Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Here we go...a whining post (feel free to ignore)

A short while ago I wrote about Guy In Charge of Everything (GICOE) and it seems like his idiocy has caught up with him. Only its catching up with me too. See his Second in command is going to be taking over and this will directly affect me, because while I was mildly annoyed with GICOE, I dealt very little with him. Now, because GICOE is going somewhere else and will not have anything to do with where I am at, our whole system is being re constructed, and I will have to do with the #2 Bozo. I am not just being cute either...he is a Bozo. Not as quite as bad as GICOE, but close enough for comfort...and quite frankly, Im worried.

I just found out I will be given added responsibility and Ive been advised to seek a pay raise, because the other person that does these tasks Im about to take on gets paid quite a bit more than I do. So, you bet I will. I dont mind being paid extra, I dont even mind having more responsibility (to a point), however, I do mind receiving treatment I know this guy is known for giving. I KNOW people who have worked under him and it pretty much sucks. So, if you are inclined, please say a prayer for me. My first meeting with Bozo is this afternoon, like in thirty minutes and I would rather chew on a razor blade than have to do this, but hey...I need my job.

Just to give you an example of what Im dealing with here (and those of you not on the West coast or familiar with the Skippers chain possibly wont get it).

We (random people, around the proverbial water cooler ya know) were talking one day about having to go into the big city. Someone mentioned that they going there for the weekend. Here is what Bozo said:

Bozo: Oh, you like Seafood?
Other guy: Yes, I do.
Bozo: There is a great place down by the marina, wonderful seafood really, nice location.
Other guy: Really? Whats the name of it, do you remember?
Bozo: Yes, it was called Skippers.

Me: (choking on my coffee)
Other guy: Uh...across from the park...on West street (just a random street name, I cant remember the name of it really)...near the Marina?
Bozo: Yeah...thats the one. You know it.
Other guy: yep.

Later on after Bozo left the room
Me: Skippers...the fast food Seafood chain?
Other guy: Thats the one.

See? It would be like asking someone if they like good burgers and then suggesting McDonalds.....

To give you another example, while I was typing this a co worker came in and I complained to her that I had a meeting with "Bozo". Her reply?

WHICH ONE?See? Its not just me.


Shanti said...

I gave you an award! Check it out on my blog!

foxy said...

Oh. Good. Lord.

I pray for you to have extra patience when dealing with the bozo-ness.

obladi oblada said...

Hi Shanti! Im heading over to check your blog out and get my award! Thank you!!!!!

Foxy: Thanks! I'll need it, Im afraid.

Mama Drama Times Two said...

Please tell me this isn't the same idiot who wondered what happened to the November and December fire extinguisher inspections???? You are most certainly in our prayers!

obladi oblada said..., its not...he's being sent elsewhere..this is the OTHER one. Now HE is in charge. Not a big improvement.