Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Playing Catch Up with the Dropped Ball

Ok...so I have dropped the proverbial ball on the blog challenge. But hey, I made it 21 days! It was finals for school though, and then a much deserved mini vacay, so I didnt have time really. BUT...Im making it up. Right here, right now.

Day 22- A Website: Ok here is the website,  that consumes some of my down time, which until now, hasnt been a whole lot. Webslueths is where I go to indulge in my hobby of delving into missing person cases and unsolved murders. And no, Im not revealing my screenname there. So there.

Day 23- This is where I really drop the ball. I havent been a real you tuber, because I just dont have time for one more habit....so I dont have a video to share. Theres one where the rednecks try out a bullet proof vest on one of their redneck friends...they actually SHOOT this guy in the chest to see if the vest works. Yeah.....but I couldnt get it to download on this computer, so you are just going to have to take my word for it.

Day 24- Where I live. If I told you that Im afraid I would have to kill you. No, I live in what is considered High Desert, there are a lot of real "cowboys and indians" here. A huge world famous rodeo takes place nearby every year. We have a  huge mexican population, which I happen to like because I love their food and we have some fantastic Mexican restaraunts  here. Besides Ive spent quite a bit of time over the years in their country and I have a respect for them.  There are antelope, coyotes, curlews, cougars, and ground owls to just name a few of the wildlife that is here. Oh, and part of the gorge of the huge river that flows houses big curly horned Big Horned Sheep. There are tons of rednecks here too, that amuse me quite a bit...and no, I am not one of them. I wasnt born and raised her, I landed her about seven years ago. The town is small, the school is small and good, and I kind of like it here. Although I have to drive about 40 miinutes to go shopping anywhere except W@lm@rt.. ...which I try to avoid like the plague.

Day 25-My Day in Great Detail- Ok since this was supposed to be done of Saturday, I'll think about that day and talk about it. This will be fun because I was smack dab in the middle of a mini vacay. The hub and I woke up in our hotel room at about eight O clock in the big city we were in and went downstairs to the lobby for their "continental breakfast" which didnt have much of anything. I did grab a yoghurt and coffee of course. We went back up to the room and showered, packed and  went downstairs with our bags. The valet retrieved our car and we were on our way. We were still hungry so we swung by Mickey D's and got a bfast sandwhich. We drove or I should say the hub drove, a couple of hours to the coast. We got to the coastal town and called the friends we were meeting. They were a little bit away still, so we drove around and looked at all the houses and people, and found the hotel we were going to be in. We had to use the bathroom (hey, it said great detail), and after that we went and looked out the balcony of the lobby. When we were done with that we turned around and saw our friends coming through the lobby door. We gave hugs and said hi. We were all hungry for lunch so after we checked in we went downtown for lunch.  They recommended a pizza place. I was going to have a slice of pepporoni pizza, as was my husband, but they only had one left. My hubby was going to eat the pineapple, ham, and jalenpeno combination of the day, instead, but I know how much he loves pepporoni, so I ate the pineapple, ham, and jalepeno pizza. We also had a salad with our pizzas and I had an ice tea, unsweetened. We ate and visited with our good friends which we hadnt seen in a couple of years.

After that we all went to a huge antique store. My friend and I ended up cracking up over a very bizare and slightly disgusting childrens' book, which of course, I had to buy. She bought a huge old poster size add for Del Monte canned corn. It was just a picture of a huge can of corn that boasted:
"Family Size in Liquid". It cracked us up too...especially walking around town with that under her arm. We went to another antique mall and she found a camera sold in the 1939 NY world's fair (she collects things from that), and I bought a square Walt Disney drinking glass (I have a collection at home).  We walked around and did more shopping...until our feet started to hurt and we were thirsty. Three of us walked to the room, stashed our treasures and walked back to the restaurant where my hub was holding a table. We had a drink and an appetizer and chatted some more.

After this, we went to the actual ocean and looked at it for a while and visited. I think this is when we went into the huge candy shop where the hub and I spent $61.00. Yeah, a bit ridiculous, but we bought fudge and chocolate covered twinkies to share and a bunch of salt water taffty for the kids and freinds at home. We went back to the hotel, lounged around, talked and listened to Pink Floyd. When it was dinner time, we went to a seafood restaraunt, where I had chicken alfredo (Im very picky about what sea food I will eat), which was VERY good. After dinner we went back to the hotel and more talking and laughing ensued. We talked about all kinds of things that I dont dare mention here, most of it was reminiscing about or wild teenage/early adult year antics, which my friend and I were involved in together. So...you can just imagine. We were very interesting to say the least. Then at about mid night or so, we went to sleep (it was a suite, so each couple had their own rooms).

Day 26-Week in Great Detail: Im pretty much skipping this one, this post is long enough. Pretty much my week consisted of pulling my hair out trying to finish my last week of school, selling popcorn for cubscouts, getting ready for the mini vacay, and getting the kids ready to stay with a friend and with grandma while we were gone.

Day 27-Worst Habit: I guess, its caring what people think. I dont know why I do....most of them suck anyway. Oh and messing with my head and hair, drives the hub crazy. My head doesnt itch or anything, its just a habit...keeps my hands busy I guess.

Day 28-Whats in My Handbag: Hey this is today...cool, so Im caught up: Im thrilled too that I cleaned my handbag out when we got back from the coast. That could have been slightly embarrasing. Instead, it will probably be sllightley boring. Ok...here it is:

My wallet (red in color);a bottle of Midol (survival item); Feminie Hygeine products (sorry if there are any dudes reading, but thats reality); sunglasses (black); Chap-Ex lip balm-Tahitian Tangerine; a petsm@rt pet perks card key chain thing; tube of lipstick "Amethyst Shimmer" color; nail clippers; lotion-Rosehips and Lavender (from the hotel)-smells really good; my hairbrush; my phone; sticky notes; Tums; a pen; a Luna lemon zest "hole nutrions bar for women" that my friend gave me incase we were out and about and didnt want to stop shopping to eat but felt a tad hungry; and a couple of loose gummy bears rattling around in the bottom of my bag, which I am now throwing away.


Macey said...

Now you really have me wondering...I thought we lived in the same general area, but I know 100 miles east from here would be high desert. So I'm lost.
Anyway, I have to stay away from that website now. :)

foxy said...

Look at how good you are.... catching us all up! You weekend at the coast sounds fantastic. And how sweet of you to let the hubs have the last piece of pepperoni. :)

Cassie said...

Hmmm I should do that what's in my purse post just to give myself an opportunity to clean it out.

obladi oblada said...

MiMi: We live in the same state:)

YogaGrrrl said...

Wow, you caught up alright, great detail and all that. Hee hee...

Slamdunk said...

I think I have seen the moron bullet proof vest testing video that you mention. It is quite a laugher...

Mama Drama Times Two said...

My purse contents may be more interesting - but your purse is at least cleaned out! Now that you have enlightened me on Supersleuths, I linked to cold cases/missing persons/crimes in my humble New England State and now have a new distraction to save me from excessive housework!