Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Timothy Leary

That is who I had to explain to N on the way to daycare today. Why? Because Im not smart enough to think about what Im playing in my car in the mornings, or most other times either. I mean, I dont listen to anything real raunchy, of course, but I wasnt really expecting the kids to pick up on lyrics to music that I barely notice anymore, Ive heard it so much. I guess I better think again.

We have been listening to the Who lately in the car, I go between stuff like that and Christian radio, when they are playing stuff that I like. So, anyway the "Seeker" is on, and even though N really likes that song, I figured it was the melody and maybe the chorus, but did not realize how much he was digesting the song, until today. That part that goes:

"I asked Bobby Dylan, I asked the Beatles, I asked Timothy Leary, but he couldnt help me either"

THATS the part that piqued his interest, probably because the Beatles are mentioned and we do listen to a lot of Beatles, and they LIKE the Beatles, and Im really cool with that.

So he asked me:

Mom, who are those other singers that the WHO says they are asking? I know the Beatles but who are the other two?

ME: (uh...oh, Dylan is easy, but what am I going to say about Timothy Leary?) Oh, Bob Dylan, yeah he was a singer and a song writer back then, and um...Timothy Leary, well...uh, he wasnt a singer...he..well, he...

I didnt know what to say! I mean he doesnt NEED to know about Timothy Leary, but he asked, and I dont want to lie..so I said that Timothy Leary was "a Dr. and a teacher who liked to try and figure out stuff about the human mind and that he wasnt really very nice because a lot of people did some drugs because he said they should, even though he was wrong, and drugs are bad". Then I felt like I should add the "mmmkay?" (like the South Park Dude) at the end to make myself better, but didnt.

Now Im really hoping that he doesnt go to school and say "Today on the way to school, my mom taught us all about Timothy Leary". But that is the kind of thing they do, so I wont be completely surprised...besides a lot of their teachers are younger than I am, and perhaps they dont know anything about it either..but I doubt it.

Moral of the story? Unless you are prepared to explain, be sure that all content in the songs you are listening to is something you want them to hear and want to talk to them about it...because chances are they are listening. I know this isnt news to many of you...but remember, I was pretty much instant parent just and so there are some things I am having to learn on the fly....life is never dull.


Heather Cherry said...

I went with my 10-year-old cousin and his grandparents to see "Transformers" in the theatre. In the scene where the dad asks his son if he's doing the "M" word in his room (rhymes with exacerbate) my little cousin, as if on cue for a sitcom turns to ME, instead of my aunt and says, "What's m________ing?" KILL ME. PLEASE SOMEONE KILL ME. I told him to ask his dad later.

obladi oblada said...

Good answer, I'll be like: Ask your dad too!!!

Erin said...

Trust me, as a teacher, if he did say something about it at school, she probably said, "Oh, that's nice!" and moved on. :) I tell my parents to believe about 50% of what they say about me and I will believe about 50% of what their kids say about them. :)

I have certain stations preset on my radio that I only listen to when V is NOT in the car - not bad stuff, but things that may have a cuss word or two in them. It's not good when we go to get in the car and it's blaring on that station though!!!

obladi oblada said...

Erin, that is good to know, that they are ignoring half of what they say, because I can only imagine....

Reighnie said...

That is funny. I have to admit, I don't know who Timothy Leary is but as a girl scout leader...boy do I hear some stories. I think my favorite quote is "My Daddy farts but I love him anyway."

Then I had to hear about parents passing gas until I could finally move all the girls along... I think some of those parents would die if they knew the stuff their kids shared. lol

I stopped listening to the radio completely when the kids are in the car. There's just no way to really censor it.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Those kids are so lucky! You have made my day.