Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The curious, the annoying, the bizare and the ridiculous of this very moment.

Ok..Im having one of those moments. You know the ones, where all kinds of things that are bothersome in one way or another are all happening at the very same time. No? Not familiar with those? Well, let me explain.

Im in the office at work and the door is open (because I forgot to close it, not because I want to see or talk to anybody, cuz I dont), and the radio is on. That song, the artist escapes me at the moment, "Black Velvet" is on. I think its about Elvis, but Im not sure. I think Ive heard that said, but havent actually paid that much attention to it. Anyway, Im pondering this: "Is the Black Velvet" in the song about the drink Black Velvet that Elvis may have drank, or is it about the Black Velvet canvas's that have so often held his likeness? Anyway, I never got to really listen to the song to answer this once and for all because I was distracted by nonsense in the hallway.

Theres a very strange little man that works on, and consequently screws up our computers. I run screaming for my office and close the door behind me when I see him. He scares me. He says strange things and stands in my door way. He tries to say things that impress...and it just bothers me to no end. Oh and the fact that he messes with my 'puter makes it worse.

So I hear him talking to the office person across the hall. The little computer guy's co worker was just there and TOOK his machine to work on it, this just a few days after the little computer guy (We'll call him LCG for now) messed it all up. So my co worker is of course, giving LCG a hard time because LCG is there to work on his computer..that HIS CO WORKER JUST REMOVED!!!! It was at this point that I did get up and lock the door to my office; but not before I heard LCG say "well..let me just find out why he took it."

See why Im bothered. Dont these people talk? What is even more horrifying is the fact that this means LCG will be hanging around the building for a little while. Which means Im trapped in my office. He will knock on the door because he SAW me in here. Thank goodness my window is low to the ground, screenless and able to be opened. Im making a run for it...


Erin said...

Those computer people are creepy...just don't tell Tim! I love when they want to come and work on my computer in the middle of my class and have to ask me questions. Yeah, that's a great way to effectively teach!

obladi oblada said...

I wish I could post a picture of him on here...it is nightmare fuel for sure, seriously creepy to me.