Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Ok...since my Toy Review pictures for Toy Review Tuesdays are still sprawled out between three different devices, then Im going to jump on the UNMOM bandwagon and do Random thoughts instead.

Back to Hell..I mean work today. I was supposed to be back yesterday, but I injured myself on some ice. Ice outside, not like ice in my freezer, incase there was any misunderstanding. I thought I broke my arm, but I didnt...just some muscle damage which provided me with an entire day of bedrest and pain meds. So...the party wasnt quite over yet...lol. I think I was beginning to develop bed sores by the time I got up this morning.

My son says "chickmunk" instead of Chipmunk and it is so cute.
Saw Princess and the Frog Sunday and I really liked it. I dont, however, appreciate the sexual innuendos though. I mean sure, my kids dont get it, but I do, and I prefer not to have those things running through my head when Im watching a movie with my kids for Petes Sake, so just stop it Disney. Walt would be rolling over in his grave. What it was escapes me now, but it was pretty bad. Something about "throbbing"....yeah....Im serious.

I am in love with the movie "Up". I am. I watched it twice in a row while in bed yesterday. I love the "audible thoughts" they give to the dogs...so true to dogs. Y'know all the bits about Squirrels and "Im hiding under your porch because I love you". I loved it. And that bird, Kevin...dont even get me started on her. Loved it.

CICOE is in full moronic force today. Running around yelling at people. I shut my office door, but he knocks on it, and actually tries to OPEN it if I dont answer. Can you believe the nerve of that guy? What if Im naked? I mean, Im not normally naked in my office, but what If I was changing or something? What an idiot.

In Sunday School Sunday I noticed quite amusedly (is that even a word? Im using it anyway) that a woman at my table was using a "viagra" pen to take notes with. Not that there is anything WRONG with that...but, you know what Im saying, right? I would be embarrassed if I grabbed any old pen out the drawer in the kitchen, and took it to church, not noticing I grabbed THAT pen...I dont know..it would bother me.

I have a fifty dollar gift card to Target..and I dont know what to spend it on. Knowing me, Ill buy something for the kids with it. I know....I need to not do that. I dont know what to get though. I dont want clothes. I dont need anything...and anyway I dont want to spend it anything I NEED...but I dont really want anything either. A massage, but they dont do those, and if they did, Im afraid I wouldnt get one there. I guess I just need to go look. Any suggestions?

This diet "snack" bar Im eating tastes like hay. Not that I really know what that tastes like, but it tastes like hay smells. Whatever.



Macey said...

Awesome randomness! Viagra pens and chickmunks. Ha!

The Accidental Mommy said...

buy half of a roomba at Target

foxy said...

Oooooh - sorry to hear about your arm! That sucks - but I'm glad it's not broken.

It tastes like hay smells... I totally get that. Those things hit me all the time.

Shanti said...

Oooh, 50 bucks for Target??? Hmmm...I know what you mean about spending it on the kids. I was there today, and they had a ton of clothing for boys for $5. Nice!
If I couldn't spend it on kids, I'd probably buy kitchen trinkets...or an espresso machine. Or organizational stuff. So I could pretend I'm organized.

obladi oblada said...

Ooooh Organizational stuff. Hmm..you may be onto something there. I need me some organization.

Erin said...

You could send it to your awesome SNA friend Erin who always manages to find cute clothes at Target that she can't resist.... :)

Glad your arm is ok!

Mel said...

glad you are feeling better and woohooo target gift card!!!

JennyMac said...

UP was SUCH a cute movie.

Glad you are feeling better! Take care of that arm.

Anonymous said...

first, great song!! I love Coldplay!!! Question, how long did it take for you to adopt. I heard it's a long and painful process.

obladi oblada said...

Momadorkiness: It can be...we got lucky. It depends on so many variables like the state you are in, your worker, the kids' status, etc. It only took us three months from start to placement, and then a year from placement to finalization. I know some who have waited a year to two years to be matched with a child or children.

Anonymous said...

galaskins.com isn't it just the bestest!?!?! kinda pricey, but I've had mine for so long so they last.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

OUCH on the arm and EWWWWWW I agree: throbbing AND Disney do NOT belong together... I still squirm a little when SHREK and Fiona take a Fart Mudbath Together.....TRIPLE EWWWW