Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nasty Creatures

We arrived at our camp spot at Steamboat Rock state park, got out of the motor home, and ran right back in, screaming, swatting, and scratching. The place was INFESTED with Mosquitoes. This does not for a pleasant time make. So, we drove a little down the road to the camp store where, they were of course OUT of repellent. The bewildered and tired guy behind the counter said, “I have these Mosquito coils”. I asked if they worked. He said “Well, I know t hey use them in Alaska”. I said how many do you have? He said “I only have two left”, I said, “Ill take them both”.

To those people behind me, who may or may not have need repellent, I am not sorry. No one thought about US when they bought the last bottle of repellant. Im only kidding, I feel slightly bad.

Really, it was terrible. The park people came by and sprayed for Mosquitoes, at about, Oh, 10:00 pm. After we were sleeping. So much for enjoying out first night there. Oh, and to make matters worse, there was a ban on campfires. Fire Danger too high, the sign said. I like what Nick said, “ Uh, what about the high MOSQUITO danger?’” Yeah, what about THAT? Every good camper knows a fire helps keep mosquitoes away.

So, our friends had not gotten there yet, so we called them to warn them. They had some repellent with them though, unlike us (my fault, I didnt pack any).Last year we camped nearby and there were NO mosquitos.

The next day was better because they sprayed. However, they only spray every third night. So, every few days was NOT miserable. On the miserable days we stayed out in the middle of the water, where it was mosquito free. There was very little of the adult socialization at night after the kids were in bed, because everyone was running for cover.

For the rest of the trip N, in his always informing, studious way kept telling anyone who would listen how the female Mosquito is the one who bites. What I hated the most was the smirks on the men’s faces every time he said this. I did not know this before hand, but I don’t doubt that it is true. He is a smart kid and soaks up information like this like a sponge.

In the dark of our camper late that night, I pulled out one of those creepy electronic 20 question games and thought of something. I answered all the questions the rectangular screen flashed at me. After the 20th question it blinked at me in bright human blood red letters:

Is it a Mosquito?

Yes, yes it is.


Erin said...

Uck uck uck! I hate mosquitoes - they eat me alive. I remember one time I went camping when I was in Girl Scouts and came home with 42 mosquito bites - I counted. HAHA! Sorry about those nasty bugs.

obladi oblada said...

Oh, the kids were counting their bites all week too. At least it was educational!