Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ghost of Christmas Past Part 2

The other day I spoke of Hamsters, Baby Dolls and Ventroliquist dummies (Yeah, I was kind of a weird child). I also remember going to see Santa and every year it was at the same place. It was like a cute little portable building, just big enough to fit Santa and his big chair. You would go in and sit on his lap and tell him what you wanted. I think your parents just kind of hung out at the door. Yeah, kind of creepy. I can see why they stopped that. They must have stopped that because I havent seen one of those set ups in years. Now the Santas are in the mall...out in the open so people can keep their eyes on them. Make it a lot harder for Chester the Molester to dress up as Santa Claus. Thats a good thing.

One thing cool about my Christmases when I was a kid was the employee Christmas party where my dad worked. See, he worked at Disneyland..and what could be better than a Christmas Party? A Private Christmas Party at the Happiest Place on Earth. Yep. They would keep the park open a little later for employees and their families....and you just went wild. Everyone else...get the heck out. I remember being able to bring a friend a couple of years. I also remember that on our way out all the kids would get a Christmas stocking full of candy and little toys, coloring books, stuff like that. This party also meant that I got to see the son of a fellow employee of my dad's. He was cute, and he thought I was cute. I guess he grew up though to have problems staying out of prison.....Oh well.

I loved the decorations of my childhood Christmases too. My mom had this nativity set that was cool...I used to play with the set like they were action figures..which required my mom to repair them on more than one occasion. Im sure it drove her nuts to find Baby Jesus between the couch cushions or near the dog food bowl.

We had this cool light thing too. It was a big wheel of colors...and when you plugged it in and turned it on, it would rotate colors across the ceiling and walls. When I was a teenager I coveted that color wheel. It would be so cool in my room with by beads hanging in my doorway, my insence and my Pink Floyd...but alas it never ended up in there. Im not sure what happened to it actually, but I miss it.

We had these candles that were shaped various Christmas characters like Santa and Frosty. They would often hang out with and sometimes argue with Mary, Joseph, or one of the wisemen. I think they melted one year in the heat of the garage because on year, they were just gone.

My most favorite decoration of all time though, is the one that sits atop my own family tree right now. The angel. She has dark hair, a halo and wings and is wearing a white dress...she is more like a doll than a statue..her dress is real material. It was on the family tree ever since I can remember. When my best friend died when I was twelve, that angel reminded me of her...and still does to this day. Someday, I will hand it over to S, and tell her the story, and so on and so on.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ghosts of Christmas Past

This will be my 41st Christmas on this earth. That's a lot of Christmases. I have gone from asking Santa for a hamster to a Kindle. I hope the Kindle lasts longer. My very first Christmas I was only a few months old, but there are pictures of me in a little red "Santa" onezie in my baby carrier thing. They would place me there and I would marvel at the pretty lights and shiny tinsel, in between scanning the room for my favorite beings (other than mom, of course) like big brother and the family dog. Not a whole lot has changed there either. I can still be found this time of year sitting by the tree and staring at the shininess of it all, with dogs close by.

I did get my hamster one year. A Teddy Bear Hamster...which I named "Teddy". I think this was my 5th Christmas. He came in one of those Habitrail things, with a tube leading up to a skyline apartment and a nifty running wheel on the main floor. Teddy didn't last long, as one day he got out of his cage (those little "clips" that held the lid on, weren't very easy for a five year old to secure properly) and in a frantic attempt to catch him again, I grabbed him and squeezed a little too tight...then he bit my thumb. I can still remember my horror at the blood dripping from my thumb. Sadly, when I squeezed too tight I injured him pretty badly and my dad had to put him down. Sad, yes I know. I still feel bad about that and have never owned another hamster again and am thanking God that my children have never expressed interest in the little rodents.

I also remember the year I got my "Baby Chrissy" doll. You could make her hair short or long all by a little string on her back. What was cool about her was that she was big enough that I could dig into mom's cedar chest and pull out some of the baby clothes she still had of mine and put them on the doll. That doll wore my
"dedication" gown for a long time...until I got tired of it on her and started making the cat wear it.

One year I got "Pete" the ventriloquist dummy. He came with his own red case and everything. I had visions of becoming this really good ventriloquist. Right up until I saw the movie "Magic" about the homicidal dummy. Then I put him deep in my closet and piled a bunch of crap on top of him so he couldn't "get out". I eventually sold him for 5 bucks at a garage sale. Sorry Pete.

That is what pretty much comes to mind when I think of my past Christmases. Well, except for some of the Christmas decor items my parents had laying around. That is another post though. So thank you Teddy (RIP), Chrissy and Pete for the memories.....

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Tunes

The Christmas playlist is up. So turn it up and enjoy. Hope you all are getting your stuff done...Im working on it today, and its SNOWING.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wierd Stuff....

I did a little lunch time shopping today. You know just a "few little things" left on my Christmas list. While, out I was experiencing weird stuff...maybe its just me, but I thought they were weird.

I went to McDonald's for lunch (shut up, I like their fries, OK?) and I ordered one of the "snack wraps". The Angus Beef snack wraps. I thought the beef would be like, strips of, silly  Maybe some of you already know what it is, but just in case you dont...heres my good deed of the day. Its a tortilla (a regular tortilla, not a "wrap") with a hamburger (the Angus beef variety I guess) patty wrapped in it. Of course theres stuff like cheese and onions in it..but if I wanted a hamburger, Id get a hamburger. Or if I wanted a burrito, Id get a burrito. No need to mix the two up.

then I was standing in the crazy Christmas shopping line and I heard a checker a couple stands over talking to some one she knew..they asked her how she was, and loud enough for everyone to hear, she said:

"Im doing alright, except for having to put my Puppy down".

Talk about the sucking the Christmas spirit right out of me. That did it. Now I want to turn off all the lights in my office, curl up in a little ball, and cry. I mean her PUPPY? If she had said "Dog", it would have still been sad, but they die when they get old, and sometimes when they arent so old..but no one should have to think about a puppy, a BABY dog, with their sweet puppy breath and velvet soft tummies DYING. Its just  not Christmas conversation, ya know? What with all those kids and ME in the store. Sheesh. It did kind of get quiet after she said that

This isnt really weird...well maybe it is...because teenagers ARE weird, and I think it falls into that category maybe. Last night was my two youngest squids Christmas concert. We had a lovely time....with the exception of A's teacher making him trade places with a little girl while he was on the risers...because he kept turning around to talk to "Connor". No amount of shaking my head and frowning could get his attention though while he was up eventually it was too late....the teacher saw. He claims Connor was "poking" him in the back...know what? I BELIEVE him. I do...I know "Connor". Anyway, after the concert was over we went to my moms house so she could see their outfits. And 12 year old boy (soon to be a teenager) was NOT the well behaved child he normally is. He kept messing with me and everyone else in a teasing way and would not stop, no matter how much he was asked. When he came very close to knocking over moms Christmas tree, because he was crawling under the little table she had it on (its a small tree), he was sent to the car. I just think its weird that HE is the one acting this a shade of things to come when he is a teenager? Do they all think they are hilarious all the time?

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Awww thanks....and diary of middle school mom.

I want to thank all my faithful followers and commenters for making me feel better after my whining post the other day. You guys are awesome. I changed my background, and will put the Christmas playlist up shortly. The computer Im on now wont let me go to I'll have to wait.

Tonight is the annual Christmas concert for the elementary school. Second verse, same as the first. Well, with the exception of only having two kids in the concert now that L is in middle school. I cant wait to put the tie on little guy tonight. He is going to be so cute.

