Thursday, March 26, 2009

Retro Foto Friday-Child Torture Series Pt. Uno

So, not only is my OWN MOTHER offering this cross eyed bloodhound my tender toddler elbow, but she is letting him sit in MY stroller!

Ok, just when I thought I was safe with my dad HE is offering me up to a Frankensteinish-stitched-up-Donkey, and he is happy to do it to, with his nineteen seventies side part, buddy holly glasses, and big ol' camera case. See how the other children are trying to SAVE ME? See, pulling on devil donkey's arm...thank you children, wherever you are.

Having escaped the giant stroller stealing dog, Mary Shelly donkey, here I find myself faced with....what? What is this thing? Dog? Horse? It has Hippo teeth...Whatever it is, it sure is Goofy.


Mel said...

those are awesome!!!!

Heather Cherry said...

You do look pretty disturbed in those photos.

Has anyone really ever figured out what Goofy is? I always think of that cerebral scene from "Stand By Me" whenever I ask myself that question.

Tricia said...

I love old pictures! Back in 2003 i lost EVERYTHING i owned including all my pictures! I am so thankful my parents held on to all my baby stuff and pictures of me growing up

obladi oblada said...

Mel: Im glad you like them
HC: That is exactly what I was thinking of, "stand by me" where they go, "what the hell IS goofy?" and...its a darned good question.


I would be sad if I didnt have these pictures to make fun of. My brother actually turns all the family slides into disc and supplies me with them.

Heather Cherry said...

Who do YOU think would win in a fight between Superman and Mighty Mouse?

obladi oblada said...

Im going with Mighty Mouse on this one....Superman sucks. Sorry. Besides, Mighty Mouse has it all, he is strong, and he is small, so he could hide in all the little places that SM cant get to. MM has the edge for sure.