Sunday, March 22, 2009

The real reason I drink Diet Coke

Today I was drinking a diet Coke and A asked me

A: Mommy why do you and daddy drink Diet Coke?
Me: Because the regular stuff has too much sugar.
A; Do you get too wild?

lol...No, kid thats only if I mix the Diet Coke with the other brownish stuff in that glass bottle. Kidding!!!! He kills me.


Erin said...

I drink it for the caffeine. It has gotten me through many an afternoon at school! :)

Nelly said...

I don't do diet. BLAH!!

I wrote about you on my blog

obladi oblada said...

I drink it for the caffeine too Erin, it doesnt make me wild, but it wakes me up!

Nelly, really? Im heading right over!

rsbg said...

you crack me up!