Speaking of  middle school...I spent almost the whole day there yesterday for "Parents Back to School Day". Its where you can go and follow your middle school child around to his classes and sit in the class and see what a typical day for him is. It was kind of cool.

First of all let me brag hugely here for a second...L is not only on the honor roll, but he has a 4.0 and is the ONLY 6th grader to have a 4.0. There, brag over.

I actually LEARNED something in his math class. I hate math, but I do believe if I had the teacher that L has, I would love it, because it was the funnest period of the day. I totally cant believe I just typed that. The way he was teaching made things make SENSE to me. I already know most of the kids that L calls friends, but I got to meet a few others. I saw how messy his locker is (he needs an organizer) and I also saw how the front cover of his binder has been taped back on (he needs a new one!). I was kind of releived to see that at this school in this tiny town, boys and girls still dont have much to do with each other in 6th grade. It was SO not like that when and where I went to 6th grade. Really, it was like an episode of Peyton Place. Yesterday though, at his school, the boys and girls seemed to stay away from each other for the most part. That made me happy. Im definitely not ready for that drama yet.

During science class L kept trying to grab my arm and force my hand in the air to read outloud from the text when the teacher was asking for volunteers. I ended up locking my arms in front of me, and then he resorted to pointing at me. His teacher said: "Your volunteering your mom to read". To which I replied, "apparently he needs to see the definition of a volunteer". Little brat.

The hallways were scary, and it was here that I witnessed some of the behavior Im terrified of as he gets older. I dont even like him WITNESSING it. Some (older-like 7th or 8th grade) boy slapped some girl on the butt....I wanted to yell at him, but figured that would not exactly make L's life easy. You cannot walk down the hallway without touching other people though...its just too crowded and the halls too small. The butt slap however, was definitely intentional.

I did not eat lunch with him however, Ive seen what they thanks. Really, my school lunches were always good...these are just terrible. So I went to the sub shop across the street and had lunch with the husband, who laughed in my face when I suggested he spend the rest of the day at the middle school too....oh well.

It was an eye opening experience and I will worry less, I think. I can now envision things the way the are when he tells me about his it was really cool and Im glad the school does this. He didnt even try to ditch me in the hallway like my friend's son did to her. So for that, he gets an A.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Open Letter to Bloggy Land....

Dear Bloggy Land,

Its not that I dont love you, because I do. Its just that I dont feel like I have much to offer at this moment. Just more gripes and complaints. Im also feeling like crap, physically. I also want to rip GICOEs face off with a butter knife (sick or not) if I ever see him again, he has ticked me off to no end. I yelled at a McDonalds worker today while at the drive through....through the speaker thing, not at the window, although I felt like doing that too (do NOT mess with me at 3 am pre coffee...just sayin').

Yes, I am wondering how all my bloggy buddies are doing and I do miss reading about them and want is going on in their worlds. I only hope that they forgive me when I do come back. Im feeling guilty about your background reflecting Thanksgiving still...when its so obviously Christmas time. Yeah, and dont mention the fact that my beloved Christmas playlist isnt up yet (either is our Christmas tree, Ok?).

I have been spending a little more time on facebook, yes it is true. Im sure its just a phase. Honestly though, I get a little frustrated by having only 76 followers...STILL. While other blogs are in the hundreds at least. Its much more fun to go to facebook where the number is much higher. I mean who wouldnt choose the bar that most of their friends go to over the one where there a far fewer friendly faces?  Just an observation, thats all. 

I hope everyone is doing well......I will be back soon, I think. Till then, stay warm, stay dry, stay Merry.


Thursday, November 18, 2010


Today Im thankful for my kids. Im thankful that God ultimately chose for us to be their parents when they needed parents. Just the other day I went to an award ceremony at the middle school, where L recieved his membership into the honor roll. Not only that, but he was the ONLY kid in his grade that got a 4.0. How proud was I? Verrrrry proud. I guess there is no need to nag this particular kid about homework, I think hes got it down....unless, his grades start slipping, which I dont think they will. Seriously, Im just bursting over here.

Im thankful for the laughs that my little guy gives me. A lot of the time he is actually trying to be funny, and he's successful. Many times though, he's not trying to be funny, but he is anyway. Last night there was nothing on tv and we were all too lazy after a hectic week to do anything else, and since we love sharks, we watched  "I Shouldnt be Alive" about a shark attack in Australia. For some reason this particular shark tale creeped little boy out more than usual (He LOVES sharks, so likes to watch stuff on them, even stories about attacks normally). Knowing his uneasiness, when I said a prayer with him after tucking him in, I prayed for his feelings of safety and prayed that he would realize that God is in control, even of sharks. He promptly added:

"And zombies".

Me: "Yes, zombies too".

I am thankful for my daughter too. For really different reasons than her brothers. She is definitely a unique individual with a really caring heart. If there is anyone in any discomfort, anywhere near her, or in need of any help with anything, she is right there. All I have to say is my back hurts and she will try and rub it for me, or if I say I dont feel well, she scampers off down the hallway and comes back with a wet wash cloth to put on my head, and demands that I lay down, lol. Yesterday she was buttoning grandmas coat up for her, I guess because grandma looked like she was needing help. It would not surprise me if she grew up to be an RN or something.....if she can keep her mouth quiet in class long enough to graduate, that is:)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday Mumbling....and a movie review looks pretty certain the GICOE isnt coming back. I wont say too much about that though, because although he drove me insane, I dont wish bad health on him either. However, it is so much quieter around the office.

Had a good weekend despite the hub being gone. The hub is off on his way to hunt with his brothers..he wont be back until Thanksgiving night. I miss  him and the kids miss him. The dogs miss him too. Surprisingly I havent broken anything that I cant fix far so good.

Friday was L's birthday. He is 12 now. Yep, one year away from teenage hood...yippee. He is an awesome kid though, and hopefully when the aliens steal his brain (because they do you know, at age 13 and they wont return it until age 20) it wont be too bad. As good luck would have it, S and A got invited to friends houses to spend the night, so L had a friend over and they got the whole wii, living room, and cherry pie to themselves, all night long. I retreated to my bedroom with the dogs and I did some much needed cleaning and organizing and tossing out while watching the old mini series "Rich man, Poor man" on DVD. Does anyone remember that from the 70s, starring Nick Nolte, and Peter Straus?

Saturday morning the local theatre was showing a free movie for kids (and parents), "The Dispicable Me". Review and Rating by me to follow at the end of this post. They were asking for canned food donations for the holiday season. I think we could feed Ethiopia with what they must have received. was insane. They used all 8 screens for this event...which is a good thing, because that line for the first times alone, had to be a mile long. We waited in line for 45 minutes. I was in a party of 12. I had my three kids plus two other boys, and my friend had her two and one extra, plus her mom and my mom. We also got one free popcorn and small drink per person. We didnt stand in the crazy snack line first, we went and secured our seats. The six of us females in the second row and the six little boys in front of us (within reach:)). Normally, we wouldnt choose the front row, but it was the only two rows left that could accommodate our huge group. Then two adults and four of the boys went and got the popcorn and pop...and somehow we managed to get back to our seats with all 12 orders of popcorn and pop. We must have seen everyone we know at the was insane. The kids were great; of course it helps that the movie didnt have one single dull moment in it.

