Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Wedding-Day 18 Blogging Challenge

Ok so I get to brag here. Not about my wedding per se, because that in itself was pretty uneventful, extremely simple, and quick, but what happened during the weekend we got married. This is one of those times that I wish I wouldn't keep forgetting to buy a scanner, because pictures would be nice in this case, and it was before digital cameras were really that common. I certainly didnt have one.

Anyway, T and I got married in Reno. It is not the first marriage for either of us. Reno is where both his children were born, and he is a gifted gambler and loves to do it, and I had never been there, so we went.
We were supposed to stay in a room at the El Dorado. We got there and they didnt have our room. T is also gifted at getting people to compensate for something they screwed up on; pretty much because he wont just say "oh thats OK" like Im apt to do, because I can be a push over sometimes.

Anyway, they didnt have any other regular rooms left so the clerk just sighed and said that she really wasnt supposed to this but.....

and handed him a key (well...card actually). On the way to the elevator he turned to me and said:

"Im thinking we just scored big time....if its how I remember..." and we proceded to the top floor.

We got to out of the elevator and there was no where to go but through some double doors that we had to use our card on. It led us down a hall way and to our room. Our room with double doors. We opened it and I almost fainted. The clerk had given us a corner penthouse suit on the top floor. It was huge and one whole wall was a window looking over Reno and the hills. It had a TWO huge big screen tv mounted on the wall, a full kitchen and marble top bar. The bar was in front of the big window so you could sit on the stools and look out while having a drink. It had a full living room, a huge dining room and up two steps was a platform with a big hot tub...right in front of the window, so you could soak and enjoy the view. On the other side of the hot tub area, was steps leading down to a small area with a tv and DVD player and another couch. Through those doors was a huge bedroom with another TV and entertainment system and off the bedroom was a glass and marble shower, the biggest shower I have ever seen, and then the huge vanity/sink area. Off that through another door was the toilet. There was also a small bathroom off the dining room area.

I know that my description doesnt do it justice...lets put it this way....they only let VIPs (like celebrities) stay in that penthouse usually...and here we were. We kept expecting them to come up at any minute and kick us out. But they didnt. They even delivered the paper to our door every morning and supplied us with thick heavy plush robes.

(You can see the words "El Dorado" in pink at the top...our room was the top row inthe right hand corner...that black space was the window I was referring to. )

We played a little trick on my brother when he got to the hotel. We met him in the lobby and after securing his luggage in his room we invited him up to our room for a drink. He was impressed and a bit skeptical so we had to tell him what happened, because there is no way we could have afforded a room like that. He had brought us In and Out Burger (  from Los Angeles where he lives, so we sat at our marble bar, ate and oohed and aahed out the window.

The next day we got married at one of those little chapels by some lady. It was really quick and informal, but a lot of fun. My brother even threw rice or something at us. T showed us around the city and we did some sightseeing in the surrounding areas like the old mining town of Virginia City, and also took us around Tahoe. We hung out at the El Dorado and other casinos watching dualing piano players and also went to another piano bar where we exhausted the piano man with our requests. We had a blast.

T and I were in the hot tub in our room one night, with the curtains open staring out at all the pretty lights, when a helicopter flew by, hovering almost level  (or so it seemed) with our room, shining its bright light in at us. That was interesting....I hope the pilot enjoyed his view.

We got married in February, which is also when the West Minster Kennel Club Dog Show is on, and since it is my version of the superbowl, I watched it on both TVs in the living room area. For the life of me, I cant remember which breed won that year....and Im too lazy to look it up at the moment.

Anyway that was our wedding or the events surrounding our wedding. Now whenever we go somewhere I am secretly hoping that they screw up or room reservations.


Mama Drama Times Two said...

Wow. To heck with Expedia and Travelocity. Next time I'm booking a vacation - I should be calling T.

foxy said...

I cannot even IMAGINE staying at a place like that. Sounds like the penthouse suite from The Hangover. So cool that they let you stay there.... and on your wedding weekend. What luck!

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

What a great wedding story! And I love that you had In-n-Out Burgers in your fancy suite! (I could go for one right now.)