Monday, September 28, 2009

Insults and Triumph

So, it was an interesting weekend in the life of moi. I was insulted TWICE by two of my little darlings. Its funny, but its not. I'm sure anyone who isn't me will think its amusing; my mom does...she LAUGHED, oh and so did my husband.

So on Friday I was sick..the night before I went to bed with the beginnings of a sore throat. My husband, being the nice man that he is, took the kids to Dr. appointments, and made dinner, etc. All I had to do was sleep....and sleep I did. However, when it was time for dinner I ate. A lot. See, I hadn't eaten all day long, and when I'm sick with throat things, eating is the only thing (besides sleep) that makes me feel GOOD. It soothes my throat. Anyway, I had seconds of the wonderful dinner T made.

The kids ate their fill and some of them had stuff left over on their plates. This is the conversation which took place as T and the kids were clearing the table.

T: Its too bad we don't have a pig, we could feed them this scrap.
A: We do.
T: We have a pig?
A: Yes, Mommy. She had two helpings.

Oh yes he did!!!!!Tom told him that wasn't nice, after he laughed of course.

The second insult came from my lovely daughter. We (me, my mom, N, S, and A) were on our way to A's football game. It was his first and it was at a place I'm not real familiar with, but the kids were there last week for A's practice and N is great with directions, and I'm not. So, I asked him about which turn to take. He told me and when we arrived at the field, this is what took place:

N: Ha! I'm so smart.
S: Yeah, you are...your smarter than Mom.

Sorry folks, but I actually defended myself on this. I couldn't help it, I had to set her straight. My mother was practically choking, trying to hold her laughter in. Thanks mom.

The triumph that made me forget about all the insult? At least until today? My little boy, A...made the very first touchdown for his team, and the only touchdown for the team in the game;he was soooo proud of himself. For that, I forgive him for calling me a pig.


Erin said...

Kids are nutballs - you gotta love 'em!

Heather Cherry said...

Okay, that piggy picture is afreakingdorable.

JennyMac said...


smarter than Mom? Never.

sitting on the mood swing at the playground said...

Tough weeekend from the kids. Great job scoring a touchdown--that's exciting! Hope you're feeling better.

The Accidental Mommy said...

Hey, I gave you an award, go look!