Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I like Halloween. Very much and so I have to ask: What in the heck is this business that some towns do by designating a "trick or treat night"? Um...how about on HALLOWEEN, hmmm...how about THAT. Why should it be on any other night? Whats next? Christmas on the 25th but "present opening day" will be on the 27th? I mean really...leave well enough alone. Maybe they THINK they have a good reason, but there is no good reason. Halloween should be on HALLOWEEN. No matter what day of the week it actually falls on, people. Luckily, my town has not started that nonsense..not YET, anyway.

Also...how come 70 percent of the homes on the street are not giving out candy? Party poopers. Its not like youre not home...most of you are. I SEE you walking around in there, I hear your television...turn it off, get off your lazy butt and hand out some candy already. AND if your not playing...for Pete's sake...turn all your lights out and go the hell to bed or something, so my kids dont run up to your door all excited for Lemon Heads or whatever, only to have to walk back down your drive way with long faces empty handed.

Oh and WHY on earth have Halloween decorations out if your not handing out candy? Nothing is worse than going up to a door of a house with super cool decorations only to have their little knocks unheard. Its just not nice, so cut it out.

I remember when I was a kid in So Cal...Halloween was so much fun. First there was a parade..all the kids in town got to walk down the main street in their costumes..and everyone wore a costume. We had costume contests at school, AND we could be whatever the heck we wanted to be...none of this.."no toy weapons, no masks" stuff. Although, sadly, I understand why those rules are necessary now. People used to hide in the bushes and scare trick or treaters, which was a blast.

When I was childless, one of things I dreamed about doing when I had kids was the whole Halloween thing. Now that it is here, and they are here, it makes me very happy...and not because I get to eat some of their candy, but because Its like a dream come true and they love it too, so we all win.

Today brings a close to some things and the start of many others....A's last football game was today, ALL sports are done until baseball season, which is awesome because I am sooo tired. In about a week my kids are getting a huge surprise, which I will blog about later, and today my wonderful husband gave me my late birthday present and you can see a sneak peek of him here.

Right now the house is quiet, the Yankees are beating the Phillies, A is sitting next me, out like a light, his head on my shoulder, snoring and he is drooling on my shirt. N is happily watching the game and S, although she is not thrilled by the baseball game seems quite content to have had some candy and now is laying on the loveseat, wrapped snuggly in a blanket. Tonight was their second Halloween here at home and hopefully it marks for them that they are really staying. This is home.


Reighnie said...

Sadly, this year I didn't even bother to hand out candy. I've had a total of 7 trick or treaters the whole 4 years I've lived here. 6 of those were the neighbors and their cousins and they moved last year.

No one in our neighborhood decorates. I didn't decorate outside this year. Inside is a mad house but outside one skull sign with twirling eyes is wishing everyone a "Haunted Halloween".

I know what you mean about the whole when I have kids and Halloween. If I had known that the first Halloween the kids were here was going to be our possible last I would have cherished it more.

My kids are all about the sabotage right now. That with the combo that the dentist only allows me to give them a caramel apple this time of the year makes it kinda not worth it.

We still do somethings but not the scaring or the trick or treating. Bummer.

Your kids look great!

Macey said...

Love the costumes! We always hand out candy even if we only get a couple trick or treaters. So many places do "trunk or treat" and harvest parties that lots of people don't do trick or treating anymore. :(

obladi oblada said...

Reignie, we get about 300 kids every year..thats the general consesus among those who stay home and hand out candy. As much as I love it, I am glad its over with for another year.

MiMi: What is a trunk and treat? I know what a harvest party is, but what does one do at a trunk and treat?

N I C O L said...

Yea, what IS Trunk or Treat? There's a huge sign on the church nearby that they had it. My kids want to know what it is. We have less than 100 ToT'ers which was up from last year. They did every last house of the 120 in our tract and were VERY tired afterwards.

Heather Cherry said...

Friend, I am so happy for you and your precious family. Soak it all in.

foxy said...

LOVE the costumes.... especially the make up! They look great!

I had a whole slew of trick or treaters and I was happy to hand out candy as long as i had it. Afterward, I turned out the porch light... just like you're supposed to. How can someone NOT know the TOT-ing rules?!

Shanti said...

Cute costumes! I know what you mean about towns designating a different night for trick or treating. I've always wondered why they do that? There must be a reason??

JennyMac said...

300 kids? What a candy fest. Our son is only 2 so trick or treating was new last year. He did a great job this year but doesnt keep the candy. It gets "donated to kids who didnt get any". This trick will cease to last for long. LOL.

Love the costumes.