Now the movie....for those of you who havent seen it....the only warning we read about was for adopted first, I was like "oh great"...but a little talk with the kids to warn them and talk about any feeling ahead of time was key. POSSIBLE SPOILER:  Before you see it, if you have adopted warned that after three little girls are adopted, they are "returned" by the  adoptive parent. Dont worry though, it has a happy ending (of course). I warned my kids about that part of the movie and we talked about it. My kids assured me that they werent worried about that happening to them.

Anyway, the movie has a fantastic message to it about the value of family as opposed to any material thing you might gain (including the moon itself). I recommend it as a family film that adults (with a sense of humor) and kids will all enjoy. I loved this movie, and I plan on purchasing it. My husband, hater of most things animated, will even laugh at it...Im convinced.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yay and Grrrr....

So this was just going to be a nice little post about what Im thankful for today..but there is going to be something a little more that is very disturbing to me. So, I will start with the nice stuff first. Today, I am thankful for VETERANS, duh...right? No really, I am. I am a veteran myself, however I dont hold myself to the same standard as those who have fought and/or died for our country. I have done neither. I was in the Army during the Gulf War, but I did not go to the Gulf and fight. I stayed in Germany and were on standby incase there were any riots or protests that occured. I was an MP and this was what my unit was slated to do in the event that civil unrest in the area occured. It did not. That being said....Im thankful for those who did fight in our many wars. Truthfully, Im also thankful that I did not get sent to the Gulf, because I find the idea terrifying...being anywhere NEAR a battle, so for that I am thankful. So to those who did I am extremely  thankful.

Ok now the icky stuff......I just saw on Taste and See God's Goodness that is selling a book on there that I dont believe (regardless of our First Ammendment Rights) should be sold at all. AND it would be really nice if would take a stand against things that even suggest pedophilia as something "pleasureable" Yeah, Im not kidding. Go check out the blog and see what Im talking about and then maybe send a little Im going to. Maybe tell them that you will not be shopping with them if they continue to promote and sell this book, if you buy from them (like I do). I believe in freedom of speech, I really do. However, I believe some things are just plain wrong, when it involves innocent children and fueling the fire of the countless pedophiles that roam our neighborhoods. Its not legal to engage in chilld pornography on the web (some would say that is a violation of our rights) nor is it legal to publish or manufactor images of children in a sexual WHY is OK for books like this to be sold? I dont get it......

UPDATE: This is what happens when you are a blog slacker like me who just now gets around to reading yesterdays blogs....apparently felt the pressure and stopped the nonsense. That gives me hope...however, I still feel that publishing such a thing should be illegal.......

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Im a super slacker

I had good intentions for the thankful post a day thing....I really did. Life got in the way, I guess. I need to catch up on other blogs too, Im pretty behind.

Today I am thankful for good teachers. Last night was parent/teacher conferences and I am so impressed with A's teacher this year. Last year was a struggle. Hubs and I were sure the teacher had a screw list, as she tried to convince us to do the Connors test for ADHD for A. We were pretty certain he did not have this problem because the behaviors she was constantly complaining about, we never saw...or very seldom saw. So, because it was only in HER environment, we didnt have him tested. This is the teacher who refused to use any behavioral modification techniques to solve the problem...too lazy, I think. We kept telling her that he responds well to having privledges revoked. We would have done it at home, but she wouldnt tell us on a weekly basis how he was doing, like we requested. We were beyond frustrated. This year, new teacher and its a whole other story.

I LOVE this teacher. She communicates well with us. She sends a WEEKLY report about behavior home with him. She uses a behavior card system, where a child starts out on green every morning, which is no problems, and can go to yellow for warning, a orange for refocus, to brown, a call home, to black, a visit to the principals office. Alex has had an orange card ONCE, a yellow card a couple of times and the rest....he stays on green. We gave him the incentive of receiving a special treat every Friday if he stays on green, and it has worked. Drugs? He didnt need them obviously. What he needed was a teacher who has a clue. A teacher who clearly lays out her expectations to her students so they have no question about what she wants from them. The last teacher wouldnt even say anything to him, just complain to us at conference time. AND he made student of the month last month. Have I said I love this teacher. She too is amazed when comparing the kid he really is to the kid last years teacher made him out to be in her little notes in his file. Ugh. If I had another kid young enough to get her again (if she gets her job back...she was laid off in the cutbacks)...I would make it very clear that I dont want my child in her class. I mean she is the epitome of lazy to me. Am I being a little unfair, maybe...but Im irritated.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Have a Heart for Adoption? Please Read...and Share.

I just came across this post on blog I read...and thought it was definitely worthy of sharing. It is times like these I wish I had unlimited resources. Sigh.

Because We Are Free....

Today Im thankful for freedom. Im thankful that we are for the most part, a free country. I was able to read my Bible this morning, because we are free. I was able to choose what I wore today, and what I drove, and what I listened to today because we are free. I can own guns if I choose because we are free. I am able to post anything that I want to on this blog because we are free. I am able to read what you write on your blogs, which is whatever you want to, because we are free.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I really didnt have anything profound to say (do I ever?) so I wasnt really planning on blogging anything. I have been reading blogs and trying to play catch up, and in doing so, I got inspired. More than a few blogs that I read today are doing a Thankful challenge where everyday they share what they are thankful for that day. So....Im going to do it to. Its always nice to count your blessings in the face of all the crap that this world can throw at you.

I also want to share a post from MiMi on her dislike of "religion" as a Christian. You know...I could not have said it better. Its like she was hanging out inside my head and took notes. I agree with her 110%, and so I want to share the link to her post because well, she makes sense...and she is always hilarious too. So go HERE and read.... today I am thankful for my mother. I can count on her for all kinds of stuff. She doesnt care if I call her at midnight because at 6 am the next morning I really need her to come over and get the kids off to school. She wants me to do that if I need her...and quite frankly, Id be stuck if I didnt have her to help out with this...she is awesome.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Mutterings...

Wow...what a nutty weekend. Saturday was A's football game, where lots of cheating from the other side commenced. Seriously, your are NOT allowed to rush and certainly are not allowed to tackle in 2nd grade flag football. For real....

Ok, then we had to rush home and set up for A's eighth birthday party (8!!! Already!). Can I just say, that Im surprised Im not locked in a room somewhere, babbling to my self? Now I understand what my husband meant when he said, "are you sure?" when I said I wanted to throw a party for A. It was mayhem. Of course hubby had to slip out to pick up L from an all day scouting event. He wasnt gone ten minutes when I called him and asked him what was taking sooo long. Lol....I flew through the activities because I was afraid of them getting bored...and they didnt really seem interested in anything but running through the house tackling and pushing each other. We had a "donut on a string" eating contest, that was HILARIOUS. I was going to post video of that, but Im using kids' real names in it, and so, I dont want to do that considering most of them arent mine.

My lovely mom was there to help me out and at one point we went downstairs to check on the dogs, as we had barricaded them safely away from the craziness of all those little boys. On our way back upstairs we heard THIS:

J: Hey, A..if your bleeding really bad, you should do this first.....

Yeah, so not what you want to hear as your entering a room of 7-11 year olds. Luckily it was just talk and no one was actually bleeding.

I did cupcakes instead of a cake, and this was more convenient for the boys to engage in a game of "pin the cupcake on A's head". A ended up with a couple of cupcakes on his head and on his face, which he thought was hysterical.

Oh, and no way did I EVER at any point in the party put a shot of vanilla vodka in my cup of punch. Nope, not me.

The next day was Sunday, and of course Halloween. I was taking a shower in the morning, and through the door I hear this:

A: Mom, L keeps...garble, garble, garble, garble....
Me: Tell him I said to stop...

