Monday, September 13, 2010

A Fictional Book-Day 13 Blog Challenge (Didnt we do this already?)

Well, I guess I will write about the current book I am reading. Im reading Menonite in a Little Black Dress.

So far, so good.

Do you know what the difference between Amish and Menonite is? Most Amish, the "old order" completely seperate themselves from the way others, like me, known as "the English" live. No phones, television, computers, cars, electric appliances, higher education etc. Menonites can have all that stuff if they want, except "old order Menonites". But, like the Amish, they are Anabaptists and tend to live rurally, with lots of kids and lots of animals, and are conservative, like the Amish in the way they dress. Both groups are extremely passive and do not care for ritual in their worship and the church services are very simple without a lot of flash, ritual, and religious icon. The menonites are heavy into volunteer work and mission work, where as the Amish perfer to keep to themselves. Basically Menonites are "Amish-lite".

I have a confession to make....I kind of sort of envy those people. The Amish especially. I mean its a lot of hard work, but its also a simpler life. I have always felt a little jealous of their family life and all the time they get to spend together because they arent involved in the rat race; they work together. All those delicious recipes-making everything from scratch. I would love to have the time to do that everyday. I would love to be totally self sufficient by growing and raising our own food.  We are a two income family and have become accustomed to certain things. If it were just me, well then....I could make the change. My hubby doesnt feel that way though. He raised pigs before for a while and he's not ever going back there again. Farming just wasnt his thing, I guess.

Im not thrilled about the clothing the women wear, because when its hot outside, I live in shorts or short skirts, capris and flip flops, or no shoes at all. I guess they just dont do that kind of thing. That part would suck. It would be nice though to not have to worry about what you wear because everyone is wearing the same thing. No striving to make sure your kids are in style, because it just doesnt matter in that community. There is an immense amount of freedom that comes from just that, I think. You could focus on the more important things in life; your family relationships, friendships nutrition, and spirituality. Really....what is more important than that? Nothing that I can think of. But when your are in this rat race the culture you are immersed in makes other things (like the latest movies, music, styles, fads, technology) important to keep up with. Imagine the freedom if nothing like that ever mattered. Wow.

I went to a menonites place once. They were selling a pop up trailer, and we were looking for one. They lived way out in a beautiful little spot...lots of kids running around, lots of animals running around, so peaceful really. But...I wasnt born into that culture and I guess its too hard for people to throw themselves into it; I have heard that it doesnt last for them when they try. Ill just have to be content with being an outsider, of being on the outside looking in through the pages of a book.


Shayne said...

I was just thinking this morning as I was hanging up the laundry, how the simple dresses they wear would work very well as camoflage for bodies that are aging and settling---instead of the more form-fitting clothing we wear. It makes me wonder if most of us would feel more comfortable with the way we look.

The Accidental Mommy said...

Hmm, personally I would stick with the book. Just think of having to go out in the morning to milk your cow and find your chickens for eggs in the dark freezing cold. Ugh. And you would be the house slave, while the important men folk go out and do the interesting stuff.
No sir. Not for me. LOL!

Cassie said...

I've felt that way too. How much simpler life would be without all the outside influences. It would be kind of cool. Of course I'd miss the internet and music and my TV shows. I guess modern life is here for good.

Macey said...

I'm obsessed with the Amish and Mennonite way of life. I want to read this book now!!