Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Were baaaack...

We are home safe. About an hour after we got home we had a visit from our case worker, who delivered great news: The adoption could be final at the end of the month! Yessss.

Monday we had a good day at the zoo. It snowed a little once we got there, but that was fine, we just ducked into the tropical or night exhibits where it was nice and toasty. If it wasnt for the strong stench of ocelot or jaguar urine, I could stay in there all day, its so pretty.

After that we went to the Aquarium. It was just me and the kids though because T was wiped out, so he went back to the hotel. We took a cab back to the hotel, which was another first for them, as was the zoo, aquarium and most everything we did on this trip. No more rude people, thank goodness.

Then it was home sweet home complete with piles of laundry, two wriggling overly excited dogs, and one indifferent cat, and one happy to go home grandma (pet sitter). Back to the routine, bed time on time last night!

I remember I used to come home from a trip and spend a large amount of time looking at pictures from it or just kicking back, relaxing, maybe taking a long hot bath...nope those days are gone! Now its make sure the kids have clean clothes for school in the morning, and that all there homework is done, and everyone has to be bathed too. Right back to normal, do not pass go, do not collect $100.00.


Lisa said...

Yahoo!!!! Woo hoo! And congratulations!

So excited for you!

Erin said...

CONGRATS on finalization and I am glad you are back...I am finally getting some blog comments again. ;)