Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So, hopefully I will have done enough kind, motherly fun things with my daughter by the time she ever sees these posts, that she wont seek revenge for the things which I have written.

She has had an issue with eating neatly and being careful not to get it everywhere. Its not all her fault, I know. Its lack of teaching in her early life. However we have been trying to teach her good table manners.

So, I cringed the other day when we went out as a family for barbque and I had unwittingly let her wear a white blouse.

I reminded her after we ordered that she should be careful. She said that she would and talked about the last time we had bbq and she had it everywhere, she brought it up, and she said this time she wouldnt do that.

And you know what? She was absolutely the perfect little lady while eating her ribs, baked beans and slaw. Not a single morsel made its way onto her shirt, and her face around her mouth though did get messy (hey,, its bbq and she is a kid, and heck MY face was mess), she was great about wiping it often along with her hands.

We were so happy and praised her profusely on the way home. She beamed. I only hope we have many more of these improvements, it really is great. For us and for her.

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Erin said...

Good for her!!! :) White shirts do have their advantage that they are bleachable. :)