Now, I have NO idea what L was doing really, because I couldnt hear because of the running shower. What ever it was, he must have stopped though. Raise your hand if youve ever answered a child in this fashion (without hearing the whole story)  because you were guessing what was going on, and because the tone of voice didnt seem to indicate emergency? I bet Im not alone......

Last night, whilst trick or treating we saw a neighbors house had about three police cars in front of it, and the police were up at the front door. Of course, things like this do not go unnoticed to 8 year old boys. Ever. He proceeded to announce in a very loud voice:

Oooh, who's getting arrested?

OY. I wish I had been wearing a mask.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest....

...thats me. Ugh. Whats ridiculous is that I do it to myself. But, I feel that if I dont, then Im not being a good mom. My kids are INVOLVED in stuff. With three of them, that means Im very busy. I dont know how to slow it down either, without them suffering. However, maybe they wont be suffering? I dunno. How much is too much. Im convinced that kids that are involved stay out of trouble, especially as those teenage years creep in. I think a lot of my problem when I was a teen is that I wasnt really involved. I played soccer for a little while, but my parents were not involved in it with me, so I actually lost interest eventually  and so started keeping busy with "other things" and thats all I will say about that. So, they are involved and so am I.

Dont get me wrong, I wasnt horrible, for example I didnt have a drug problem and never got arrested...but still,  I did do some things I really dont want my kids doing. Things that had I been more INVOLVED, I probably would not have done.

Currently, on Tuesdays the boys have scouts, on Thursdays is football practice and Saturday is football games. Sundays is church and Mondays will be S's 4H nights with our dog Rocky. When football is done, it will be basketball time, and then the Holidays, and then in Spring, there is Baseball season....again. Round and Round it goes..where it stops...who the heck knows. I guess it doesnt. I guess this is parenting. Oh, and sometime soon S is going to be doing either dance or piano lessons, maybe both.  I dont know where she fits in best.....either does she yet. But I do know that I dont want her to miss out on anything, on anything that she might be good at.

There were things I really wanted to do as a kid, that I could have done, if the time was taken to get me involved in it. And now I feel like Ill never know what I could have done with that chance, what I may or may not have become. I do not want to be responsible for that when it comes to my I guess I'll just be busy......

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Halloween Tunes

Hey...I got my Halloween tunes up. If there are any suggestions to add to this, I would love to hear them. I think its pretty groovy as it is, but Id love to add some new stuff to it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Blog Filler #4,398

I got this from Sweet Pea. I love finding stuff like this, so thank you Sweet Pea.

1) What is your dream occupation ? My dream occupation would be a Zoologist or Marine Biologist. Or no job at all, just very wealthy and be able to spend my time volunteering for various causes.

2) What is the best dish that you can cook? Deserts mostly. I make a good tiramusu, pumpkin pie, and cobbler. Other than that, cheesey chicken chowder, chicken enchiladas, pasta dishes.

3) Have you ever been mentioned in the newspaper? What for? Yes, the paper did a thing on the food bank in town. I was working for Americorps at the time and this is one of the jobs that I did for them...filling bags up with food for families who would come to the food bank. They took a picture of me filling a bag. I think thats all.

4) What’s the worst and/or most memorable job you’ve ever had? Worst job would probably have to be one of the fast food jobs I worked as a teenager. My most memorable one is my years in law enforcement for obvious reasons.

5) When you were a teenager, at what age did you envision yourself getting married? How old were you in reality when you got married? I dont think I really envisioned getting married...I had other stuff to do, I guess, or so I thought. I ended up getting married when I was 22.

6) What’s your most hated household chore? What’s your favorite?  I LOATHE doing laundry. It  never ends, and socks frustrate me to no end. I like to wipe down and disinfect things like the kitchen counters and mop the floors, dust and clean the windows. I guess because its deep cleaning and I know the end result will make me extremely happy.

7) What’s your earliest memory? I dont, um probably my birthday party when I was three. It was a Halloween costume party, I was Peter Pan ( I had a thing about Peter Pan), and that is when my friend Robert gave me my Henry dog, stuffed dog, that went EVERYWHERE with me...even when I joined the Army. Yep, its true.

Either that or my first death experience. My best friend Christopher (when I was like three) and his mom were hit by a truck while crossing at a crosswalk; both were killed. I remember another little kid came into my front yard, where I was playing and showed me the newspaper article about it even though I couldnt read, and she told me what happened. I didnt understand what she meant, so I asked my mom, who had already heard the news and was trying to find the best way to tell me.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Mumblings....warning...potentially disturbing material.

...Im a bit disturbed today. Yesterday there was that news story about the guy that took his old sick dog into the vet, to have her put down.  The vet did the deed and the owner returned home and laid the body of his beloved pet aside until he figured out what he wanted to do (bury, cremate, whatever). The next day he went to take care of this unpleasant business to find the dog wide awake. that horrible or he said what if he had buried her already or worse (if there is worse).

Man, I dont know what to say about this. I have to wonder how many times this has happened and WHY  it happened. This kind of kept me up last night....its almost better to do it "the old fashioned way" than have to wonder if some overpaid moron is doing things the right way. Ugh.

Sorry, I probably should have not brought that up. I think I would have been upset if I read that on a blog, because its one of those things that I really would rather not know. Oh well...if I have to suffer, so do you.

OK, next subject:

My ten year old daughter got a little creeped out the other day, and I dont blame her. I was a little creeped out myself, but I couldnt help laughing.

We were outside of a popular store chain selling popcorn for A's cubscout den and it was time for the other cubscout to arrive and take over for his shift. He, whom we have never met before, showed up and headed right for S. Do not collect one hundred dollars, do not pass go.  He walked up to  her and said:

Him:  Didnt I see you at McDonalds earlier?
Him:  Oh. Want to come to my house?
Her:   (complete silence).

He walked away at her silence and she walked around to my ear and said:

OK, that was creepy.

I agreed with her, but to add to her horror I was laughing. I guess that is a 10 year old pick up line. Ugh...Im soooo not ready for her to be a teenager.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This is True, I Swear.....

....I'm flabbergasted. Someone in my  office just asked me how to spell something. It was an acronym...and while that's not so strange, what is strange is they were looking in the DICTIONARY. They KNOW its an acronym....AND what makes it even more strange is the fact that its an acronym that is made up by the agency I work for. Yeah.......

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hopes and Dreams for the Future Day 30 Blogging Challenge

Ok...just in case it doesnt happen in the next 365 days (as posted above), winning the lottery would be really nice. Other than that, I want my family to be happy and healthy in every way. I want my children to grow up being healthy, confident, and productive citizens. I want to have a good retirement after spending years in my soon to be new career in which I had helped many people. I want to maintain contact with friends that mean and have meant a whole lot to me. I want to live a physically healthy lifestyle that I am able to maintain. I want to write a book.

I want to travel far and wide. I want to travel with some good friends and see cool stuff together. I want to go back to Edinburgh, where I h ave roots and take my brother and maybe my mother with me. I want to visit Sweden where I also have roots, with my brother and mother.

I want to contribute significantly to the problem of pet overpopulation, pet homelessness, pet abuse, and abandonment. I want to see things get better there.

Thats all...nothing much:)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Hopes and Dreams for the next 365 Days-Day 29 Blog Challenge

First and foremost in this would be stuff involving my kids. I hope and dream that they would continue to feel secure where they are at. I hope that my daughter will learn to shut her mouth when she shouldn't be talking and think about the things she says BEFORE she says them. I hope that A continues to improve on the lying thing (and I don't mean become a BETTER liar, but not do it at all!), I wish L would stop putting things in his mouth...he's 11 not 1.

