Thursday, May 28, 2009

What will I hear next?

So, Im driving the other day and the kids are in the backseat carrying on with chatter, etc. Most of the time I block it out, or I am focusing on the radio and what is playing on it. However, some things heard from the backseat just have a way of grabbing your attention. I heard the melody of Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" coming from N. So, since I have not played this for him and his former foster parents would shrivel up and turn into sand if they heard Black Sabbath, my curiosity was peeked.

Upon listening more carefully, I realized it was the melody of the song, and not the words. To the tune of "Iron Man" this is what I heard:

I am Iron man
Smoking what I want from a Pepsi can.

For a second I was completely speechless. First, I had never heard that one before, which amazed me in itself and then I really wanted to know where he heard that, so I could steer him away from whatever friend is supplying him with such neat little ditties.

Apparently, he learned this two foster homes ago from a friend's older brother. Nice. I asked him if he understood those words, and thankfully he said no. So, I told him. I asked him if he wanted people to think his family does drugs. He said no. He said he wouldnt sing it anymore.

So, Im wondering what will I hear next? The joys of adopting older just really dont know what they have been exposed to. And chances are you wont know unless they DECIDE to let you know. Scary.

I must admit, T and I got quite a laugh over the silly song later on when we were by ourselves. It was stuck in my head for the rest of the day too, new lyrics and all.


Funnyrunner said...

yikes. Most of the time I think the kids' banter is pretty meaningless (and they don't know what they're saying...) but it pays to pay attention and explain what things mean, huh?

obladi oblada said...

Yes, theres a lot of surprises in that chatter lately.

Tricia said...

now it's stuck in my head lol

obladi oblada said...

Tricia: Sorry!!!!

Erin said...

You know my stories about what comes out of my girls' mouth - you will just never know! Thankfully it sounds like your kids are like V and tell you openly what they are saying instead of trying to hide it. :)

obladi oblada said...

Erin: Yes, I am thankful for that!

N I C O L said...


My kids all know all about where babies come from, but that's scientific and biological. I've heard comments about "hard s3x" and 3 somes. That was from my nine year old!
Found out he learned it from his foster brother. As well as some "way cool" gang hand signs.
Thankfully, he's learning respect for women and that school is way classier. ARGH.
My sympathies!

obladi oblada said...

Nicole: I think I would die if I heard that!