Tuesday, August 19, 2008


We were luck enough to get baby pictures of the kids from a relative. Im very thankful for this because I cant imagine not having my baby pictures, or even ever seeing them.

Ive been hording the away since we brought the kids home. I didnt want to open old wounds, and I wasnt sure how they would take it. The other day, I decided to ease into it. I took one baby picture per child and put them in nice frames and then took them into the dining room to show the kids.

Nick didnt say anything except, "Ive never seen myself like that before". Adam was just smiles, as usual. Sasha oohed and aahed for a minute and then got emotional. She wanted to hang it in her room. I explained it was going on the wall in hallway with the other two and that I have more baby pictures and she could have one of those for her room.

She sat for quite a while (for her anyway) and then she started to cry. She said she wishes she hadnt had to move so much and that she wishes she was with her birth mom. I told her that I know it must be hard, but I reassured her that nothing was her fault. She had a good little cry and a hug, and then she was fine.

I do have a bunch more of thier baby pictures, which I will compile and put in albums for them. Leaving one out of course, to put in a frame and put in her room.

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Erin said...

That is so awesome! I have about 5 pictures of V from birth to age 4. They are so precious!