Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Just as I suspected....

after my stupitt math assessment, it's official, I have to go back to Head Start.

It didnt help though that my smarty-pants son was plastered up against my side on the couch as I was doing the math, with his pencil and paper in hand trying to work the problems out with me. And telling me what to do. A couple times, I almost LISTENED to him. Well, I didnt know the answer and he seemed so confident. Then I remembered that he is NINE and going into the 4th grade, and thinks he knows EVERYTHING.

Oh dear, Im in trouble when he is a teen and just KNOWS he knows it all.

Why, oh why, do I need math to sit in a room and listen to people's problems? Unless of course thier problem is math...then they have a bigger problem because it means they are in the wrong office!

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Erin said...

Don't you love that they think they know it all? I told DH once that I never knew that I would get so dumb when I had kids. LOL!