Thursday, September 2, 2010

Favorite Movie...Day 2 Blog Challenge

Naming a favorite movie is kind of like naming a favorite song, its hard to do, but not impossible I guess. I love a lot of movies, and its hard to name just one movie, but when asked what my favorite movie is I do have a standard answer, because I do love this movie, and I suppose it is my favorite.

Its Terms of Endearment. I saw this movie as a teen and have loved it ever since. I have many parts memorized, and I love to watch it...although its been a while. I am a huge Jack Nicholson fan, I love his acting and his acting in this is no exception. It is quite star studded with Shirley MacLain, Jeff Daniels, Danny Devito, Johnathan Lithgow, and Debra Winger in it. This movie makes me laugh and sure as  heck makes me cry. It hits pretty close to home, but thats a story for a different day-otherwise I might ruin it just IN CASE there is someone out there that hasnt seen it. If you havent seen it, and want warned. You will probably cry your eyes out.  There are many lines from this movie that I use in my life today....and one I have used on this blog more than once.

Id rather stick needles in my eyes....

See? A movie that has a line like that in there has got to be good.

Watch the trailer (but dont forget to pause my playlist first:)):

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Anonymous said...

ah, Jack and Shirley are the best !!!