Sunday, March 8, 2009

Here we are

...we are almost done with our trip. Tomorrow is the last day and I hope we are going to the zoo. If the weather cooperates we will, if it doesnt, we wont. Looking at animals is fun, just not so much in the snow, if you know what I mean.

We met up with some family members in a very relaxing spot for a couple of days..and it was really great, a lot of laughs and way too much food.

This morning we left the peacefulness of the woods and ventured into the big city. The biggest place these kids have ever been. I think they were a bit overwhelmed. A freaked out about window washers way, way up hanging from ropes. He thought it was insane, and I have to agree.

The best medicine in the world has got to be when you are feeling down and you hear your six year old belly laughing because he is having a great time with a new experience. Who in the world could be mad or sad when they hear that? Not me. Not for long.

I used to consider myself a city girl. However, having lived in a very small town for a long time now, I think Ive changed my mind. People are sooo rude. One lady was really cool, and thoughtful and kind. Most others were just pushy jerks, and it just seemed strange to me.

This one employee of this attraction we were at was very,um...should I say "bitchy"(If you get my drift)..yeah that was it. I mean I wanted to CRY he was so horrible. I have never been talked to like that in my entire someone I wasnt trying to arrest or cite, that is. Man, all I was trying to do was take my kids to the bathroom...and I was trying to FIND it while my six year old jumped up and down holding his crotch...

I told T because I was just so he got mad and marched us all into the customer service area, where he made me explain what happened. The really cool supervise gave us our money back and let us in for free!!! Which was very cool and shows some people still know what customer service is.

Now its after 10 pm and N, "TV Boy", is watching tv when he really needs to be sleeping, so I must exit bloggy land, and turn the idiot box off, so we can all be well rested and have a pleasant day tomorrow.

Crys Out.


Lisa said...

Mean people suck.

Hoping you're having a really great time today!

Erin said...

Glad to hear you guys are having such a great time on your trip! :) Sorry about the mean people....that is awful!