Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I wanted to try to do at least one post per day. Its not really that easy though because most of the time I dont have anything to say. Nothing anyone else wants to hear anyway. Some days I just dont feel like talking at all, even on the 'puter.

The munchkins have been pretty mellow lately. S had been impressive of late with some of the progress she has made, and I feel I have made some right along with her. Which is helpful. Sometimes that girl seems so old...theres a look in her eyes sometimes where you can almost SEE the weariness. This worries me somewhat...that is until she busts out into little girl silliness, which I am glad to see then.

A just cracks me up, I think he is the family jokester (notice I refuse to say clown; clowns are evil and he is not.) He is the one that makes his brother and sister laugh most. Usually when he makes them laugh, I feel lost because a lot of the times I dont GET the joke. That is ok though because he makes me laugh too at other times.

N is just into his rotten cat and basketball at the moment. He is still trying to win a computer at school by reading and getting as many 100s on AR tests as he can. I have him stop testing at recess though and PLAY instead. He wants the computer because his mean mom wont let him use hers all day and night. What he is failing to realize is that I wont let him use HIS all day and night either (evil witch cackling noise).

All three are enjoying this season's American Idol. Our favorite is Danny Gokey hands down! For the girls we like Alexis Grace. Maybe N will even get to SEE it this week, if he stays off tv restriction. Last week he thought it would be more fun to jump over the daycare lady's couch.

Wow, for someone who had NOTHING to say, I sure said a lot.
I do plan on doing more toy reviews and it has been a while since Ive done a retro photo.


Lisa said...

I just love mellow. Even the word makes me calm just saying it.

Yay for good days!

Erin said...

Go L for AR points!!! V had a goal that she wanted to be the first 3rd grader with 100 points...and she did it! I can't believe they are giving away a computer...that's awesome! V just gets to go to a picnic in the park at the end of the year.

Glad to hear all the kiddos are doing well! :)

obladi oblada said...

Yeah, for every 100 he gets, he puts a slip in and there is a drawing...so far all winners have been 1st graders!!!