I wish and hope that my husband and I would learn to become really physically healthy people by changing our habits, eat less and exercise more. I hope that our family, to include extended be very healthy and happy for the next year at least.

I wish Rocky the Monster Puppy would stop trying to eat everything and that the three other dogs would forget how to bark at the wind and everything else outside.

I wish and hope that I can figure out what it is I want to be when I grow up, so when I start on my Masters in six months, I'll have a clearer direction.

I wish and hope that I become stronger in my faith and a more spiritual person; doing what I'm supposed to do and not do those things that I'm not supposed to do and that my relationship with the Lord grow more.

I wish that this internship I am starting will turn into an awesome job of some sort...I guess that's more of a dream.

As long as I'm speaking of dreaming....winning the lottery would be really nice.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Playing Catch Up with the Dropped Ball I have dropped the proverbial ball on the blog challenge. But hey, I made it 21 days! It was finals for school though, and then a much deserved mini vacay, so I didnt have time really. BUT...Im making it up. Right here, right now.

Day 22- A Website: Ok here is the website,  that consumes some of my down time, which until now, hasnt been a whole lot. Webslueths is where I go to indulge in my hobby of delving into missing person cases and unsolved murders. And no, Im not revealing my screenname there. So there.

Day 23- This is where I really drop the ball. I havent been a real you tuber, because I just dont have time for one more I dont have a video to share. Theres one where the rednecks try out a bullet proof vest on one of their redneck friends...they actually SHOOT this guy in the chest to see if the vest works. Yeah.....but I couldnt get it to download on this computer, so you are just going to have to take my word for it.

Day 24- Where I live. If I told you that Im afraid I would have to kill you. No, I live in what is considered High Desert, there are a lot of real "cowboys and indians" here. A huge world famous rodeo takes place nearby every year. We have a  huge mexican population, which I happen to like because I love their food and we have some fantastic Mexican restaraunts  here. Besides Ive spent quite a bit of time over the years in their country and I have a respect for them.  There are antelope, coyotes, curlews, cougars, and ground owls to just name a few of the wildlife that is here. Oh, and part of the gorge of the huge river that flows houses big curly horned Big Horned Sheep. There are tons of rednecks here too, that amuse me quite a bit...and no, I am not one of them. I wasnt born and raised her, I landed her about seven years ago. The town is small, the school is small and good, and I kind of like it here. Although I have to drive about 40 miinutes to go shopping anywhere except W@lm@rt.. ...which I try to avoid like the plague.

Day 25-My Day in Great Detail- Ok since this was supposed to be done of Saturday, I'll think about that day and talk about it. This will be fun because I was smack dab in the middle of a mini vacay. The hub and I woke up in our hotel room at about eight O clock in the big city we were in and went downstairs to the lobby for their "continental breakfast" which didnt have much of anything. I did grab a yoghurt and coffee of course. We went back up to the room and showered, packed and  went downstairs with our bags. The valet retrieved our car and we were on our way. We were still hungry so we swung by Mickey D's and got a bfast sandwhich. We drove or I should say the hub drove, a couple of hours to the coast. We got to the coastal town and called the friends we were meeting. They were a little bit away still, so we drove around and looked at all the houses and people, and found the hotel we were going to be in. We had to use the bathroom (hey, it said great detail), and after that we went and looked out the balcony of the lobby. When we were done with that we turned around and saw our friends coming through the lobby door. We gave hugs and said hi. We were all hungry for lunch so after we checked in we went downtown for lunch.  They recommended a pizza place. I was going to have a slice of pepporoni pizza, as was my husband, but they only had one left. My hubby was going to eat the pineapple, ham, and jalenpeno combination of the day, instead, but I know how much he loves pepporoni, so I ate the pineapple, ham, and jalepeno pizza. We also had a salad with our pizzas and I had an ice tea, unsweetened. We ate and visited with our good friends which we hadnt seen in a couple of years.

After that we all went to a huge antique store. My friend and I ended up cracking up over a very bizare and slightly disgusting childrens' book, which of course, I had to buy. She bought a huge old poster size add for Del Monte canned corn. It was just a picture of a huge can of corn that boasted:
"Family Size in Liquid". It cracked us up too...especially walking around town with that under her arm. We went to another antique mall and she found a camera sold in the 1939 NY world's fair (she collects things from that), and I bought a square Walt Disney drinking glass (I have a collection at home).  We walked around and did more shopping...until our feet started to hurt and we were thirsty. Three of us walked to the room, stashed our treasures and walked back to the restaurant where my hub was holding a table. We had a drink and an appetizer and chatted some more.

After this, we went to the actual ocean and looked at it for a while and visited. I think this is when we went into the huge candy shop where the hub and I spent $61.00. Yeah, a bit ridiculous, but we bought fudge and chocolate covered twinkies to share and a bunch of salt water taffty for the kids and freinds at home. We went back to the hotel, lounged around, talked and listened to Pink Floyd. When it was dinner time, we went to a seafood restaraunt, where I had chicken alfredo (Im very picky about what sea food I will eat), which was VERY good. After dinner we went back to the hotel and more talking and laughing ensued. We talked about all kinds of things that I dont dare mention here, most of it was reminiscing about or wild teenage/early adult year antics, which my friend and I were involved in together. can just imagine. We were very interesting to say the least. Then at about mid night or so, we went to sleep (it was a suite, so each couple had their own rooms).

Day 26-Week in Great Detail: Im pretty much skipping this one, this post is long enough. Pretty much my week consisted of pulling my hair out trying to finish my last week of school, selling popcorn for cubscouts, getting ready for the mini vacay, and getting the kids ready to stay with a friend and with grandma while we were gone.

Day 27-Worst Habit: I guess, its caring what people think. I dont know why I do....most of them suck anyway. Oh and messing with my head and hair, drives the hub crazy. My head doesnt itch or anything, its just a habit...keeps my hands busy I guess.

Day 28-Whats in My Handbag: Hey this is, so Im caught up: Im thrilled too that I cleaned my handbag out when we got back from the coast. That could have been slightly embarrasing. Instead, it will probably be sllightley boring. it is:

My wallet (red in color);a bottle of Midol (survival item); Feminie Hygeine products (sorry if there are any dudes reading, but thats reality); sunglasses (black); Chap-Ex lip balm-Tahitian Tangerine; a petsm@rt pet perks card key chain thing; tube of lipstick "Amethyst Shimmer" color; nail clippers; lotion-Rosehips and Lavender (from the hotel)-smells really good; my hairbrush; my phone; sticky notes; Tums; a pen; a Luna lemon zest "hole nutrions bar for women" that my friend gave me incase we were out and about and didnt want to stop shopping to eat but felt a tad hungry; and a couple of loose gummy bears rattling around in the bottom of my bag, which I am now throwing away.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Recipe-Day 21-Blog Challenge

Im choosing the following recipe because its one that I just got and I think its wonderful and pretty easy (if you dont think that letting bread rise for a million hours is hard, I mean you can DO other things while its rising).

A co worker gave this to me and she swore by it. I decided to try it because I love homemade bread (without a bread machine, thank you). I love the way the dough feels, I love the way it smells when its cooking, and I love the way it tastes when you pop it your mouth all warm with butter slathered on it. Thats good stuff. It really was easy, and it really was good. My hubby, who isnt as thrilled about bread as I am (he likes it sure, but he's not a freak about it like I am) even ooohed and aahed and couldnt quit eating it. Kids liked it too, but they are bread lovers as well.


