Saturday, January 23, 2010

BONO and Coldplay and Brad...Oh My.

So, did you watch Hope for Haiti Now? I did. Twice. It was amazing, I thought and very well done, very tasteful and I didn't feel like it was a celebrity "look at me" show. I actually got the feeling that everyone there was really there because they cared. I dunno just a feeling I got. I loved the fact that it was done done in front of a live audience, it was easier for the focus to remain on Haiti, I thought.

I did make some observations though, during it.

What on earth is Brad Pitt doing to his face? What is that? Is he trying out for ZZ Top soon, or what? Hey Brad...don't make me write an "open letter to the thing on Brad's chin"..because, I'm tempted. Its probably for an upcoming role, but cant he use a FAKE hair face thing? I'm just sayin'.

Oh and the news guy, Anderson Cooper...he has got some bulging arms, doesn't he? Ooooh Weeee...I never realized. Who knew? Not me. Just always seemed like such a news GEEK, ya know? Now I know the real A-Coop.

Bono, Bono, mom was watching the Bono/Jay-Z/Beyonce collaboration with my mom (which I thought was fantastic, by the way). I asked her if she remembered Bono and my girlhood fascination with him. Apparently she remembers more of it than I would like her too. She said,

"Oh, yes. He used to live in our furnace".

Yep. She remembers alright. I used to kid around with my friends that I kept Bono locked up in the furnace closet so I could marry him some day. Silly.little.girl.

Was Coldplay great, or what? I just love me some Coldplay. Chris, father of Apple and Moses, looked cute in his little hat.

JT was really fabulous. I think the more serious songs like that suit him much more than the "sexy back" stuff. I mean you can really take him seriously like that you know?

I loved seeing Neil Young and whats his face. Oh Dave Matthews. Sorry, huge Neil Young fan here,not so much Dave Matthews, but it was a lovely song.

Sting, "driven to tears" was the perfect song for the occasion...he is pretty buff for an old guy. I seem to remember him as kind of a little guy? Right?

Anyway, if you missed it, then you really did miss out. It was great and all for a great lets all pray that the money gets there and not only helps the situation but starts to bring about a change in Haitian Government as well.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I was going to post on Haiti, but I just read my friend Essie's blog post and well...she says it all and says it so well. So, in case you dont already read her blog...go here to read her post on the Haitian orphans, who have already waited too long.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Open Letter to Simon Cowell

Dear Simon,

Please say it is not so. Please do not leave American Idol. If you leave American Idol my family will be traumatized. I will no longer watch it, because your wit, sarcasm and attitude make my prime time world go 'round. When we heard the news that this was going to be your last season, my daughter's mouth dropped open and both my son's looked at me from the corner of their tear-threatening eyes. My husband will no longer chuckle at your words from the other room, where he is pretending he is not interested in such nonsense. If I will not watch it anymore, then they probably wont either because I will not want the reminder of you lingering in my living room one to three times a week. It would be too much for my heart to endure. If you miss Paula THAT much, why dont you ask her to marry you? Then you could STAY at AI, my house could be happy, and Paula...well she can just do whatever it is that she does.

Please dont go, Im begging you.

someone who enjoys your sarcasm, rudeness and especially your accent.

TA DA!!!

All better. I dont know why the other 'puter wont let me see background. Stoopit thing. Thanks for the heads up girls!!

What is wrong with my blog?

For some reason the computer Im using wont show me my background. So...I cant see how the text looks. Apparently it is really light, too light. Sorry 'bout that. I have to log into another computer and see what I can see on it.....hopefully that will help.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

This morning in the news....

...they were reporting about airplanes hitting birds and they actually said this:
" increase in the number of birds and other mammals that air craft has hit while in the air....."

My question is this; what other mammals are in the air? Ok...bats. Aside from that I cant think of a single one that belongs in the air? Can you? I dont even think bats fly as high as birds either. I could be wrong about that.

Oh wait, there are the cats and dogs when its raining them, pigs when they fly, and the occasional elephant that jumps "so high, that he didnt come down till the fourth of July" (See Aerosmith song, "Walking the dog").

Then there was the report of the man who had fought to keep his pet tiger years ago, and apparently won. Well....he died. The tiger KILLED him. Well...duh. I am constantly amazed at these people who feel it is a good idea to keep a six hundred something pound CAT (evil) for a PET. Tigers have HUGE claws and HUGE teeth..and even if the Tiger is a is still a WILD animal and if it gets pissed at you, you are probably done. You must FEED the tiger, and clean the tigers cage...meaning you must go NEAR the tiger. Im just sayin'......its dumb. So, stop it. Tigers in zoos, or an animal refuge, fine. At your house..not so much.

