Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Mumblings....warning...potentially disturbing material.

...Im a bit disturbed today. Yesterday there was that news story about the guy that took his old sick dog into the vet, to have her put down.  The vet did the deed and the owner returned home and laid the body of his beloved pet aside until he figured out what he wanted to do (bury, cremate, whatever). The next day he went to take care of this unpleasant business to find the dog wide awake. that horrible or he said what if he had buried her already or worse (if there is worse).

Man, I dont know what to say about this. I have to wonder how many times this has happened and WHY  it happened. This kind of kept me up last night....its almost better to do it "the old fashioned way" than have to wonder if some overpaid moron is doing things the right way. Ugh.

Sorry, I probably should have not brought that up. I think I would have been upset if I read that on a blog, because its one of those things that I really would rather not know. Oh well...if I have to suffer, so do you.

OK, next subject:

My ten year old daughter got a little creeped out the other day, and I dont blame her. I was a little creeped out myself, but I couldnt help laughing.

We were outside of a popular store chain selling popcorn for A's cubscout den and it was time for the other cubscout to arrive and take over for his shift. He, whom we have never met before, showed up and headed right for S. Do not collect one hundred dollars, do not pass go.  He walked up to  her and said:

Him:  Didnt I see you at McDonalds earlier?
Him:  Oh. Want to come to my house?
Her:   (complete silence).

He walked away at her silence and she walked around to my ear and said:

OK, that was creepy.

I agreed with her, but to add to her horror I was laughing. I guess that is a 10 year old pick up line. Ugh...Im soooo not ready for her to be a teenager.


Macey said...

Um...the thing with the cubscout is weird.
The thing with the dog freaks me the eff out!

foxy said...

Okay, that is kind of creepy. What a weird boy.

And the dog story??? Is just AWFUL. What the... ??

Steph said...

That's horrible about the dog. Poor ole feller.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

I think the first medicine sedates them to unconsciousness and the second medicine paralyzes the heart and lungs when given in a vein (but if it goes in a muscle - not always...) It must be nice to hear that S isn't ready to be teenager too!

Shayne said...

Glad she's creeped out by it!

I so understand how you feel. I'm thankful that Juli has a few years before we have to tackle teenage stuff. Not ready at all.

Slamdunk said...

Yeah, that would be disturbing with the dog story.

On the McDonald's line, that sounds like one that I would have tried as a socially inept high school guy.

The Accidental Mommy said...

Yup, very scary post. Ugh.