1/4 tsp active dry yeast
11/2 cups warm water
3 cups all purpose flour, plus more for dusting. You may use white, whole wheat, or a combination of the two (which is what I did).
11/2 tsp salt
Cornmenal or wheat bran for dusting

In a large bowl, dissolve yeast in water. Add the flour and salt, stirring until blended. The dough will be shaggy and sticky. Cover bowl with plastic wrap. Let the dough rest at least 8 hours preferably 12 to 18 at room temperature...about 70 degrees.

The dough is ready when its surface is dotted with bubbles. Lightly flour a work surface and place dough on it. Sprinkle it with a little more flour and fold it over on itself once or twice. Cover loosely with plastic wrap and let it rest for about 15 minutes.

Using just enough flour to keep the dough from sticking to the work surface or to your fingers, gently shape it into a ball. Generously coat a clean dish towel with flour, wheat bran or cornmeal (I used corn meal). Put the seam side of the dough down on the towel and dust with more flour, bran, or cornmeal. Cover with another towel and let rise for about 1 to 2 hours. When its ready the dough will have doubled in size and will not readily spring back when poked with a finger.

At least 20 minutes before the dough is ready, heat oven to 475 degrees. Put a 6-8 quart heavy covered pot such as cast iron (this is what I used), enamel, pryrex or ceramic, in the oven as it heats. When the dough is ready, carefully remove the pot from oven, and lift off the lid. Slide your hand under the towel and turn the dough over into the pot, seam side up. The dough will lose tis shape a bit in the process, but thats OK. Give the pan a firm shake or two to  help distribute the dough evenly, but dont worry if its not perfect; it will straighten out as it bakes.

Cover and bake for 30 minutes. Remove the lid and bake another 15 to 20 minutes, until the loaf is beautifully browned. Remove the bread  from the dutch oven and let it cool on a rack for at least 1 hour before slicing.

Yeild: One 1 1/2 pound loaf.
Adapted from the New York Times

 So, my friend throws in a handful of sunflower seed (shelled already, of course) into the dough. I was going to do this but I forgot to get the seeds. Im doing it next time though. The only problem with this recipe is its gone very soon after its is so good.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Hobby of Mine...Day 20 Blogging Challenge

Ok, I think most of my hobbies have been discussed on here before. I like put things into my face...I like to read....I like to cook, particularly to bake. I like to swim and do all manners of water type things. I like dogs. I like to scrapbook, I like TV and movies.  You know...all the usual stuff

One hobbie, however that I dont really discuss much of at all here and is really kind of personal to me is my fondness for missing people and unsolved murder cases. Particularly, I am a psychology freak. I love trying to figure people out that do hideous things, in particular. Yeah, Im a bit strange. I will admit that much. I watch a lot of Nancy Grace (or used to before she started focusing so much on spoiled celebraties), and a lot of Investigation Discovery. I like to read true crime books. I can keep my self awake at night trying to figure out where Haleigh Cummings or Kyron Horman are. What Casey Anthony is exactly...stuff like that. The Jon Benet Ramsey case, as well as the Jacob Wetterling, Gabriel Johnson, and Trenton Duckett cases all bug the crap out of me. Same with missing adult cases.....those are really strange. Do people really just take off more than we think they do? Where do they all go? Is the sex slave industry so huge and protected by influencial (read Government or owners of corprate monsters, if you wish....) people that they just are allowed to exist? Scary thought. These people have to be somewhere. And someone KNOWS what happened to them. We truly do walk amongst monsters......

I can and do sometimes spend days on the computer researching and reading about various cases. I am a websluether and am a member of that website (blog entry coming soon).  Sometimes it consumes me too much, which is why I keep it kind of private, well....until now that is. The kitty is out of the proverbial bag, I guess. Meow.

But really...WHERE are they and what HAPPENED to them and WHO is involved?

Haleigh Cummings

Kyron Horman

Jacob Wetterling

Gabriel Johnson

Trenton Duckett

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A Talent of Mine-Day 19 Blogging Challenge

My talent is that I have no talent. There.

No? Ok....umm mumm mummm (the sound of me thinking)

How does one know when one is talented? When they can do something most people can't, or when they can do something better than average? Im going with the latter on this.

Apparantly I write a pretty good paper for school. I tend to get As on most of them. Does that take talent, or does it just mean Im sick somehow? I dunno. Im a great swimmer. I can do a mean butterfly stroke. My husband tells me I do it very well.

I can make a mean Tiramusu and great chicken enchiladas

I can draw better than average. I havent done so in a very long time though.
Im usually good with dogs, especially when they are dogs that are of one of the people pleasing breeds.  It just so happens that mine are not. Mine are of one of the few "I could care less what you want" breeds.

Im great at sleeping, drinking coffee, and eating chocolate, and.....

being stupid and silly, and wasting huge amounts of time. At those things, I am the champion of the world.

My Wedding-Day 18 Blogging Challenge

Ok so I get to brag here. Not about my wedding per se, because that in itself was pretty uneventful, extremely simple, and quick, but what happened during the weekend we got married. This is one of those times that I wish I wouldn't keep forgetting to buy a scanner, because pictures would be nice in this case, and it was before digital cameras were really that common. I certainly didnt have one.

Anyway, T and I got married in Reno. It is not the first marriage for either of us. Reno is where both his children were born, and he is a gifted gambler and loves to do it, and I had never been there, so we went.
We were supposed to stay in a room at the El Dorado. We got there and they didnt have our room. T is also gifted at getting people to compensate for something they screwed up on; pretty much because he wont just say "oh thats OK" like Im apt to do, because I can be a push over sometimes.

Anyway, they didnt have any other regular rooms left so the clerk just sighed and said that she really wasnt supposed to this but.....

and handed him a key (well...card actually). On the way to the elevator he turned to me and said:

"Im thinking we just scored big time....if its how I remember..." and we proceded to the top floor.

We got to out of the elevator and there was no where to go but through some double doors that we had to use our card on. It led us down a hall way and to our room. Our room with double doors. We opened it and I almost fainted. The clerk had given us a corner penthouse suit on the top floor. It was huge and one whole wall was a window looking over Reno and the hills. It had a TWO huge big screen tv mounted on the wall, a full kitchen and marble top bar. The bar was in front of the big window so you could sit on the stools and look out while having a drink. It had a full living room, a huge dining room and up two steps was a platform with a big hot tub...right in front of the window, so you could soak and enjoy the view. On the other side of the hot tub area, was steps leading down to a small area with a tv and DVD player and another couch. Through those doors was a huge bedroom with another TV and entertainment system and off the bedroom was a glass and marble shower, the biggest shower I have ever seen, and then the huge vanity/sink area. Off that through another door was the toilet. There was also a small bathroom off the dining room area.

I know that my description doesnt do it justice...lets put it this way....they only let VIPs (like celebrities) stay in that penthouse usually...and here we were. We kept expecting them to come up at any minute and kick us out. But they didnt. They even delivered the paper to our door every morning and supplied us with thick heavy plush robes.

(You can see the words "El Dorado" in pink at the top...our room was the top row inthe right hand corner...that black space was the window I was referring to. )

We played a little trick on my brother when he got to the hotel. We met him in the lobby and after securing his luggage in his room we invited him up to our room for a drink. He was impressed and a bit skeptical so we had to tell him what happened, because there is no way we could have afforded a room like that. He had brought us In and Out Burger (  from Los Angeles where he lives, so we sat at our marble bar, ate and oohed and aahed out the window.