On a more serious note...the woman who hid Anne Frank's family during WW II, passed away. Her name was Miep Gies. she was 100 years old and she kept the diary which young Anne wrote. She was a hero.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Things that make me go "hmmm"

Last night I actually watched a (urp) Barbie (urp) movie with my daughter. She has been after me to watch one of these things that she loves oh so much, and I keep finding excuses not to. Last night, I had none and decided to get it over with.

You wasnt awful. I was a bit surprised that Barvie, in this "Barbie diary" was not one of the "popular" girls at her school. Yeah, right. Like I believe that. With those measurements? She would be OH so popular with the little boys, Im sure.

Anyway, it was slightly entertaining and even made me chuckle a little, and not from me making fun of it either. I tried to find things to make fun of too, but I really couldnt.

But there was not ONE single overweight kid in Barbie's highschool. Not a one. Oh and Ken? He must have gotten his GED, or transferred, or been kicked out for his hair or something because he wasnt in it at all. Is Ken obsolete? Im beginning to think so. Poor Ken. He is replaced by a stupid kid named....oh what the heck was his name..oh, right. Todd. A name you would guess for a highschool football player, deemed "the hottest guy in school". Whatever. I thought Barbie's friend Kevin was much more he is the one that made me chuckle. His reply to Barbie when she complained about her enemy getting a job she wanted at the school because she was "fresh and lively"?

"sounds like a deoderant".

yeah, I laughed.

Another thing that bothered me is that Barbie was ALWAYS wearing shoes..even on her bed and on the couch. I dont know about you but everytime I see her in my daughter's room, she is barefoot. Every.time.

In the movie, she was wearing flip flops a lot. Isnt that kind of impossible? I mean there is no space between her toes..they are stuck together and do not have gaps for the little thong thing to go in between the whats up?

Trick photography and special effects these days, I tell ya.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Ok...since my Toy Review pictures for Toy Review Tuesdays are still sprawled out between three different devices, then Im going to jump on the UNMOM bandwagon and do Random thoughts instead.

Back to Hell..I mean work today. I was supposed to be back yesterday, but I injured myself on some ice. Ice outside, not like ice in my freezer, incase there was any misunderstanding. I thought I broke my arm, but I didnt...just some muscle damage which provided me with an entire day of bedrest and pain meds. So...the party wasnt quite over I think I was beginning to develop bed sores by the time I got up this morning.

My son says "chickmunk" instead of Chipmunk and it is so cute.
Saw Princess and the Frog Sunday and I really liked it. I dont, however, appreciate the sexual innuendos though. I mean sure, my kids dont get it, but I do, and I prefer not to have those things running through my head when Im watching a movie with my kids for Petes Sake, so just stop it Disney. Walt would be rolling over in his grave. What it was escapes me now, but it was pretty bad. Something about "throbbing"....yeah....Im serious.

I am in love with the movie "Up". I am. I watched it twice in a row while in bed yesterday. I love the "audible thoughts" they give to the true to dogs. Y'know all the bits about Squirrels and "Im hiding under your porch because I love you". I loved it. And that bird, Kevin...dont even get me started on her. Loved it.

CICOE is in full moronic force today. Running around yelling at people. I shut my office door, but he knocks on it, and actually tries to OPEN it if I dont answer. Can you believe the nerve of that guy? What if Im naked? I mean, Im not normally naked in my office, but what If I was changing or something? What an idiot.

In Sunday School Sunday I noticed quite amusedly (is that even a word? Im using it anyway) that a woman at my table was using a "viagra" pen to take notes with. Not that there is anything WRONG with that...but, you know what Im saying, right? I would be embarrassed if I grabbed any old pen out the drawer in the kitchen, and took it to church, not noticing I grabbed THAT pen...I dont would bother me.

I have a fifty dollar gift card to Target..and I dont know what to spend it on. Knowing me, Ill buy something for the kids with it. I know....I need to not do that. I dont know what to get though. I dont want clothes. I dont need anything...and anyway I dont want to spend it anything I NEED...but I dont really want anything either. A massage, but they dont do those, and if they did, Im afraid I wouldnt get one there. I guess I just need to go look. Any suggestions?

This diet "snack" bar Im eating tastes like hay. Not that I really know what that tastes like, but it tastes like hay smells. Whatever.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

A year in pictures (and a video)


St. Patricks Day

At Disneyland


At Disneyland

At the aquarium

At the zoo

Little League

T ball

At the top of the Space Needle