Thursday, April 16, 2009


So, why do people think its cute or funny to hand off babies to strangers? I mean look at my face here. I dont WANT this man to hold me. Heck, I have NO idea who he is...I still dont know!! He was TOUCHING me and I couldnt reach my MOM for pete's sake. And look...everyone else thinks its just the cutest funniest thing...ha ha ha.."look Joe Whatshisface is holding the baby, and she doesnt LIKE it. She is TERRIFIED..oh, how darling". Who ARE these people? I honestly do not know. Its like some creepy home invasion where a wierd psycho family barges into an unassuming family's home and starts handling the children and raiding the cleaning supply closet. laughing and singing the whole time, while they force one of the adults to capture the whole thing on camera...sick.


Stacey said...

here is another one I don't get...watching America's Funniest Videos...who are the parents who are filming their kids when they're falling, the dog is knocking them over or they're crying while stuck in something. Can you put the video camera down to actually help your child instead of getting it on film!!??

Heather Cherry said...

And the kid with the blonde hair is looking at us pleadingly like, "Oh dear me, I'm next aren't I? ........ Save....... me...... someone?....... please?......"

But lookit yer cute lil' duck mouf! Too precious.

obladi oblada said...

Stacey: Exactly!!!!

HC: I know, the blond kid KNOWS it is all just wrong. The duck mouf, yeah thats my "please stop the torture" look.