Thursday, March 19, 2009

T ball and the bobble head.

Today was my first time going to T ball. I thought it would be cute and all, all those 5-7 year old kids. Well, Im here to tell you that I was actually irritated and weirded out about the whole thing once I got there. First of all, I felt like an old woman. All the parents there looked 15 to me. Im so not 15 so I felt kind of wierd. Oh and I stuck out like a sore thumb because I went from work to a little league practice to a T ball I was wearing work clothes, which made me feel even older. When the heck did I get old?

What was cute was A as he hit the ball and then ran around the bases with the big helmet on. The Helmet was huge! Oh, and it was red, so it looked even bigger. I worried about his neck with that thing on, it was like twice as big as head, and his head would kind of list back and forth under its weight. It was so funny. He looked like a bobblehead running around there. Oh, and his little face. He was so PROUD of himself...or at least he was until his big brother teased him by saying the T in T ball stands for Toddler. So, now he is mad that he is playing "Toddler" ball. "Im not a baby", he says...big brothers can be poopy. But it was funny and took my mind off of how old I am. Which was nice.

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Erin said...

I am so glad T ball is going well for A! :)