crawl, and now I must share my similar experiences. Oh, and also because she rocks. I will not however be posting a picture of the vile creature in Part 2 of this post, because...well...just because.

The topic today is in what actions do you take to avoid a certain unpleasant event from occuring. You know, much like an OCD type thing. I have many of these actually.

Part 1:

One time, years ago, in my early twenties, I went to put on my shoes to go to the gym. I sat on my bed and put one shoe on, and then grabbed the other to put it on. If felt a little odd. Its weight felt kind of uneven, and it seemed like the toe of the shoe felt heavier in my hand..and instead of investigating, I put my foot in. My toe smooshed up against something warm and soft, so I took my foot out. I held the shoe up and kind of shook it.

Little beady eyes and twitching nose of a little mouse emergered from the toe of my sneaker!!!!! And I flung the shoe across the room where it hit the closet door and fell with a thud to the floor. Its little stow away then scampered out and under my dresser.

I ran out of the room, and because I didnt want to deal with it later, or at all...I got my cat Spock and locked him in my bedroom.

I also put on a different pair of shoes (checking them thouroughly first), and went to the gym, leaving Spock to a tasty lunch., I always turn my shoes upside dowwn and SHAKE them before putting them on...always. People think Im trying to get sand out, but no....just mice.

The thing is...Im not even afraid of mice....I just dont want them on my feet. They dont belong there.

Part 2:

Those of you who know what Wolf Spiders are dont need a picture....why would you want to look at one EVER again? Those of you who dont and are curious and/or sick, go look at the one on Essie's post.

When I was in my late teens we lived in a house with a basement. My room was in the basement, it was a finished basement, and I felt like I was living on my own down there by myself. I thought it was pretty cool.

One night I was laying on my bed reading or writing or something and I got up to use the bathroom. I didnt have a door on my room...I took it off because my teenager brain thought it would be better to have those beads hanging in the doorway instead. I was walking toward the beads when I caught a bit of movement in front of me on the floor...a BIG HAIRY UGLY BROWN EVIL spider was standing between me and the doorway. I tried to go around it quickly and it BLOCKED MY PATH.

Now, I know you all dont believe me, but I swear on my coffee that it is. So, I tried going the other did it again....and now, I noticed there were two of them. I was completely freaked out and I began to yell...of course no one heard me, and I wasnt going to stand there while they did God knows what to me. So I backed up and took a running jump OVER the evil little bastards, through the beads and landed on my knees. I jumped to my feet and dashed up the stairs, screaming.

My dad heard me this time and met me in the kitchen, expecting to see blood or something. By the look he gave me when I said there were spiders down stairs told me he thought I had been down stairs doing drugs in my "Opium Den" as he referred to my room with the beads and the lava lamp (no...this wasnt in the sixties, it was the late 80's...I was a freak, OK?). He grabbed a can of raid or something and came down stairs, followed by my adventure seeking mother.

The horror continued because they came toward him too...and then he sprayed them. It did not kill them, oh no it did not. It turned them into little white zombie spiders...walking very slowly, white spray clung to their hairy they continued to move foward. I left at that point...I could NOT handle anymore.

My dad ended up crushing them both. No one knew what kind of spiders they were that would actually run after a person, so my mom had to find out. She put one of the little zombie corpses in a little container and took it to the Department of Agriculture. They said it was a Wolf Spider...or also known as THE AGRESSIVE HOUSE SPIDER. Yeah, I'll say they are aggressive....and no one ever believes me. It sucks.

So, I did not sleep in my room anymore, cool beads and lava lamp or not. But it didnt matter because a little while later they found me again.

I was laying (dont ask) on the kitchen floor talking to my friend Jack on the phone. I had been on the phone in that position for about an hour or so...I couldnt really go anywhere else, because it was way before cordless phones, so I was tethered to the dining room wall. I felt something strange in my hair...I sat up and ran my hand through my hair and felt something foreign (ok..Im itching right now just writing this)..I put my head down and shook my head, flinging my hand in my hair to eject whatever it was. Out fell one of those hideous creatures....It landed on the floor, turned around, flipped me off with its little spider finger, and ran under the door to the basement stairs.

SO hands are constantly in my hair...I mean anytime Im sitting anywhere and Im idle, my hands are in my hair. It drives my husband nuts..but I cant HELP it. I have a basement now too, a finished one, and I do go down there..but I am always on the look out...and I CANNOT kill a spider, not because I feel sorry for the little dirtbags, but because Im afraid they will come after I have to hire a hit man (usually my eleven year old). I will not go within 100 feet of a spider if I know its there.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Funny Grandma, Killer Whales, and Dog Seals.

Its Monday....again. But, Im trying to optimistic about it all. First, I want to say that nothing funny happened at my training the other it was complete boredom. Sorry to disappoint. I wanted to make fun of someone too.

So, Saturday I took the kids and my mother to the big city for a little shopping. Mainly for Easter clothes for the kids. I had to take all three kids. Usually L likes to stay home as he absolutely loathes shopping. T wasnt going to be home, and I was not about to leave him home all day by himself...although he is getting to that age. Im just not willing to go there yet.

Anyhoo...L was driving me nuts, teasing me constantly and acting completely silly (he said he was so bored it was the only way he could entertain himself)so when T called and said he was on his way home and would be passing through the area we were shopping in, I begged him to meet me in the parking lot to pick up the male children as they were not meshing well with the females who really wanted to enjoy shopping. He agreed and so to kill time until he got to there, we browsed the toy store (I know, a crazy thing to do, with three kids, but work with me here) until he got there. There was no way I was shopping for any more clothes with these boys, not unless I could lock them in a fitting room while I did it.

While looking down the baby doll aisle (S has a birthday coming up and I wanted some ideas), my mother (who is 70) brightened up my whole day.

Grandma: Oh, this doll sucks...well, not in a bad way.

Shocked and curious I look, and she is looking at a doll that drinks "sucks" on a bottle.

We had a good laugh over that, the kids even thought it was funny. Just the idea that grandma would even think about something "sucking" as in its no good, was just funny. Maybe you had to be there.

Last night I had another wierd dream....

Im standing on a dock in the middle of the ocean. There are a lot of people there and we are listening to some lady talk while feeding the killer whales and seals Oreo Cookies (the coverage on the killer whale tragedy must have infilterated my sub conscious). The lady was explaining how the whales would take to the air when it was time for us to leave this earth...that they would carry us away to our destination (the Hale-bopp whales?). Some guy spoke up and said: "Will there be more than one whale?" Our teacher answered, "yes....there will be many" (this morning T said, "why didnt she say it would be a "pod"?).

I looked down and saw a seal...begging for an oreo. It was a seal but had the face and eyes of my dearly departed Italian Greyhound Marco. Its bottom jaw was even quivering the way Marco's would when he was trying to get you to give him something you had).

What does it all mean? I think it is a warning. That if this week goes awry and my preteen boy drives me nuts....I am NOT to don black Nikes and cover myself in a purple cloth after having eaten poisoned pudding, because whales will NOT pick me up and carry me off. I should just open up a package of Oreos and soothe myself.

Yep...that sounds good to me.