Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More cinco de mayo pics

I love Mexico, even though the swine flu thing seemed to find its way over here (still not sure if that is as big of a deal as they are making it out to be), I miss visiting Mexico, parts of it are gorgeous. I love people who say "Mexico? Oooh...its dirty, why would you want to go there?" Well...for one, you can hardly beat the service you get there in the restaurants (beats some of the cruddy service Ive gotten here nine out of ten times), real margaritas, the earthy smell, and the pictures below tell the rest. Of course, like everywhere there are not so good places too. Today Im all about the positive, so take a look.

The view out of a beach side bar...I cant remember the name of it though, of course.

Looking at the remote village of Yelapa from the boat bringing us in to it. They make some good Ricilla there, folks. Potent, but good. A lady walks around with pies in a container on her head and sells them. There a friendly dogs that live in this jungle village, and they are all freindly and I want every single on of them. There are waterfalls in the jungle behind it, you can to the falls by boat, foot or horseback. There are no cars...none. You can only reach this jungle oasis by boat..it is awesome.

Boganvillas...I heart boganvillas.

Cacti...I love me some cacti. They are like me..hard, prickly, can with stand the heat and dont drink very often.

Swim-up bars..now,you tell me, is that not a wonderful quality...I think it is. Touristy parts of Mexico are still a lot of fun.

Mexican sunsets on the beach, with fruity drink cant be beat...

Breakfasts beach side with good Mexican coffee....ahhhh. Cabo.

I heart pelicanos. This particular pelican was in Cabo.

Beautiful beaches.....top view of Yelapa beach.


Mexican flan..yum.

The architecture...a back view of the iglesia, taken from down the road from Liz Taylor and Richard Burton's digs in Puerto Vallarta.

Fried Ice Cream....at Mr. Pepe's in P.V.


Amy said...

I am so happy to find you again! Lucky for me, most of my favorites were also my friends favorites, so as I find one blog I keep finding others I lost on their follow list! YAY!
How are you??

obladi oblada said...

Where on earth did you go? Im glad your back in the blogsphere! Im good...I had to click on your "A" to find out who the heck you were...now I need to go over to your blog and see what has been happening!

Heather Cherry said...

Willages, LOL!!!

I totally heart pelicans, too. They're so dang cute. I saw a bunch of them last summer in Destin and I wanted to take them HOME with me.

obladi oblada said...

HC: I knew you'd be the one to comment on the willages!! I know..all cute animals are in danger from me wanting to take them home...its a sickness.

Erin said...

I would love to go to Mexico...your pictures are gorgeous!!!