Monday, January 11, 2010

Things that make me go "hmmm"

Last night I actually watched a (urp) Barbie (urp) movie with my daughter. She has been after me to watch one of these things that she loves oh so much, and I keep finding excuses not to. Last night, I had none and decided to get it over with.

You wasnt awful. I was a bit surprised that Barvie, in this "Barbie diary" was not one of the "popular" girls at her school. Yeah, right. Like I believe that. With those measurements? She would be OH so popular with the little boys, Im sure.

Anyway, it was slightly entertaining and even made me chuckle a little, and not from me making fun of it either. I tried to find things to make fun of too, but I really couldnt.

But there was not ONE single overweight kid in Barbie's highschool. Not a one. Oh and Ken? He must have gotten his GED, or transferred, or been kicked out for his hair or something because he wasnt in it at all. Is Ken obsolete? Im beginning to think so. Poor Ken. He is replaced by a stupid kid named....oh what the heck was his name..oh, right. Todd. A name you would guess for a highschool football player, deemed "the hottest guy in school". Whatever. I thought Barbie's friend Kevin was much more he is the one that made me chuckle. His reply to Barbie when she complained about her enemy getting a job she wanted at the school because she was "fresh and lively"?

"sounds like a deoderant".

yeah, I laughed.

Another thing that bothered me is that Barbie was ALWAYS wearing shoes..even on her bed and on the couch. I dont know about you but everytime I see her in my daughter's room, she is barefoot. Every.time.

In the movie, she was wearing flip flops a lot. Isnt that kind of impossible? I mean there is no space between her toes..they are stuck together and do not have gaps for the little thong thing to go in between the whats up?

Trick photography and special effects these days, I tell ya.


The Accidental Mommy said...

Good stink, those barbie movies creep me out. Have you seen the new barbie vomit channel on satellite? Might be on cable too. All barbie movies all the time, with music video's etc. Vomitocious. Genea moved into our house with a bunch of the dvd's and both girls looooooooove them.

Macey said...

Ohmygoodness! I love the thought you put behind the critique on this movie! Hilarious!
And yeah, dude, barbie's toes are like webbed spaces between. Freak could NOT wear flipflops. LOL!

foxy said...

You are one brave woman, sitting through the Barbie movie!! :)

Yeah, her feet are constantly in the shape for 4-inch high heels right? How in the world could she wear flippies??

obladi oblada said...

Nooooo...there's a Barbie channel? I hope S doesnt realize this. Ugh. said...

thank the lord I have boys!

Dugout Daisy said...

sounds like a deodorant??? Hahaha!
I seriously laughed out loud when I read that, hahaha!

Oh Barbie... *sigh*