Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Mumbling...

So, GICOE is still gone. Its so nice and quiet around here...everyone is walking around with smiles and I swear I saw a co worker actually floating down the hall earlier. The air is just so much lighter around here.

Im having second thoughts about taking the other job IF I get it? Why? Because at this point I dont want to work HARDER. Yes, I would get away from GICOE...but I would have to do all my homework at home, and its just easier to do it here. But...I might change my mind if GICOE was here right now. I'll probably decide I dont want it, and then he will come back and I'll kick myself for not taking it. I dunno. I guess Ill just wait and see.

I have learned a very important lesson this week. See, I have never thrown a kids birthday party, so I made a rookie mistake. I bought the plates, etc, BEFORE I ordered a cake. Now I cant just find a cake that matches. She wanted Barbie and I thought I could have a Barbie cake made to match the plates etc (that are NOT Barbie)...but the only Barbie cake our local bakery has is purple. Yeah, not pink..purple. They said they cant change it up because its "copyrighted". Okay. They said they could make a pink cake and I could put my own Barbie toys on it...but I keep having vision of CAKE Im not going to do that. Instead Im taking in a cup today so the decorator can make a cake that matches the decorations. So, no Barbie cake. Its okay, I really dont like her anyway, she is so fake.

We had a yard sale this weekend. I sold a van that doesnt run. Cheap....some guy bought it for parts. I was practically giving stuff away. I just want all the crap gone...and the van will be gone from the front of the house, so it makes it all worth it. My new chair with the hood over it (for shade) didnt work out as well as I hoped it would...I still got sun on my face and its pinkish now. I prefer to be a pasty white, thank you.

I had a good chuckle over a note between L and S that I found. She had written out her party guest list with the title "My Birthday Party Girls". It listed a bunch of her friends, one which was Caty (not her real name). Now, Caty is a girl who chases L around. She chases him at school and she chases him at church camp. He calls it "torture"..."she was torturing me". Lol. Anyway at the bottom of the list here was the correspondence between S and L:

S: Danger, L. On March 27th, danger. Caty.
L: Who cares, S.
S: I do.
L: I dont.
S: What if she takes your back pack and wont give it back?
L: Mom will make her give it back and besides, I am stronger than her.
S: Im just warning you...danger.
L: I dont care.

It cracks me up that they must have sat at the table and pushed the paper back and forth at each it was some huge secret, and then leave it laying there. So funny.

Im going to be posting a clarification on the title of my blog. I feel its misleading in a way. I mean, it makes sense to me, but I am afraid that it is misunderstood by some people that I love, and so I want to clarify. I'll probably do that tommorrow. Or maybe later today, if I get a wild hair.


Cassie said...

I have learned that the hard way. Always come up with the theme before getting anything. Also the PS to that rule is make sure that the store/internet has items in that theme before your kid falls in love with it.

Macey said...

I'm with Cassie.
Also: NEVER make a job decision while you are in the throes of happy days because GICOE is gone. Kay?

The Accidental Mommy said...

We have had 2 Barbie cakes now and what seems to be copywrited is the box it comes in. One cake was spectacularly done in fine detail. The other appeared to have been spray painted with lavendar and that was it.
Anyway, pink and purple are practically the same thing. They blend and make one color, pinkandpurple.

Canadian Blend said...

The wife and I have been getting rid of a lot of things. We've tried to give as much away as possible but have found, too many times, people ask us to hold something and then never come back for it. This last time we had stuff to go we just called the rubbish remover and had it hauled off.

We still take clothes and small appliances to Goodwill, but larger items that aren't snapped up from the lawn while they wait for The Rubbish Guy go into the back of The Rubbish Guy's truck.

Lisa said...

I am seriously in love with that note. Priceless.

Shanti said...

oh, man, that note is *seriously* the best!

Heather Cherry said...

"This note will self-destruct. DANGER!"

shastastevens said...

You could SO do the "bake it in the Pampered Chef 8 cup glass measuring cup and stick the half-Barbie in the top" cake! Or make cupcakes and pipe pink frosting and top with Barbie purses, shoes, sunglasses, etc. Then guests could take them home for their dollies.

But what do I know. I don't even like the perky fashionista. ;)

obladi oblada said...

HC: You crack me up.
MITT: I have one of those pampered chef things!!!! And I Love the cupcake idea....Im thinking about cancelling my cake order. It all depends if I will have the time to make the cake or cupcakes. Great ideas!