Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I really didnt have anything profound to say (do I ever?) so I wasnt really planning on blogging anything. I have been reading blogs and trying to play catch up, and in doing so, I got inspired. More than a few blogs that I read today are doing a Thankful challenge where everyday they share what they are thankful for that day. So....Im going to do it to. Its always nice to count your blessings in the face of all the crap that this world can throw at you.

I also want to share a post from MiMi on her dislike of "religion" as a Christian. You know...I could not have said it better. Its like she was hanging out inside my head and took notes. I agree with her 110%, and so I want to share the link to her post because well, she makes sense...and she is always hilarious too. So go HERE and read....

Ok..so today I am thankful for my mother. I can count on her for all kinds of stuff. She doesnt care if I call her at midnight because at 6 am the next morning I really need her to come over and get the kids off to school. She wants me to do that if I need her...and quite frankly, Id be stuck if I didnt have her to help out with this...she is awesome.


Macey said...

I love when I read posts and they help me to get "centered" I guess for the day. Or they resonate with me.
Thank you for the shout out, friend. You rock. And I am so thankful for my momma. I need to tell her. I should do this sort of post for her.

JennyMac said...

Being thankful is such an important part of life. I hope your Mom read what you wrote too.