The next day we got married at one of those little chapels by some lady. It was really quick and informal, but a lot of fun. My brother even threw rice or something at us. T showed us around the city and we did some sightseeing in the surrounding areas like the old mining town of Virginia City, and also took us around Tahoe. We hung out at the El Dorado and other casinos watching dualing piano players and also went to another piano bar where we exhausted the piano man with our requests. We had a blast.

T and I were in the hot tub in our room one night, with the curtains open staring out at all the pretty lights, when a helicopter flew by, hovering almost level  (or so it seemed) with our room, shining its bright light in at us. That was interesting....I hope the pilot enjoyed his view.

We got married in February, which is also when the West Minster Kennel Club Dog Show is on, and since it is my version of the superbowl, I watched it on both TVs in the living room area. For the life of me, I cant remember which breed won that year....and Im too lazy to look it up at the moment.

Anyway that was our wedding or the events surrounding our wedding. Now whenever we go somewhere I am secretly hoping that they screw up or room reservations.

Friday, September 17, 2010

An art piece...Day 17- Blogging Challenge-and a little message....

This is one of my favorites:

Edward Munch's The Scream. I have always liked the picture. Probably because it is how I feel sometimes...especially in the morning, or when Im dealing with GICOE. I had a coffee cup with this on it and I used it every morning. Until I broke it on accident, then I really felt that. It reminds me a little of Van Gogh's style; I thought this was Van Gogh before I learned different. I like Van Gogh...crazy guy who cuts off  his ear. Thats fun, isnt it? No?  

So, I was going to do this post on an old print we have hanging up in the house. Hub and I were on one of our antiquing road trips in New Hampshire and we found this old print in a very old but hand made frame. We thought the picture was interesting and it was old, so we bought it. We removed the dilapitated old frame (with no glass of course) and found that the news paper backing it was from 1898. Sweet...We got it reframed in a gorgeous custom frame and that is where it has been. I have tried and tried to find out who the artist is and what year the print was from exactly, but I havent been able to find it on the internet anywhere. Its a black and white print of a lady laying on her side inside a cave and she is reading a huge book, and lying next to her is a skull with a rose near it. Sound familiar to anyone? I wanted to post a picture of it here, but I ran out of time to take a picture of it and post it. Maybe I'll work on that soon and someone can finally put a name and an artist to the print. So for now The Scream is going to have to do.

I am taking off this afternoon for the mountain where we are having a women's retreat for church. Its a fun relaxing, and spiritual time where there is no computer service (or phone service-I think) so for the next two blogging challenge day 18 and 19 I will have to do when I get back. Take care!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Song That Makes Me Cry-Day 16 Blogging Challenge

I have a couple that make me cry. Most of them are songs we sing in church though. One song that isnt a church song that makes me cry is "Dust in the Wind" by Kansas. When my beloved cat Spock died, me and hubby were both pretty sad. Hubby buried him in the front yard flower bed, while I lay crying in bed.  When he was done he came in and sat on the bed next to me and we talked about the evil, but entirely lovable little bastard. Then we went downstairs to our family room (this was pre kids, so it was a little bar area that we entertained in-then it turned into a playroom) and hubby put a record on (yes, an actual record, we are collectors) and said:

This is for Naughterbee (one of many ridiculous nicknames we had for him). ...

and he proceeded to play "Dust in the Wind" and I started sobbing all over again. SO everytime I hear that song it makes me sad and I think of that day. So...moral of the story is if you have a song that you like, dont play it in rememberance of someone or something you love, because it will forever make you sad when you hear it.

Another song that can make me cry, but doesnt always is "Fire and Rain" by James Taylor. And when I hear "Your'e All I Need" by Motely Crue, I dont cry exactly but I feel really sad...its actually a very twisted song, but sad in its own wierd way, and the melody is beautiful haunting and sad at the same time.

In church when we sing "Refiner's Fire" I cry....and the old hym "How Great Thou Art"..gets me everytime. I will want that one played at my own funereal , I have long decided. But hopefully that wont happen for a very long time.....

RIP buddy.

(not actually him, but looks identical to him)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dream House-Day 15 Blog Challenge

OK this was fun. First off, I love old houses....southern plantation, Victorian, Gothic,Gothic -Victorian, doesn't much matter I love old houses with tons of character and perhaps a little history too. So my dream house would be a big ol' house of some sort...probably Gothic, or these:

I would do the inside in a combination of Gothic and modern. I would want some of the Gothic architecture to come through, but I wouldn't want it necessarily to have that cold feeling to it that some Gothic interiors can have. I found some pictures on the net here that kind of capture what I would want in my dream home.  Here is a Gothic kitchen that has been restored to reflect a more modern feel:

I would want a big ol' Gothic claw foot tub in my bathroom too...I mean a big one. It would have to have a shower in it too though for my family and friends who despise baths and insist on showers (can you believe people who don't like baths? -Hi J!!). Lots of little shelves and nooks to set candles in is a must have for a bathroom in my dream house...oh and a fish tank built into the wall would be nice. I got this picture here.
And I came across this bedroom that I would feel like I was in heaven in.....not real Gothic as it is, but a mix of this with some of the original Gothic architecture would be really nice...I don't think I would ever leave the bedroom.....
My dream house definitely includes a pool...and this would be perfect if it opened out onto a big balcony. Overlooking the ocean of course...on top of a cliff, with a nice safe path down to the water.....doesn't that sound nice. Of course the kids rooms would all be big enough, with great views as well. Perhaps with a giant video game wall in a playroom. Oh, and a library...what Gothic dream house would be complete without a library? Not mine. I would also have a dog room that opens up into the back garden with their own little safe fenced in area. A nice place for them to be in or out while we are gone. So, when can I move in?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Non Fictional Book- Day 14 Blog Challenge

When I did the post on favorite books, many of my favorites are memoir type books. Most of the time that is what I perfer to read. I just got done reading the "Heroin Diaries" by Motley Crue bass player Nikki Sixx. Its non fiction and is taken directly from his diary during 1987-1988. The year I graduated  high school (1987).

I love this book and it has earned itself a place on my favorites shelf, and gets five stars (out of five). Its shockingly honest, as a diary would be. Its amazing that  he didnt cut anything out, because good heavens there is just some things that fall into "TMI" in it. It is as real as it gets. I knew rock stars lived a certain way, but honestly, even having that knowledge already, I was shocked by some of the things Sixx puts out there by publishing his diary.

I feel that anyone thinking about dabbling with drugs may change their mind after reading this book. I also feel that someone struggling with addiction may gain some insight as well, as Sixx touches on most of the excuses and feelings that are present when faced with the option of seeking help.

It takes a look into Sixx's childhood and the pain he feels from events in his childhood is as raw as it comes as he expresses it in his diary. From now on when I read a memoir I will wonder  how much more the author would be telling us if it were coming straight from a personal diary.

Occasionally Sixx lies to himself when he writes in his diary, but that is usually about drugs and it is plain to see that  his addiction is penning certain entries.

It also has writings in there, following some of the entries,  from the perspectives of people who were around Sixx at the time, and how they viewed his state at the time. Sixx himself also offers asides and clarifications on some of his writings as well, elaborating on some of the stuff that the diary does not make clear to an outsider.

Truly, fascinating stuff.

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Fictional Book-Day 13 Blog Challenge (Didnt we do this already?)

