Thursday, May 21, 2009

Parents of Adopted Children Warning.....

The money is what is important, that is why Hollywood doesn't give a second thought to how they advertise things. You don't have to go see a movie to get offended, or take your kids to a movie to hurt them. Just watch the commercials!!!! To me, and many others this is just carelessness. I read this at another site, who got it from another site..

Adoption Community Nationwide:
FYI - PLEASE READ and pass on to everyone you know who cares!
There is a horror slasher film being released July 24 (Orphan) about a
family who adopts an older girl who "is not what she appears to be. Warnings
about her go unheeded until it is too late...for everyone". The film is
being promoted now at and the adoption message being sent is extremely negative. WARNING: IF YOU WATCH THE MOVIE TRAILER, DO IT WITHOUT YOUR CHILDREN IN THE ROOM!
There is actually a line in the trailer that says "it must be hard to love
an adopted child as much as your own".
Without having seen the movie or read the script, it is hard to know if
the entire movie is sending a ghastly adoption message, but the trailer
certainly leads us to believe it is. This feeds the notion that older adoptees
are very troubled and you should beware.... that's not an image any of us
want the general public to have of our kids. It plays into people's deepest
There is a growing group pursuing a boycott of the film, sending out
emails and posting on online bulletin boards. I urge you to forward this email
to others personally involved in adoption, help disseminate the boycott
message and write to the producers and distributors expressing your displeasure
with the message being sent.
The backers of this movie have deep pockets. It is being released by Dark
Castle Entertainment with Warner Bros. set to distribute. Leonardo
DiCaprio´s Appian Way, which developed the material, is also producing.

"it must be hard to love an adopted child as much as your own"? Are you kidding me? If its part of a dialogue in a movie, that's fine...I mean some people feel that way if they have never adopted. HOWEVER, is putting it on a COMMERCIAL that everyone, even adopted children, will see, really necessary? Don't take the choice of whether or not we want our children to have to deal with that out of our hands please. If it is simply in the movie and I choose to take them to it, then its on me. Chances are just reading the reviews of the movie would already convince me its not one to take them too, so no harm would have been done. If you put that part in the trailer, I no longer have the option to shield my kids from this. Adoption issues will probably rear their heads at some point, but why rush it because of a stupid movie trailer? Also, how about a little bit of common courtesy for those kids out there who are adopted and may be having some insecurities about the issue? I'm thankful for this warning, for whoever got it circulated, I'll be watching for this b.s.

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Funnyrunner said...

holy cow. hollywood strikes again. thanks for passing along. btw - LOVE Virginia Woolf. She so totally rocks.