Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I hope you all had a good one. We did, and it was even better when I asked the kids how they liked thier Easter, N said it was the "best one we ever had". We just did what most kids and families expect to have happen on Easter, color eggs, find eggs, go to church and have a nice family dinner, oh and eat some candy, and watch Willy Wonka. I sometimes forget that the kids havent experienced a whole lot of "normal" previously.

It dawned on me today, that we have come full circle. Almost one year ago they came home, and we had a whole year of firsts..first Mothers Day, First Fathers day, First Fourth of July....etc, etc. Easter was our last "first" for Holidays, and I guess from now on it'll be more like solidifying tradition with them, something they can finally count on, year after year. For kids who moved sometimes every year, this will be huge. They have a lot to look foward to, and so do my T and I.

The morning started off with me coming out to the living room to find some of the eggs I hid, out of their hiding places, thanks to Rotten-ness, ie the cat. So, I rehid them. The kids had a blast hunting for the eggs and their baskets. My mom came over and gave them their baskets from her. We ate easter eggs and Monkeybread for breakfast, then got dressed and walked to church. The service was great, the sermon and the singing, and of course church was packed, as it always is on Easter.

We went home and the kids put on their play clothes, after I made them pose for pictures in the backyard with their Easter clothes on, of course. T and I made dinner. He cooked me my first ever rack of lamb. See, for years I wouldnt eat it because I think of lamb as a baby sheep, but its not a baby, its full grown and huge and ugly, not soft, and cute and cuddly, but they still call it a lamb...and I didnt have visions of "Silence of the Lambs" either, when Clarice Starling is explaing the slaughter of the "spring lambs" (which I guess is what a "baby" sheep is), which is what I always think of when someone mentions lamb. Anyway, I must say it was delicious. Its amazing that all those chefs on "Hell's Kitchen" are always getting yelled out because they cant cook lamb....and T did an awesome job on it, Chef Ramsey would be proud. Anyway, since lamb is ridiculously expensive, we only had a little taste for everyone, so my mom also brought a was quite a feast.

It was a very good day. Here are some pictures:

Here is the Easter Grinch, messing with the baskets...evil.

Here are the kids in the backyard:


Lisa said...

All those traditions will be so important. So tickled you had a great Easter.

Congrats on the lamb too. I love it but have never been brave enough to try doing it myself.

Heather Cherry said...

Oh yeah... that's pretty evil-looking.

The cat, I mean. Not the kids. They look cute.

P.S. Don't you ever worry about eating baby chickens when you have eggs for breakfast? Just curious...

obladi oblada said...

Lisa, my hubby is a pretty good cook, we were both curious as to hard it was since it causes so much turmoil on "Hell's Kitchen", but it was great.

HC: LoL...Yeah, she is pretty evil..thats right before she went off "ninja-ing" somewhere. Im still laughing about that clip!

obladi oblada said...

Oh, I dont think about that when I eat eggs, or I probably wouldnt eat them because baby chicks are very cute...and yummy.

rsbg said...

Lamb and ham Sam I am! haha I love reading your blog. And I smile every time you talk about the kids. They soooo deserve a "normal" life of a kid and I am sooooo glad they finally have one! The cat pic is too funny! The kids are adorable!