Well, I guess I will write about the current book I am reading. Im reading Menonite in a Little Black Dress.

So far, so good.

Do you know what the difference between Amish and Menonite is? Most Amish, the "old order" completely seperate themselves from the way others, like me, known as "the English" live. No phones, television, computers, cars, electric appliances, higher education etc. Menonites can have all that stuff if they want, except "old order Menonites". But, like the Amish, they are Anabaptists and tend to live rurally, with lots of kids and lots of animals, and are conservative, like the Amish in the way they dress. Both groups are extremely passive and do not care for ritual in their worship and the church services are very simple without a lot of flash, ritual, and religious icon. The menonites are heavy into volunteer work and mission work, where as the Amish perfer to keep to themselves. Basically Menonites are "Amish-lite".

I have a confession to make....I kind of sort of envy those people. The Amish especially. I mean its a lot of hard work, but its also a simpler life. I have always felt a little jealous of their family life and all the time they get to spend together because they arent involved in the rat race; they work together. All those delicious recipes-making everything from scratch. I would love to have the time to do that everyday. I would love to be totally self sufficient by growing and raising our own food.  We are a two income family and have become accustomed to certain things. If it were just me, well then....I could make the change. My hubby doesnt feel that way though. He raised pigs before for a while and he's not ever going back there again. Farming just wasnt his thing, I guess.

Im not thrilled about the clothing the women wear, because when its hot outside, I live in shorts or short skirts, capris and flip flops, or no shoes at all. I guess they just dont do that kind of thing. That part would suck. It would be nice though to not have to worry about what you wear because everyone is wearing the same thing. No striving to make sure your kids are in style, because it just doesnt matter in that community. There is an immense amount of freedom that comes from just that, I think. You could focus on the more important things in life; your family relationships, friendships nutrition, and spirituality. Really....what is more important than that? Nothing that I can think of. But when your are in this rat race the culture you are immersed in makes other things (like the latest movies, music, styles, fads, technology) important to keep up with. Imagine the freedom if nothing like that ever mattered. Wow.

I went to a menonites place once. They were selling a pop up trailer, and we were looking for one. They lived way out in a beautiful little spot...lots of kids running around, lots of animals running around, so peaceful really. But...I wasnt born into that culture and I guess its too hard for people to throw themselves into it; I have heard that it doesnt last for them when they try. Ill just have to be content with being an outsider, of being on the outside looking in through the pages of a book.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Something I am OCD about-Day 12 Blog Challenge

This is a hard one...I dont know even WANT to TALK about it.  Those commercials for the ASPCA about animal abuse. I cant STAND those. I know they are necessary in some way, but I cant stand to watch or hear them. I feel like my head and my heart will explode....if one starts I have to either cover my ears and bury my head in the couch so I cant see it. Or leave the room. AND I have to quickly do something else to get my mind off what I KNOW was just on the TV. I have to pace or listen to loud music or read...something else to get rid of it. I cant sit and watch tv or I will think about it.

Wierd? Yeah, I know.....honestly seeing those commercials makes me panic.

Oh and food in the refridgerator that may or may  not be expired. If it is one day past the expiration date, I will have to throw it out and this makes my hub mad. He says they can go a little beyond....I say they cant. Yuck.  Ive learned to live with that one though. ...the animal one? I cant get past that....I have nightmares and terrible haunting thoughts about the stories I have heard or seen on tv in the past. They play over and over in my head and I hate I have to go do something else..for real.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Photo of Me Recently-Day 11 Blog Challenge

Ok, so the challenge didnt specify that it had to be a good picture or even a clear picture of me. Just a picture that was taken recenty. Aaaand it didnt say HOW recent, right? Ok then. Get off my back. This photo is about two years old. The hub and I were going to Cabo for a surprise birthday of a friend of ours. Our friend had no idea that any of his friends were planning on going to Mexico with him and his wife. In fact, before he got to the airport he had no idea he was going to Mexico...just that he was going somewhere as a surprise. His wife had packed for him, so he truly had no idea. Anyway, so we between his wife and us we discovered that we were going to be on the same plane AND in the same row. We wanted to keep the surprise for as long as possible, so we decided (the hub and I) to wear disguises. Not that they would draw attention to us or anything. We just thought it would be funny, you know if he did notice us. Well he noticed us on the plane, not who we were but that there were a couple of freaks sitting across the isle from them. It was hard not laugh, and finally as he was looking at us, we took off the disguises. And indeed he was surprised. We laughed so hard all the way to Mexico.....

Friday, September 10, 2010

A Photo Taken Over 10 Years Ago of Me-Day 10 Blog Challenge

Me, year one.......

Heh, heh, look at the bottoms of my can tell I had been walking for some time before my first birthday (at 9 months), poor mother.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

OK...I Screwed Up...So Sue Me Already....

I have screwed the blogging challenge up. I posted two on one day, which means Im a day ahead. Crud. So the one I posted today was supposed to be posted tommorrow I wont post a blogging challenge item. I may post some other drivel though, if I happen to come up with anything.

A Photo I Took-Day 9 Blog Challenge

Im kind of proud of this picture that I took. I had taken a hundred shots of this church from the other side of it. From the side that you can see from downtown Puerto Vallarta and they were just ok...nothing special. Then we went to see Liz Taylor's and Richard Burton's house on this street. After the tour we decided to walk further down the street to unchartered territory for us, and low and behold, we could see THIS side of the church, framed by all the lovely flowers instead of a mob of vendors and people walking around. I was quite pleased...still am.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Photo that Makes me Sad-Day 8 Blog Challenge

Need I say more?

Random thoughts about Ratts in the shower

Do you ever have like the most random things pop in your head in the shower? I did today, only I guess it wasnt that random because it was triggered by something I was reading, but the memory was pretty random and something I havent thought about in like forever.....

This morning I was reading a couple of pages from Nikki Sixx's "Heroin Diaries" and he mentioned Robbin Crosby from the band Ratt and his freindship with  him and how he died from AIDS contracted from dirty needles. I was thinking about this as I showered because I remember hearing of Robbin's death and assumed the AIDS was from his promiscuous rock star lifestyle. It never crossed my  mind it was from dirty needles.

Anyway as I was thinking about him and Ratt, I remembered the one time I went for a younger man. I was in 10th grade and he was in the 9th, lol. He was a huge Ratt fan, and I really loved hanging out with this kid...we just connected. He was also going to my youth group at the time (a very short time) and we just really hit it off. We ended up going on a "date" although our parents didnt see it that way, Im sure.

We went to see Poltergiest 2 (I think-it may have been the first one, it was one of the two though). I remember eating a candy bar and going into the bathroom and throwing up for some reason. I remember his mom picking us up at the movies and dropping me off at my house.

I also remember that a week or so later, he broke my heart. He didnt want to "go out" anymore, he just wanted to be friends. He never really gave me an answer as to why. Now I strongly suspect his mom had something to do with it. And I can't say I blame her...I wouldnt want L "going out" with someone like me when he is ninth grade either! Im sure his mom thought he was a lot purer than he really was though. Thats the way it usually works.

Anyway, I had not thought about that in a long time. For as hurt as I was, it sure didnt matter to much as I grew up. Teenage angst sure sucks at the time, but eventually it fades away. Getting teenagers to understand that though is like pulling teeth. So I wanted to write this memory down somewhere so I can reflect back upon it when L is a teen (in a year and a half!) so I can remember how some of these things felt.

So now that Ive wasted a minute of your life you will never get back......can you remember a time of teenage angst that you thought you'd never get over, but did?