Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Fun

This morning we took off for the mountains. We left our desert home behind in its dust and headed for greener stuff. Every year the hub and I go to a huge outdoor flea market, where we used to pick up all kinds of cool antiques, and other stuff. It will most certainly be different this year with kids thrown in the mix. It will be interesting for sure. The flea market is tomorrow. Today we just took our time driving and looking at the God's gorgeous creations all around us.

We had a great time in the car singing along to various CDs. We stopped and let the kids run wild down by a river, to get all that pent up car energy out. For the first time A got a little sassy with his mouth. I had to laugh though. Which, I know isnt helpful..I couldnt help it though. He was told to watch his mouth and his attitude, but I couldnt help but feel a little good because it is showing his comfort level.

Near the river in the mountains.

We rolled into the mountain town and had some time to kill before checking into the hotel, so we went to see Night at the Museum 2, or whatever the official name is. I dont know. Yes, it was completely ridiculous and stupid, but that is what I was expecting, so I guess its OK. Really ridiculous really, but there were a few times I LOLed. I wanted to trip the girls who were clomp clomp clomping back and forth up and down the stairs, through out the movie. Clomping with their ridiculously loud flip flops, or clogs...they sounded like clogs. BUT, I was afraid someone would see me, someones whose eyes were adjusted to the dark really well, like a rat or something. So, no tripping.

We checked into the hotel and the kids went for a swim. I had to issue a warning before hand though that went like this:

Me: OK, listen up. Some rules, same that apply to our pool at home. No running, no screaming, no crying wolf. Does everyone know what crying wolf is?

Children: Yes Mom.
A: What if we are drowning?
ME: By all means, try and scream.
N: BUt if youre drowning you cant scream. Can we scream for someone?
ME: What do you think?
N: Yes.
ME: Bingo. Oh, one more thing. See this book here? Im going to try and READ it. So, unless someone is drowning or finds Atlantis, please do not say my name. I dont want to see how fast you are swimming or how long you are holding your breath. You can show me that at home. I want to READ. OK?
Children: Yes.
ME: Good.

So, I got one whole chapter read. Some really rowdy teens came out and my kids were really interested in all thier activities including thier language, so we left.

It was just me and the kids for dinner. We went for chinese. We hung spoons off our noses. The boys went to the bathroom and almost ended up in the bar. That brought on all kinds of talk about the bar. A wanted to know what happened in a bar. N told him it is where people go to drink.

A: If your thirsty?
Me: Something like that.
A: How come we cant go in there?
Me: Adults only.
A: What if a dad has kid, and there isnt a mom and he needs to go in.
N: Well, he would just leave the kid outside the door.
ME: Nope. He just shouldnt go in.
N: He could leave the kid in the car while he goes in the bar.
ME: Nope. He just shouldnt go in.
S: He could leave the kid at home and go to the bar.
ME: Nope. He just shouldnt go.
A: If there is a Mommy at home, then he could go.
ME: Nope. He just shouldnt go.
They proceeded to discuss other various ridiculous options for said child and said alcoholic parent. When we left the people behind me gave me the dirt eye. So I said, "lets hurry, I want to drop you guys off at the hotel so I can go to the bar". Hey, I coulnt HELP it. Im not from here, they probably arent either. Ill probably never see them again. I did make sure that I told the kids I was just kidding though. Once we got out of earshot. Of course I DID have to see them again, because I had to return the tip money to the table, that A had so helpfully rgrabbed on the way out.

Looks like S may end up beheading her beloved doll, Ali, if she isnt careful.

A is going through this highly annoying phase of making silly faces or posing silly when I point a camera in his direction. Here he is with his side kick "Josh" the bulldog.


rsbg said...

you crack me up! I love the bar conversation. What is it with kids, the MORE they aren't supposed to know/hear/do something, the more infatuated they are with it! We went and saw Night at the Museum as well and loved it! I hope y'all had a great weekend, it sure sounds like fun!!!!

Funnyrunner said...

Sounds like a fun family weekend! So I'm fairly new to your blog... it's been less than a year that you've had all 3 kids? (I know... duh. Look at the title of the blog...)... but wow. This year at the flea market I'll be it was: "don't touch that.... don't touch that, either...."

funny bar conversation

obladi oblada said...

S: Thanks. It was a great weekend and I have more post and pics on it that I have to post. Yeah, they are always repeating things they "hear" (as they are passing through the living room to their room from somewhere) on the news. Its always the most inappropriate news story too.

Funnyrunner: They have been with us a little over a year. We didnt do the flea market last year because they were brand new to us and they were still getting used to the house/dogs, etc. Yeah, I said "dont touch" a lot. Only it was "keep your hands in your pocket".

A Joyful Chaos said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! You had a great way with words! I enjoyed your post very much.

obladi oblada said...

Thanks Chaos (nice user name!), I hope you stick around to read more.

Adoption Etiquette said...

Oh No S! Don't let anything happen to Ali ;)

That is hilarious about all the millions of questions LOL!

obladi oblada said...

Ali: I know! Her name is actually Alexis, but she calls her Ali. I thought you would appreciate that.