Sunday, September 12, 2010

Something I am OCD about-Day 12 Blog Challenge

This is a hard one...I dont know even WANT to TALK about it.  Those commercials for the ASPCA about animal abuse. I cant STAND those. I know they are necessary in some way, but I cant stand to watch or hear them. I feel like my head and my heart will explode....if one starts I have to either cover my ears and bury my head in the couch so I cant see it. Or leave the room. AND I have to quickly do something else to get my mind off what I KNOW was just on the TV. I have to pace or listen to loud music or read...something else to get rid of it. I cant sit and watch tv or I will think about it.

Wierd? Yeah, I know.....honestly seeing those commercials makes me panic.

Oh and food in the refridgerator that may or may  not be expired. If it is one day past the expiration date, I will have to throw it out and this makes my hub mad. He says they can go a little beyond....I say they cant. Yuck.  Ive learned to live with that one though. ...the animal one? I cant get past that....I have nightmares and terrible haunting thoughts about the stories I have heard or seen on tv in the past. They play over and over in my head and I hate I have to go do something else..for real.

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Slamdunk said...

I am with you on expiration dates. If there is a question, it gets trashed. The Mrs. is more flexible, but we both laugh at her parent's house which a venture into the fridge is like a time warp.