Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Awww thanks....and diary of middle school mom.

I want to thank all my faithful followers and commenters for making me feel better after my whining post the other day. You guys are awesome. I changed my background, and will put the Christmas playlist up shortly. The computer Im on now wont let me go to I'll have to wait.

Tonight is the annual Christmas concert for the elementary school. Second verse, same as the first. Well, with the exception of only having two kids in the concert now that L is in middle school. I cant wait to put the tie on little guy tonight. He is going to be so cute.

Speaking of  middle school...I spent almost the whole day there yesterday for "Parents Back to School Day". Its where you can go and follow your middle school child around to his classes and sit in the class and see what a typical day for him is. It was kind of cool.

First of all let me brag hugely here for a second...L is not only on the honor roll, but he has a 4.0 and is the ONLY 6th grader to have a 4.0. There, brag over.

I actually LEARNED something in his math class. I hate math, but I do believe if I had the teacher that L has, I would love it, because it was the funnest period of the day. I totally cant believe I just typed that. The way he was teaching made things make SENSE to me. I already know most of the kids that L calls friends, but I got to meet a few others. I saw how messy his locker is (he needs an organizer) and I also saw how the front cover of his binder has been taped back on (he needs a new one!). I was kind of releived to see that at this school in this tiny town, boys and girls still dont have much to do with each other in 6th grade. It was SO not like that when and where I went to 6th grade. Really, it was like an episode of Peyton Place. Yesterday though, at his school, the boys and girls seemed to stay away from each other for the most part. That made me happy. Im definitely not ready for that drama yet.

During science class L kept trying to grab my arm and force my hand in the air to read outloud from the text when the teacher was asking for volunteers. I ended up locking my arms in front of me, and then he resorted to pointing at me. His teacher said: "Your volunteering your mom to read". To which I replied, "apparently he needs to see the definition of a volunteer". Little brat.

The hallways were scary, and it was here that I witnessed some of the behavior Im terrified of as he gets older. I dont even like him WITNESSING it. Some (older-like 7th or 8th grade) boy slapped some girl on the butt....I wanted to yell at him, but figured that would not exactly make L's life easy. You cannot walk down the hallway without touching other people though...its just too crowded and the halls too small. The butt slap however, was definitely intentional.

I did not eat lunch with him however, Ive seen what they thanks. Really, my school lunches were always good...these are just terrible. So I went to the sub shop across the street and had lunch with the husband, who laughed in my face when I suggested he spend the rest of the day at the middle school too....oh well.

It was an eye opening experience and I will worry less, I think. I can now envision things the way the are when he tells me about his it was really cool and Im glad the school does this. He didnt even try to ditch me in the hallway like my friend's son did to her. So for that, he gets an A.


Canadian Blend said...

Congrats to L for the grades!

And don't feel bad about hating math... math is the type of subject that begs to be hated. (Perhaps I feel that way because I was never terribly good at it.)

Steph said...

You should be really proud of him for the 4.0. Getting to go to school with him sounds like a great experience.

Shayne said...

Can I just tell you that I'm glad you're walking this road ahead of me? I plan to soak up all your mommy wisdom so that middle school doesn't seem so scary in a few years.

Macey said...

He laughed in your face? How ruuuuude. :)
Congrats to L! That's AWESOME!!